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  1. That was an awesome song! Combining blue grass and a cool motorcycle!
  2. Spell check is a miracle sent from God ;)
  3. But the question that begs is why the hell was he sending her a motorcycle parts picture in the first place? No one thought of that here, did they?
  4. As long as you spell "unusual" right. Unless you prefer to screen out the girls who place a high priority on a well-spelled man, lol! Your house reminds me of my boyfriend's house. There you can find opened boxes shipped from Russia in the living room, miscellaneous nuts, bolts, motorcycle parts, and tools on every horizontal surface, maps handy for the next trip, and a floral couch that only exists to lay motorcycle gear and mail on. But instead of black plates you'll find flowered plates that belonged to his cherished mother. All that said, a girl appreciates a man who has a passion. Be true to yourself and you'll know when the right one comes along. How do you know? When she sees that bike in the living room, she'll smile. But you'll never know if she's smiling because she loves the idea of it there or if she thinks you're pathetically adorable.
  5. My bucket list ride is to ride down California's Highway 1 in the summertime. What's your bucket list ride?
  6. I didn't even know about the tower. Ill have to check that next time I'm in town, which isn't very often.
  7. That was really nice of you to do! What fun! Can you come to WA to give me a ride, lol! It's been soooo loooong!
  8. Nice! All that sunshine hurts my eyes, lol!
  9. You sure don't need to be a business executive to figure out you'd need to sell a whole lotta ice cream to make any money with this rig!
  10. Check this one out: http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/bfs/3704522234.html
  11. Right on! We'll be waiting for a ride report for Anastasiya!
  12. It's been way too long...plus a month. But who's counting, lol! Looking forward to once again write a trip report, but don't know when that might be.
  13. Nice bikes! Sorry I cannot help your monkey woes. Hopefully Mowich will give in one day and take me for a ride! :D
  14. We own/ride Urals because my Dearly Beloved Wife said "I'm NEVER riding behind you. Get a sidecar!" And so our Family life changed forever. Thanks, Katherine. ~Russ/Seattle I would prefer to ride on back, but no such luck. Hopefully the weather will break in the PNW!
  15. Glad to see there are other hack monkeys so eager to ride. Mine is going through withdrawal because of engine issues. Your pilot is not a foilhead unless he has a Ural. He is a Dneprhead. What is he if he has both?
  16. Cowgirl


    Wow one year ago! Great memories of a tough time!
  17. ....since I've been on a ride! My foilhead needs to fire der Dnepr up and take me for a ride!!!! Then I could write all about our adventures on Russian Iron. How many of you have monkeys that beg to ride to no avail?
  18. Gentlemen and er...a...ladies, I assume you meant ;) A good one to you as well! Julie
  19. You bad boy...opening you present before Christmas. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.
  20. LOVE forest fog!! Can't wait for pics :)
  21. Cowgirl


  22. Cowgirl, I totally blew right by your post, hun! I'm SO sorry! I cannot imagine having that hanging over me. You must be a tough chicken! Prayers n a pm on the way to you. Thanks, Barb. Cancer is no fun! Through this I've been poisoned, radiated, and mutilated and all I seem to focus on is the loss of my beautiful long blonde hair! But I have the best man in the world in my life. When I was going through chemo earlier this year, he took me on rides in the Dnepr with my bald head. It was winter so I had to wear a hat under my helmet, but I couldn't get it on. He stood over me and shoved it on my head. It's funny now thinking of such a small thing, but he did whatever he could to make it a great day. Even this last weekend when we were on a hiking trip (in the car), we stopped along the side of the road to look at the beautiful waterfalls. He said if you don't pause to take in the moments, you don't have anything. You and Donny are in a tough spot and you are very sweet to be helping him out like this. As for your search, try typing in "sidecar" on craiglist and search under just the general for sale category. We've found a lot there. Some people search on eBay, but I've never done that. Good luck!
  23. Barb, I'm so sorry that your husband is fighting this battle. What a tough time your family must be going through. I'm fighting cancer as well and although it doesn't appear to have spread, I will live every day of the rest of my life fearing metastic cancer. Please know that your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Big hugs!
  24. Oh Becky what a brave woman indeed! Thanks, but not really. It is just weighing what you fear more, loss of life or loss of QUALITY of life. There ARE fates worse than death. Maybe this is too much philosophy.... So, more about sidecars: I have had people tell me that the height of the sidecar scares them more than the motorcycle part. It doesn't bother me - just about every car we have ever owned has been on the short side. So, maybe I am just more used to it than most. I guess if I go flying out of a sidecar, I'd rather start at a lower position...
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