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  1. Just got an email re: the big gunshow in Louisville this weekend. An original 1942 German WW2 KS750 Zundapp motorcycle with sidecar will be on display. What is the history of this piece?
  2. Check it out here.... http://uncrate.com/stuff/bandit9-nero-motorcycle/
  3. I love reading these trip accounts! "Beer, Bread, Cereal,Chilli, cookies and Guns." You had the bases covered. Chili and beer basically covers the most needed food groups. Hats off to you and your Monkey! JimC
  4. Congrats! Everyone knows that orange is the fastest color. Happy kilometers to you. JimC
  5. Welcome, Chisler! I was reading your profile and like you, I have worked hard and played gently. I must wholeheartedly recommend that as soon as you can, reverse that. Play hard and work gently. It is good to see you on the forum! JimC
  6. It was a great day! I lost 2nd to a tricked HD (not surprise). First was won with an Ariel Square Four with enclosed sidecar on the Euro side. Quote from the Grandson "Hey Pops, Where'd you put my trophy"?
  7. Sorry for the late info. If you are around the Cincinnati area, tomorrow is the show in Sharonville (4/29/2012). There are usually a hundred cars or so. I will be there with my patrol. This is the show where I first discovered the Ural. Hope to see you there!
  8. Thanks for the video. I enjoyed it!
  9. Excellent info all! Keep the suggestions coming!
  10. You can get 100LL at any General Aviation airport. That is 100 octane low lead. It is expensive.
  11. OK. i guess I was looking for some backup that i was not totally insane (thanks digitalebola). I was thinking along the same line but would still like to see what members would add to DE's list. JimC
  12. I am looking for what people may have added to the Ural supplied toolbag. Please post your experience or ideas. Thanks in advance, JimC
  13. Cool! Looks like it is in it's intended element. I see you have a Strom with sidecar. I thought about putting a hack on the 2004 Burgman, but it was cheap and easy to just buy the new Ural. How does the Strom rig compare to the Ural?
  14. I decided against using ballast. I wanted to learn the rig just as is since most of the time i ride, it will be as such.
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