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  1. Disconnected cable and replaced with new cable. Connected new on off switch and ShaZam it works The next thing will be if it will last. My last cable conked out 5 miles down the road. Hopefully it was just a bad cable. Probably won't need it now that the weather has improved but its nice to know that I have an option now. Thanks for the reply Al
  2. Unsolved and unresolved issue with gerbing connection. Blowing fuses when I turn on off switch to the jacket. I've exchanged the lead out from direct connect to the battery, changed where its grounded. Now no blown fuses, but no power either? I've tried just a heated vest and no go with that either. Anyone have a problem like this and is there a fix for it? I have a Garmin GPS and that works fine, with direct connect to the battery. Thanks! Al
  3. Its been awhile since I've replied to your feed back. Sorry about that I tried plugging in just a vest and the same thing happened. The on off switch works just fine without anything plugged in. The light goes on , but as soon as I connect anything to it, jacket or vest, the light goes out and no power. I'm thinking its the connection on the battery. I've been putting off the inevitable, switching out the cable from the battery. I guess thats the next step. ON a different subject I reached the 1500+ km and took it out on the super slab for a run down the road to see how it does. Reached 67mph with a rpm of about 5000. Been getting around 30 mpg. Did my 500 and 1500km maintenence and the sync was good also pulled the rear wheel off and removed the spline and greased it up. Everything is running smooth and couldn't be happier Since the gerbings wasn't working I sat on the side lines until reasonable weather reappered. I'm not as eager as a use to be about riding in the cold. Looking foreward to trips and adventure with my beast of burden. Until the next time my friends, be safe!!! Al
  4. Its 34 degrees out and I put on my trusty heated jacket with glove attachments. Started the bike up and off I go with the nice warm feeling of heat. Around 5 miles down the road I started getting that cold finger feeling and looked down at my switch and the light was out, no power When I arrived home later I checked the fuse and all was OK. Hooked the on off switch up and the light comes on, hooked it up to just the jacket and again no power. I thought that this battery could handle the load. The connector is hooked directly to the battery. Anyone have a problem like this and any solutions to the problem? Al
  5. New Ural-T reaching 1500km and getting 30mpg with windshield. Better then my car.
  6. I have 900 km on my Ural T and have recently noticed that when applying front brake everything is fine until the last few feet before it stops there is a lot of jerking as if the brake is ABS and it chatters to a stop ( not noise ) . The rear brake seems like I have to press the brake pedal way down before it engages. Any thoughts on this?
  7. Terry delivered my bike today After a couple of hours of going over everything and taking care of the final paperwork it was farewell to Terry with many thanks and hello "Bellaruski"!!!! The day couldn't have better. With a bit of nervous excitement I was off. I'm glad no one was filming me because it was a bit awkward getting the swing of things. Shifting, turning, downshifting, etc... But as time went on, the routine and the new familiarity was slowly sinking in. Still have along way to go but didn't do anything stupid and brought her home in one piece. I scooted around our small town for awhile then headed out to see the world , well maybe a small part of it. Varied speeds, stop and go traffic, Running between 2500=3500rpm's. Will head over to the junior college this coming Saturday or Sunday morning for a little practice on flying the chair. I was surprised that the seat wasn't uncomfortable for me. I took lots of little breaks so perhaps if I'm in the saddle for a couple of hours my tune might change. For now its fine and thats a start. Its day and night difference from riding a 2 wheel motorcycle. I was to busy riding to take pics, but they will be showing up soon. Thanks all for sharing your knowledge and congrats in previous posts.
  8. Being patient isn't one of my finer qualities, however I think I can be retrained :thumbsup!: I just need to figure out how to get back and forth to work at a reasonable speed sinceI I live in another town from where I work. Mornings should be less of a problem with light traffic. I have multiple routes to choose from so let the adventure begin
  9. OK, I'll treat her like a lady and throw in a little trash talk to keep it interesting
  10. thats rather vague, anything more substatial? Did you open it up slow it down, stop .cool it down, go. Ride it like you would in the city and cruise at 55 out in the country?
  11. Belly on up to the bar boys She arrives tomorrow on the best day of the year so far, " sunny and 75 degrees". I'll be out on the roads and would like your spin on the running in period. Your do's and don'ts. Time to impart your experience to help this newbee get it right coming out of the shoot! I've tried searching the web and forums, but have not gotten the full story. Bits and pieces here and there. Don't lug the engine frequent stops to cool the engine, etc... How about speed etc... What did you do and what would you have done differently?
  12. Thanks, that helps! I've watched the videos and have seen them in use. Do they have a name?
  13. I've seen the thread on stuff people carry, but I still need to know what the tools are that I mentioned at the beginning of this thread? Can anyone name them and what sizes they are?
  14. I hope you will keep us informed as to the progress of your Grandson over the coming years. Gotta love an ongoing saga. A future Uralista in the making
  15. Howdy Pro5mark, The bike needed to be prepped and I had some things to be added to the bike so there was a bit of a delay because I needed to get the stuff up to Terry's. Its coming and the weather looks to be the best yet. Will post pics, Yabba dobba dooo
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