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    Shawnee Oklahoma
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    Motorized bicycles, motorbikes classic,antique firearms

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    Dnepr mt-16 1995? Bmw 1976 R75/6 Simplex servi-cycle Neval 1980? Overhauling sidecar gone BMW R100 1982 1979 Vespa PX 200 Ural 1998 BC sans sidecar
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    machine shop instructor for a tech center in Oklahoma

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  1. So you went up north from St Petersburg? Looks beautiful.
  2. Good job I was wondering what they looked like inside. I proably need to rework mine also.
  3. yeah go for it, sounds like a good deal.
  4. regarding your leaks Ive had good luck with Yamabond from your Yamaha dealer. It seems to never completely harden and seals my Dnepr oil tite.there are proably other products as good. just an suggestion. anyway welcome to most frustrating fun you can have.
  5. Rock on Buck ,wish I could be there too.
  6. bring it on. I like to see someone else bring them back from the dead.
  7. hey I like it My wife and I have used a pop up and those self inflating matteress,on our trip to Pike peaks last year. they worked ok but we didn't run into bad rain.
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