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    1994 ural 650

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  1. $975.00 anyone i think i will just crush it.
  2. MOVING Selling my 94 ural solo has new pistons and cylinders runs good sold with a bill of sale i have a service who will get papers for $150.00. I already have a vin verifaction from the heart of texas auto theft task force showing good vin.Pics On ebay also . (254) 717-8433
  3. I need a tank band let me know id you have and accept paypal thank you
  4. any input on aluminum 650 cylinders. Are they ok any probs?
  5. Any problems with the aluminum cylinders?
  6. Can you replace band around tank where can you get them.
  7. Too bad i have no idea what this says wonder if these are iron or aluminum. Anyone have any input please
  8. Are the ural 650 cylinders on ebay any different then what came factory on my 1994 650? Are they worth buying? Any forseen problems. Wacotxman1@aol.com
  9. I am in need of a pair of 650 cylinders perfer standard bore as mine have some rust damage. Wacotxman1@aol.com
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