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  1. Thanks. I hadn't really thought about the different handling of different models so that's something to consider. I was just going for a Tourist (Bondi Yellow) because I like the colour.
  2. Thanks to you all. That gives me a lot of confidence to go ahead. Actually I'm a bit sick of the solo as I jump on it and go flat-out there and back and missout on everything in between. Neil
  3. Hi I am once again thinking of buying a Ural. I come from Camden,nsw. I am going to look at one in a week and this time I am serious about buying. I am a bit laid up as I have 2 broken ribs from a mountain bike accident but I'll get there. My question is, how difficult is it riding both a sidecar bike and a solo bike alternately and then transferring back again since they need entirely different steering and handling tactics. I am thinking of keeping my solo for riding on the highway etc and then using the Ural around town and for Sunday trips to Royal National and so on. If push comes to shove I think I will sell the solo or trade it in but I'm saying that and I've never ridden a sidecar. Thanks Neil
  4. May I add that your advise is well taken and appreciated. Neill
  5. Thanks Norm I have contacted Patrick and told him I'm off to look at a Ural tomorrow. We will then make an arrangement for me to meet him. thanks again Neill
  6. Hi I'm thinking of buying a new Ural, maybe a Tourist. I have a new Kawasaki 1400GTR that's only done 5500km. I am retired and recently had an accident on my mountain bike (not motorbike) and spent a week in hospital and realise I was lucky not to have lost the use of one hand. Whilst lying there looking at the ceiling I sort of decided to look at selling the Kawasaki and getting a Ural as I ride the Kawasaki to the wire all the time and need to slow down. I reckon the Ural would be good for little outings to the beach and so on. I am actually happy that the Ural is not a speed machine. However from looking at the forums I get the distint impression that it's very much a hands on bike in the sense that you have to be a bit of a back yard mechanic and tinker with this or that a lot. That would be the last thing I would want. So what I am asking is is the Ural reliable and tune-ups can be done by the service agent at service time. I realise all new bikes need a tweak here or there. I've been back a few times to have the throttle adjusted on the Kawasaki for example. Well that's not something I am not comfortable with and I just leave that sort of thing to the experts. Hoping someone can help. I come from Camden, NSW just outside of Sydney. I am hoping to look at a Ural at Canterbury tomorrow and see if it grabs me. Thanks Neill Chapman
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