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  1. I have a black bench seat that I had customized to be flat. It came out great but I'm a big guy (6'3") and think the Solo seat may suit me better. Trade would be great but not mandatory. As a side note.... I think I'll have to raise the handle bars too. emails best longboard132@yahoo.com
  2. Keep me in yourLLoo92656 Keep me in the loop! I live in Mission Viejo and would love to do the rounds on base with you sometime! Looks great! 2010 Ural longboard132@yahoo.com
  3. Can't find a color code for my 2009 Woodland Green Patrol. I Have a small scratch on front fender and will need to repaint. Any help is appreciated!
  4. My 2007 Ural Patrol is starting sporadiclly from the switch. When I push the start button sometimes it starts normally, other times I can hear a very faint click or nothing at all. Right now if I'm persistant enough, the motor will start after 3-6 tries. I'd like to nip this problem in the bud before it goes completely out. Any suggestions of where I should start or what to check will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi Jim, I'd be interested if still available. Chris longboard132@yahoo.com
  6. I'd give my very excellent condition bench seat as a trade in +$100 + shipping if you'd be interested.
  7. I'm looking for some good references for parts. I'm in So. Cal. and my closest dealer is way out of the way for me and isn't fully stocked. Right now I'm in need of a Spot Light handle (anyone know the tread size?) and my Parking Brake handle has broken.
  8. So Can we see the pictures!!!?? It's been 3 years!! Thanks
  9. I have a 2007 Patrol (900 miles),which I've had now for 2 months. I am 6'4" and 295lbs. I'm a little "squeezed" in for longer rides. I usually have to "scooch" back at stops to stretch out a bit but that too is uncomfortable as I'm then sitting on the raised part of the bench seat. I'm wondering if anyone has some good advice. Adjust?, Reupholster? Or find a tractor seat instead.
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