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  1. Cpt Monster

    Crawler 2.8

    This is the 'upgrade' of the 'new' rig (2007 Patrol) to replace the Sportsman I started with.
  2. Hiya folks... I'm in a Mad Max/Wasteland crew and I've been slowly getting my rig to be more 'wasteland chic'.... Here is the current state. Other than cosmetics, I've replaced the spotty hall effect ignition with a C5 laser triggered one with 4 switchable maps, replaced the stock air box with a K&N canister filter I had laying around, re-wired the full electrical system and isolated each circuit/system onto it's own buss so can switch stuff into/outta service as I want, and relocated the battery. I still want to re-do the exhaust and lose the cross-over pipe...but doing this in nibbles between other builds/projects. A couple of quick and dirty videos. Walk-around of the progress so far. First Cold Start of the rebuild.
  3. Yeah...it was around 22(f), and I was less than patient with it trying to kick it. There was a lil rage stomping...pretty sure it flooded. When it DID start...a whole bunch of backfires and popping for a bit....
  4. Ok...so funny story. I guess I am conditioned to ASSUME THE WORST. If something happens...it must be catastrophic. I pulled the left side cover...and a relay fell on my foot. "Hmmm" says I. Plugged it back in...and we are off to the races. Both that relay and what I assume is the headlight one are now zip-tied in place. Once again...I am useful as a bad example... Pardon my dumb-assery.
  5. Is the 2007 diagram the same as the 2006? http://cvkustoms.com/PDF/Russian_Headlight_Cavity_Part_XII_Modern_Urals.pdf
  6. Another thought.... Does the 2007 have a starter relay? Man I need a wiring diagram...
  7. Ok....so I have a new 2007 Patrol...this is intended to replace the 1995 Sportsman I have been in a Hate/Love/Beg type relationship with for the last few years.... It was AMAZING....turn key, push button...and away we go YEAH! until....sigh...until today. I fear the Electrical Gremlins have found me...they always find me. Every bike/rig I have owned for the last 15 years at some point the stock loom just....decides Nope. So here is the deal...I rode it around in the cold (and snow) up here in Chicagoland for the last month or so...never an issue. Sunday, me and the fam went on a rousing ride...rig was awesome. Got home...parked it in the garage...worked a couple of days so no riding, then today had a break and some sunshine went out to the rig...and...NOPE. Turning the key gets me all the running lights, headlight(both beams), horn, turn signals and the neutral and Alt light( if I engage the kill switch, the ALT light goes out.). Hit the starter button...nothing. No click...no grind...just...nothing. Lights don't even dim. Kicker also brings no joy. I checked the fuses in the tree, and they SEEM ok...but I then realize I have no idea what fuses goes to what system. Or what they are supposed to be rated at... The 'Owners Manual' that came with the rig acknowledges there ARE fuses...and notes their location. But that is the end of the data. No amps...and certainly no indication of what fuses covers what system. I am looking for a good Service Manual for a 2007 that has a readable wiring diagram, so if anyone has a link that works feel free to post it. I SUSPECT in no particular order: 1) The Keyed Ignition is not making good connection, and not pushing power around correctly. 2) The Starter and/or Kill Switch are not pushing or grounding correctly. 3) The coil is not getting power. (Although why that would stop the starter...and doesn't the ALT light mean the coil is drawing?) 4) It is mad at me...and is waiting for me to apologize. Thoughts?
  8. Thanks Terry. That was exactly what I needed. From eyeballing it without taking anything apart just yet I was pretty confident the sidecar and pusher fenders fit. The tank was a concern really as I haven't yet pulled it off the 07, which is about to change I have a feeling....electrical gremlins showed up...grr....(That is gonna get it's own thread.... http://www.russianiron.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16157)
  9. Sorry...let me make the issue clearer-er. I was wondering if there is an issue with putting the tank/fenders from a 95 rig onto a 07 rig...
  10. Ok...here is the deal. I got a 1995 Sportsman that keeps breaking my heart to the point were my Wife said...'Just buy a newer one! I wanna RIDE!' So I did.... Got a 2007 Patrol. And...well...we have a problem. It is too PRETTY! We had the 95 sufficiently grimed up to our liking, and before we go at the new TOO SHINY sheetmetal with green scrubbies and flat rattlecan paint..... We are debating doing a swap out of the tank/fenders/sidecar and maybe having a 'two mode machine'. DO I NEED THE SHINY ONE?!?!? WHY?????? I figure the sidecovers are a no-go...but from just eyeballing the bolt-ups I don't see why the main sheets won't crossover.... Thoughts?
  11. Well...Crawler has got a Big Brother now...Thinking of naming him LandShark.
  12. $$ is gonna be little...like under $1000 probably...this is less a 'rig' and more a large collection of parts and a frame. As I say, it is mostly disassembled and just sitting around. Other projects (ones that actually made money rather than cost...hehehe) kinda took over my time. Mostly I want it to go someplace to someone who will make it live again. It did it's job for me, and got me hooked on having a rig...I just upgraded is all.
  13. Well...I'm back. Sorta. I fear the Crawler is not long for my garage....I still have not got it up and doing as it should. I am looking at a 2007 Patrol, and think I might be moving/upgrading into a 750. So that's a yea!/boo moment. Anyone want a mostly disassembled Sportsman?
  14. One of the best reasons to have a rig....yup yup
  15. DOOM! DOOM AND BOOM-BOOM!!! Jk/ hope you luck stays better than mine.
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