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  1. Some simple differences - MT9 6 volt MT10 on 12V - MT11 and MT16 the latest/last of the type and 2 Wheel Drive.
  2. So - some things you just need to ask the experts, so I rode down to the local Exhaust place and a chap there, a former Bike owner, said Automotive Silicone is what is needed so I set about taking all the Exhaust off yet again, cleaning it up including wire brushing the threads and sanding pipes as well as making another gasket and applying this stuff on each side of the O rings. Tapped everything up tight and started the engine - et voila. Seems to work as Bike stalls if I cover end briefly telling me there are no leaks. I'll see how long it lasts but the packaging says it stands up to 200 deg C and -60 and stays flexible. not sure it'll last 20 years like the blurb says but a year would be fine! Chap reckoned that normal exhaust cement is rubbish, sets hard and blows out which is what was happening. Will report but here's some pics to help others who land here!
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  4. What other fittings can be used to secure the exhaust to the downpipe - anything else like a self clamping gasket?
  5. Guys, how much Oil on your Foot is acceptable - I've posted another post about what I now think is a final drive seal oil leak which spits oil off onto my Foot and the Sidecar. Reading up on it here, I have to take the Rear Drive and Wheel off to get to change the seal - and mines a 2WD so probably even more complicated. Seems like I run my Gearbox oil down to near zero every 4 weeks so at the moment so quite a lot is getting lost. Advice?
  6. Yeah all the brackets are in place but it wobbles loose at the join between the downpipe on the left hand side and the muffler. It just won't seal and stay solid.
  7. Yep - that seems like it, taken a good look and moved the Bike and you see Oil all over the Final Drive seal. Sounds good though that I can do with the Gearbox in Situ. Now to find the actual seal and plan the job - thanks for the pointers...
  8. I've had to take and re-fit my exhaust several times now, but it just keeps wobbling its self loose! I have the split O rings and the Gaskets and Tighten them up. I also use Exhaust Gunk to seal it - but it still wobbles loose. Any ideas or is there a better Exhaust solution to the 2 into 1 Dnepr than the baseball bat style MT16 Ukranian standard unit?
  9. Also a guy in the Ukraine selling them - search eBay.de - I've just ordered a Black painted one...
  10. It is getting slung onto the sidecar body. So the output seal then? - Can this be replaced without taking the Gearbox out? Guess not. The auto clutch plunger same question or are they both Gearbox out jobs... Thanks
  11. I've got a leak and it's spitting Oil onto the Exhaust 2 into 1, quite a bit so thinking of tackling it and wanted some advice and guidance on a) where it is leaking from and what is causing it b) what's involved in fixing it So - thought the easiest thing would be to do a short video and place it on YouTube for you to take a look at and see what you think. YouTube Video I do know that Oil is coming out of the Generator as it's not sealed properly but don't think that is the cause - or is it?
  12. Jonahan

    2012 08 17162801

    Funny isn't it just lowered mine and prefer it. Think it looks more road orientated and natural, hey ho - great bike by the way. Your Tyres look very road orientated, what are they? The rear gap on yours looks large and the front looked even lower than mine so I think that accentuated it.
  13. So - my quick mod seems to work fine. 6 steel straps 100mm x 25mm wide x 3mm thick and a few nuts and bolts and it sits perfectly over the tyre. So far with maximum braking and force tyre seems way off the guard. I'm guessing that only with severe offroading it would bottom out and I'm not offroading it so I'll see how it goes. To my eyes it improves the looks of the bike - see what you think and hope this helps others. Straps were easily found on Ebay.
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