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  1. I'll check on the bracket tomorrow and try to get pictures to you as well. The seat is virtually new. I think $50 is fair for seat & bracket. $100 for both seats and bracket.
  2. I'm not familiar with an M67, but I have a solo seat and solo-seat type passenger pillion as well for a Dnepr MT11. Show what you need exactly.
  3. For sale: A pair of original style solo seats (rubber) for a Dnepr. Sorry, I'm no expert so I can't tell you what model or year. Rear is a luggage-rack mount. $100 plus shipping for both.
  4. "...lying POS Yanks..." I'm often wrong about things (that's my right) but I thought we were here to assist each other with our pet projects? Politics (all) and politicians (all) be damned, but I think I'm becoming, perhaps, Australian unfriendly. To quote a previous saying, "If you are ignorant, which you are, stop commenting!!!"
  5. Seems like if the kayak was actually upside down you'd have less chance to catch the cross wind. Just a thought.
  6. Look at Hobbes64 's question "What model is this?" for a picture of the tractor seats.
  7. A "tractor" seat probably won't help you... you'll just be sitting on the back edge of it. That said, I do have a tractor seat and a tractor passenger seat for sale. I went British on the problem and adapted an antique Lycett solo seat and BMW luggage rack, The Lycett is larger than the tractor seat, and much, much more comfortable, and I even think it looks better... but I found it still didn't move me back adequately.
  8. If it's running, run it. Fix it wen it's broken! Listen to Murphy!
  9. WOW! That's one way I never considered to solve an electrical problem!
  10. I went thru a series (3) of internally bad cut-off switches, and then a series (3, again) of internally bad batteries. A simple test light or VOM and a lot (really, a lot) of cold beer, uncomfortable working positions, having the wife or significant other away on a shopping spree, and you'll find the problem, eventually.
  11. Don't both of the units have reverse? They've both got the reverse shifter? I'm new to all of the hidden nuances, so somebody please tell me what else I should be looking at (besides the latest Honda sales literature)!?
  12. Doing pretty much the same things you are, just not quite as well, or carefully, I'm sure! I've encountered one problem at the stage you're at. I've got interference between the handlebars and the top-front of the M72 tank with the handlebars turned to the extreme in either direction. Looks like I'll need taller, or modified, bar mounts, or a slight tank reposition. Maybe spacers under the mounts will work, I haven' t tried that yet. Also, what keeps the tank box closed or latched?
  13. Anybody got a heel/toe shift lever for a Dnepr MT11 that they'd be willing to part with (KM3-8.15204615 / pic 14)? Need 0ne quickly!
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