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    Been to RUSSIA 9 times and Love it !! The people are awsome and you never run out of places to explore! I
    hope to begin living there at least 3 months per year.....
    .......The hardest place to find a decent Ural for sale is in RUSSIA !!!!..........and quite honestly, the average Russian does not appreciate this fine bike at all - SHAME! The most common bike there is Chinese, and they lust after Beemers and Jap bikes !! I will drag a new 750 Ural over there, If I can not pick up an export model at the factory.

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    Classic bikes, classic cars, military vehicles, sailboats.

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    1998 Ural 650 Sportsman 1982 BMW R65ls 1981 Yamaha SR500 1981 BMW R80 G/S 1978 Yamaha RD 400 1971 Norton Comando SS 1986 Yamaha SRX 6 1978 Ducati 900 GTS 1998 Moto Guzzi Centaro 2006 Big Dog K-9 1999 Kawasaki ZRX 1100 2000 Fat Boy
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    Not much to say but......... my wife is from Russia and they still laugh their A$$ off when I tell them or they see pics of my Ural. For them this bike is a funny thing. They think its even more funny when I tell them I paid 10k for my sportsman in 1998. I often correct my "comrads" and tell them they dont simply appreciate what the Ural is !! All they want is the Jap stuff over there - SHAME ! For them the Ural is a bad memory and you are simply very "village" if you get caught riding one. Im looking at a flat (apartment) to buy in Orenburg, right on the URAL river, and most certainly I WILL have a Ural bike !! Probably a Sportsman like I have now with 2 wheel drive, cause the Russian road simply suck !! = ) Sidenote: Ive been to Russia 9 times. Im always looking for bikes and seldom see ANY. Of all the bikes I have seen with my eyes, I have only seen one URAL in action, and it was looking kinda rough. Bike maintenance is a little lacking but, I will say, Russia is really an awsome, awsome country. You could spend a lifetime running your Ural all over that place and never miss a good meal or get bored !! The Ural , especially in Russia is the absolutely most perfect bike. Just remember to drive it for what it is, a new antique. If you pound it like a rice grinder, it wont last. With care, you will pass it to your children, with tons of storys to go along with the bike ! Tom

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  1. I am moving to Orenburg, Russia at least partime later this summer 2012. Any Ural owners from this site in Russia and/or aroung Orenburg ??? Wisconsin to Orenburg, and going to drag a Ural over there If I cant find a good one "in country" Give me a shout out thanks tom3215 P.S. Contrary to popular belief: Russia is really an awesome place ! Low taxes, virtually no property tax, the police dont hassel you - really ! Food is cheap, the roads suck, the people dont chase money like we do, living is certainly less stressful...........its like, moving into a 1950's moral system, with 1970's technology, modern fashion, and the best night clubs you could ever find...... also the young people are more quiet than we are and more respectful ! If you are just a normal person, you will love it, if you are big liberal, or some person with an agenda to push and want to make lots of noise.... you will hate it ! = )) P.S.S: Also, no capital gains tax, and no inheritance tax
  2. I bought a Ural Sportsman new back in 1998 from a dealer in Wisconsin that is no longer in business. Recently I needed some parts that are pretty much misc small stuff. Mostly odds and ends and extras for my stash. I called/contacted 3 dealers that are highly spoken of on this fourm. One never returned my call, one sent me an email 1 week later saying they did not have anything I requested, the last one answered the phone but also could not get anything I needed. Then.........theres Holopaw Ural in Florida (Holopaw Corvette). I called at about 2 in the afternoon, he called me back the next day about 10am. I sang out my laundry list to him on the phone while driving. Amazingly, he had everything on my list in stock! This guy is about the most friendly and informed dealer I have met !!! I BS'ed with this fine gentleman for 30 minutes about various parts, and every question I could think of...... just a solid and awsome guy all the way around. This is the perfect example of a "right" motorcycle dealer and business man in general. Even though I am from Wisconsin, any parts I need I will call him, I dont care about the extra postage. If I need a new bike, I will drive the the F250 superduty down there with the trialer and pull it back. Holopaw is the real deal ! Happy riding ! tom3215
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