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  1. Winter riding is why i bought it... -20c (5 below 0) this day
  2. i've been teaching my girlfriend to drive the rig so i have been climbing in and out... I find it easiest to put my left leg in while my right foot is still on the ground and grab the hand rail and the opposite side of the tub and just slide in...however i can't bring myself to keep my right leg inside the tub, i just rest my right foot outside the tub on the step.. i don't think i'd be a good monkey.
  3. That's funny you say that cuz i was starting to notice same thing last few rides and i just recently did my wheel bearings and steering damper...so i went out and bought digital caliper and i have 3.22mm tread depth on pusher...maybe thats my problem
  4. Springer


    Care to elaborate ...thats as vague as a "Thank You" email
  5. Wow!!! How cool is that :thumbsup!:
  6. Welcome aboard...i'm fairly new to Ural (8 months,4200km) but i can say that i haven't put a tank of fuel thru my Harley since i got. I don't know if the novelty just hasn't wore off yet but i jump on the Ural everyday as my daily driver...My girlfriend had some reservations about riding in the sidecar when i bought it, but after a few rides in it she prefers it to sitting on the back of the harley....i enjoy doing the maintenance and i haven't regretted the purchase so far.
  7. did you fly for your vacation?...only ask cuz you seem to spend alot of time in the air
  8. Great adventure thanks for sharing that
  9. Welcome aboard and congratulations on the new rig
  10. 4.5 oz in Patrol/Gear Up.....3.5 oz in Tourist....Drain point is on the bottom of final drive
  11. Thanks guys, i was also going to make a set of these and that just save me all the measuring :thumbsup!:
  12. Without the "sickle and hammer" does it not make it harder to distinguish from a chinese red star?
  13. It's been in the high 80's and low 90's here in Canada for 2 weeks and still no sign of rain in the forecast.
  14. I would have to agree with that...i only used it on my helemt once when i first got it because of that reason. I think that would be the same with any POV camera
  15. I haven't tried the glasses but the GoPro HD Hero2 comes with adhesive helmet mounts that you can put on the top,front or side of your helmet and also with a head strap that will all give you excellent point of view filming...though not as inconspicuos as the glasses. http://gopro.com/cameras/hd-hero2-motorsports-edition/
  16. Oh that Harley Davidson, it's the "gold card" club these days
  17. I not sure about ww2 buffs but i sure have had good luck moving things on Kijiji http://www.kijiji.ca/ i believe you also have this service in the US and its free good luck
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