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  1. Ummm, I know it's not just me. Girl is beautiful. But not Russian looking. Since there are about 150 nationalities making up the population of the Russian Federation, just how is she not Russian looking? Did you actually progress beyond 1st grade in school? Look at a map of Russia and tell me why she is not "Russian-looking"? So what nationality is she professor ?
  2. Ummm, I know it's not just me. Girl is beautiful. But not Russian looking.
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  4. Ok, I'm somewhat embarassed to even post this. I fired up my 2011 GU to run some errands on a chilly Saturday morning. Went to first stop applied the parking brake, got back on fiddled with my gloves and stuff trying to keep warm got distracted never released parking brake. Continued to my next stop, bout 3.5 miles away with parking brake engaged. I never really noticed, at my next stop I went to apply and /:;@&$$ me !!!!! It was on !!! It was cold, stop and go traffic not over 45 mph. Hubs were hot but not smoking. The rig doesn't stop any crappier than usual and I guess I don't have to break in those pads now, huh ? I guess I should adjust parking brake as well as it couldn't have been adjusted properly in the first place.
  5. Lol, airplane courtesy of air and space museum. Just happened to be around the corner from the Home Depot, Svetlana and I were running errands at. Couldn't pass up the photo op. Yes "Svetlana" after my favorite Russian stripper.
  6. no, i have a 2003 Kawasaki ZZR 1200 and a 2007 triumph Scrambler
  7. My new 2011 Ural gear up, definitely first kid on the block with one of these. Great running machine, still getting used to that gear box ! Tons of fun, any other Long Island NY Ural guys on this site ?
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