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  1. They're one of my go to's for my Dnepr and Ural parts. I've never had a problem
  2. Rebuilding a friends CJ M1M, need a sidecar, older Ural or Dnepr will do
  3. Moto Boxer has the parts you want. http://moto-boxer.com/product_info.php?cPath=24_34&products_id=407 http://moto-boxer.com/product_info.php?cPath=24_34&products_id=2727
  4. OK Matt, So you want to jump from the frying pan into a Lada. Kinda worried about you
  5. Go with a C5 ignition system, got them on my Dnepr, Ural and installed one on a friends Dnepr. The are a no brainer to install, install the parts find TDC rotate the timing card until the led lights up tighten the holding bolt for the card and you are done Paul Crow is a great guy and will give you help at anytime. Sam
  6. Hi Dave Went into the garage and looked at front casing, that is cross drilling connecting to the crankcase breather on the right side near the generator. The hole on the side should be plugged. Pics from my phone are always to large to post. Thanks Iuca
  7. None of the Dnepr engines have a hole there. No clue what use it would have in the coil and points area. Edit, went and looked at the engines there is a plugged hole
  8. Helped a friend today with a lube change, valve adjustment and re-torque the heads then went for a ride. The Dnepr ran fairly well to start with then started to fart and sputter so it was back to the barn for what was wrong. went back through what we had done and every thing was to spec.?????Went to start it and reached down to pull the choke on the right side and the compete assembly came out, it had vibrated out. Reinstalled it and went for a quick run an all was well. I have worked on a lot of engines in my life and this has to be the weirdest malfunction I have ever encountered.
  9. PM me your address and I'll get them out Friday
  10. Hi Bill, 1 person, tent Sam
  11. Had the same problem with my Dnepr, shifter plate pin for forth gear broke off. You're going to have to open the transmission.
  12. Been working on a friends MT11, think I may have a heat problem under the timing cover. Bike runs great for 40-50 minutes then stops, let it cool and it starts up. Out side temps today were 95+. Remove the timing cover and rode on. I'm not sure why the engine seams to be running hot, but was wondering if any members have vented the timing cover. ADDED 1 Aug, Running a C5 electronic ignition.
  13. Arch and I installed the super charger blocks today. Took it for a fast ride, about 15mnutes, and checked the carbr and head temp. Didn't have a good battery in the thermal thermometer so had to go by touch. Heads, hot; carbs cold. We'll go for a ride Sunday and see what happens. Dneprs are all ways interesting machines to work on.
  14. On the Dnepr gearbox there is a plate(bushing) held in by two screws in the case front. Turn the bushing 1/2 turn CCW to apply tension on the spring. Don't know about a URAL gearbox, haven't had to work on mine yet.
  15. Any good locksmith should be able to cut new key if the tumbler can be removed. Probably the hardest part will be finding key blank.
  16. Hay Matt, they're the same for both bikes.
  17. Go on Soviet Steads, more of a Ural forum, and contact Gobium, he'll be able to help you.
  18. Hello Ken, Hope you will make CRAP this year. I'll send you a list of needed parts to help pay for your travel. Drag C5paul down with you. Archj from wimington wil be riding with me. Sam
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