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  1. ^^ I agree...unless, as I suspect, the thing has mechanical ignition advance mechanism..these can sieze from sitting. But, as I said The order is Fuel, then Spark etc!!!
  2. I pretty much do it in that order... make sure you have fuel... even wet plugs!!, then look for Spark, then test compression... even a thumb over the Plug hole.. finally the spark needs to be at the correct timing... hardest to determine..
  3. Fuel, Spark, Compression, Timing...Which is/are Missing??
  4. LOL Gettin Cooler here... Close to time to put the bikes away and get the snow blowers out!!!!
  5. I know from Drag Racing My Harleys, that Pipes make alot of difference... But it is hard to fathom a Meager 650 Dnepr becoming a powerhouse!! Now you have Piqued my curiosity..... maybe sometime this winter...
  6. Hmmm... Not being that scientific, what I found was the walboro needles are smallish diameter, and the left side float would not get ahold of the needle properly... My needle nose pliers closed the "slot" a bit...and all good!!!
  7. I am still running 2 into 2 with Sportster mufflers... Baffles IN.. Too much like work to go to the original... tho I have one!!! Keep Boasting... maybe I will go to Stock!!! Edit; Admittedly, I have never ridden it with the stock set-up.. Please feel free to elaborate on the differences you notice... Thanks
  8. Welp.. finally had to adjust the float on the left carb.. Don't remember how long it has been trouble free one kick starter... I think I been too aggressive on the "tickler" and caused this myself... All Better now... Just thought I would Share.... brag!!!!
  9. Glad we are back up I tried to offer help... but, no connection ...
  10. When you click on the Date of the [last] Post, which I have never liked anyway...Nothing Happens...You can wait quite some time for....Nothing. Or...Is it just My Puter???
  11. Or...was my connection just dinked-up again???
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