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  1. ??? but you got to like that oil filter placement ..ours are a PITA
  2. need the whole sidecar marker light ...small mistake in judgement and mine exploded today lens, backing, metal cover, all mangled beyond repair So I need a new one thsnk you
  3. looks like a copper to me
  4. threw in some additions for my riding pleasure Gallon and half of reserve gas on one side of the sidecar and a locking 50 cal ammo box mounted to the other side Having a great time on the Ural !!
  5. http://vimeo.com/9444789# found another one BETTER
  6. no doubt about the fun just wondering if i can only make it one day which would be the best to go on ......
  7. ok this may sound like a nubby question (because it is ) but this is not just a big get together is it ?? Is there a ride during the rally or is it a camp out and hang out ??? never been so wondering what the schedule at something like this would be or is it just a what you feel like thing little help thanks
  8. found this interesting URAL video
  9. found this interesting URAL video
  10. Might just have to do that !!! Been putting some miles on her, last couple days .. The more you ride te more comfortable you get on 3 wheels.. 1st ride was a bit of a white knucked ride ..now much more confortable and I love the fact that I can run all the errands and pick up everything I need load up the side car and just keep chuging along....even did a costco run and funny enough the extra wieght helped the handling on the way home ...I just avoid the hwy at all cost ... but that is ok i love the back roads ...... I am loving this ural ...damn now i need cold weather gear because i would ride THIS bike all year around .. More to come.......
  11. IT IS MINE !!!!! Got al the paperwork squared away and tag and title ....An just had to freeze myself and zip it down into town ......Happy Happy Happy
  12. http://www.bombarsbeemers.com/Pages/default.aspx Gets great reviews for the forum and works on all those older bikes
  13. i have been thinking about these lights ever since i saw a review of them installed on a jeep wrangler must let us know how well they work at night .......follow up review REQUIRED
  14. thank you everyone right now i am riding the neighborhood to get use to the ural got the chair flying thing pretty good so that should not be a surprise if it happens work on the road driving hopefully after mon ... but yall know the more you do it the more fun it becomes
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