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  1. Yes yes...inquiring minds want to know!!!
  2. Can't even Find a Car to question!!! Thinking just use Dnepr Car...until something Pops up..
  3. I want to put a hack on another Bike here.. I prefer the Ural Car (trunk) but.. I have an MT-11... yes it functions rather well... but cosmetically... kinda Poor!! For the Money it makes sense to just pull the Car and use it.. unless 1) I can get just a car elsewhere reasonable ) I can sell the complete Dnepr to finance a Car Suggestions?? Proposals?? Crickets??? Thanks
  4. Agree.. only way I'm afraid..
  5. Oddly... I see the scrapers and the expansion ring in that Photo??? I believe I can make out two Thin compression rings...Maybe..
  6. 3 wire to a relay is useless.. show the "relay".. is it a Bosh plastic "cube" ?? sitting here thinking...I remember swapping relays on the '07... one for starter...and I think maybe one for lights..
  7. for the cost of rings... Ball Hone a new crosshatch and put 10 over rings in...gapped carefully.. the carb looks awefull.. might even need replacement try a Harley coil (they are everywhere) even just to check spark Color (blue)
  8. Were the cylinders washed??? Hot ... Very Hot soapy (dawn) water, and a brush... brush vigorously!! a small anmount of engine oil on a White rag (paper towel) run thru cylinder to prevent flash rust... If rag comes out with Black on it.. Not Clean... If Not washed... lack of Ring seal is very Common.. also oil applied directly onto rings on assembly is ...Bad! The above is akin to a too tight Ring end gap... which usually results in Broken rings!!
  9. Putting some oil in the cylinders is standard procedure ..especially to check ring Seal.. They Might "run-in".. but after 600 plus Miles... they should be.. Good Cross hatch on cylinders? Moly Coated (Hastings) top ring? Cylinders Washed Vigorously, (Large Bottle Brush), with very Hot (scalding) soapy water.. then very lightly oiled?? No Oil on Rings (light oil on piston skirts) during assembly?? Ring Gap?? Just a Multitude of things that are Known to be contributors..
  10. I will take a general Stab. I see No Reason for a relay in the Blinker signal circuit.. most simply supply the `12v to the Signals themselves thru the Signal stat.. (flasher unit) Most starter Circuits utilize a relay to fire the Starter solenoid... simply because the handlebar switch is Not strong enough to carry the current to fire the solenoid.. it can easily fire the relay.. Possible the second relay is Not used in your application.. These are obviously generalizations... but..I usually wire the Ignition First...then the Starter circuit, and lights, including signals Last!! Hope this helps even a little
  11. Lapping valve seats is Not a Valve Job.. Real valve job, New rings and a ball hone...done. Oh Yea... Hot soapy water..
  12. Nah... PITA to make it Crooked... put 1104 Three Bond at cylinder base, and a Copper headgasket, painted with Aluminized Paint.. If that don't work... you need a Professional...sorry. Besides proper ring seal, and a Real valve job... to have proper Compression!!
  13. If it is not too bad...Coat both sides of the head gaskets with aluminized grill paint (last I knew ACE hardware had it) assemble while still slightly tacky.. If that don't work... You need a Mill, or Lots of time with sand paper and a Sheet of Glass.. (gotta be absolutely Flat 180
  14. ^^ Excellent stuff..... You will get buckets of help here..
  15. I have helped numerous folks with their Harleys via Phone/internet... I also own a 2007 Tourist for Reference.. All I gots. so, If you have no luck local... drop me a PM and Maybe I can Help... or Others on here can also!! Maybe just Post one problem at a time (1 per Thread, and multiple threads) and I'm betting this gets addressed...
  16. Absolutely..1 coated, is Plenty. Oh My... get to one (sprayed with Aluminum grill paint) and do Not lap valves...I won't. Bet the seat is as wide as the valve seat if you been lapping!!!! The best thing is a real Valve Job.. If you want... Send me the heads and Valves... clean please..I will put a Good 3 angle on them for you with fresh valve faces.. It would be best if it is winter time for me... but... Bets you Need it.. Put Black magic marker on the face of valve...poke valve in, turn it a bit, drop it out... How wide is Valve seat??? If it extends to Outside without a margin... it is Not OK...
  17. Very Old Trick that always worked on old British Cars, and Ironhead Harleys.. after annealing brass/bronze Head gaskets... Spray both sides with Aluminized Grill Paint Assemble tacky.. Never blew one again... unless surface was Warped...badly.
  18. Yes... tho some use a Common intake to a single carb.... for unknown reasons. If you are asking if they are interchangeable?? I do it. Tickler won't be on outside, but.... Oh well.
  19. I use compressed air...only because I want to know Why... Rings? Valve?(which valve), Gasket? A quick test for runability is certainly compression check..
  20. BTW With head off... turn it over and fill the combustion chamber with gasoline... Poor valve seal will rear its ugly, leaky, head!!!
  21. If you can Hold the piston/crank at TDC of the Compression stroke... and Force air into the Spark plug hole... air escaping past rings is of course rings... But, if Air escapes past valves... It is found in the intake tract, and/or the exhaust system... these indicate poor valve seal.. Good luck, and post back
  22. Sounds like a Plan... Next trip thru Louisville...I owe ya a toddy
  23. Thanks for that.... I ain't too good with the Metric size stuff... but Assume, that bigger attachment bolt size is Better... Those might be exactly what I need... will try to do some Engineering with that... If all goes well, I plan on a Dnepr Car, hooked to a "spare" Harley layin around here... Just a bit more Speed!!!! Darn it... Out of China!!!! will Look diligently for a US supplier... but.... If I can't find one...
  24. Welcome I never owned any newer than the 2007 and Loved it... Moved on after my crippled ole Butt can't hold a Harley Bagger Upright reliably!!!
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