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  1. Sounds like a Plan... Next trip thru Louisville...I owe ya a toddy
  2. Thanks for that.... I ain't too good with the Metric size stuff... but Assume, that bigger attachment bolt size is Better... Those might be exactly what I need... will try to do some Engineering with that... If all goes well, I plan on a Dnepr Car, hooked to a "spare" Harley layin around here... Just a bit more Speed!!!! Darn it... Out of China!!!! will Look diligently for a US supplier... but.... If I can't find one...
  3. Welcome I never owned any newer than the 2007 and Loved it... Moved on after my crippled ole Butt can't hold a Harley Bagger Upright reliably!!!
  4. I figured that... plan on trying to source 30mm balls... wondering if 1" will suffice?? Thanks again...
  5. Excellent... Exactly what I needed..I owe ya One...Thanks
  6. Not Funny... Now LMK... Or not....I may just take Mine apart to see... tho Not what I wanted to do.. LOL Tho for the Price of Just the Hack, I can probably just Park the Dnepr, and Use that Hack... Money Ahead!!
  7. You are like me.. Memory is the ....2nd thing to go!!!!
  8. Nobody has a Car off??? Approximate diameter is OK!!!
  9. As Hinted... I need to know the diameter of the Mounting "balls" on the Dnepr...Don't wish to disassemble mine just now... Looking to put a Dnepr Car on a Harley...Just for Kicks... Thanks for the help... Now back to simply putting miles on....
  10. @Robert I do Not believe CWT is active much anymore.. Drop me a PM.. there is more than one way to get legal!!
  11. Of course Not Do they even Know what one Is??? Neat Idea for your Project Tho I prefer the look of a Girder, leafers are very Interesting, and probably more appropriate for this Use..
  12. I will continue to use the Keihin's on the '07 Ural...and will only change out the Dnepr Carbs,(K63's) If/When I locate another set of CV Carbs suitable for the Dnepr.. IMO, CV Carbs are as close to Fuel Injection as one will attain...Yet, Much more adjustable, by Layman!!
  13. Flat Sides?? Good performance enhancement, but, I feel maybe Wasted on a Ural.. The good old round slide was probably dropped for Cost, maybe.. I have never felt Under carbureted with the Keihin's on the later Ural... You will be Starting with the Jetting used on the old Round Slide I would think..and I think, end up with leaner, due to supposed Better Signal, with the Flat slide...
  14. Nicely done.. Did you make the Nachelle [Covers] ??
  15. Interesting... Tell us about the front brake...Preferably in English please!!
  16. ^^^ Yer Gonna get it. Take yer time.. And have fun with the Journey..
  17. Good on ya... Nothing looks as Good as a Side Valve ...
  18. Yes... my yes... anything over 14v is excessive IMO... an intelligent employee of a "prominent" battery company once told me that the number one killer of lead Acid batteries... is Over-charging My experience at the drag strip Proved this out... before i educated myself... BTW... Never thought of adjusting "hot"... but ... now that you have given a report... I may Avoid that method...
  19. My Charge indicator is the lights...or if off, better yet, ...the Turn Signals.. The bike runs fine when those cease to function.. Early Warning System!!!
  20. I'm pretty sure any Mechanical regulator will work...wired correctly... Like the Old Harley unit.. But, I have not tried that yet.. IDC about the Charge lite.. long as the system works.
  21. Not a Chance...Around here anyway.. one day I will bite the bullet and get the Bridge!!
  22. I'm sure you mean 13.2v to turn the Light off.12.2 v is less than a 50% charge.. I'm needing to Change the diode bridge in my Alternator. Kinda Pricy, so... I put up with Total loss...
  23. Sorry, so many folks buying things like Ironhead Sortsters and Certainly Shovelhead Harleys, Then spend an Inordinate amount of Time and Money to turn them into something newer/more reliable.. Should Have gotten what was originally Desired...
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