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  1. The battery could be on it's way out ..it's over six years old now
  2. Oh that's fantastic news mucker ..happy days 🙂
  3. Hi, has anyone in UK tried these tyres from Brockley Tyres? https://www.blockleytyre.com/product/400-x-19
  4. Has anyone else had the the sidecar split where the searchlight is attached? ..not the end of the world but annoying
  5. Oh deff, i had similar problems with my 05 dalesman and if the battery was showing 12.5 but was showing anything below 12 at the ignition unit, then it wouldn't start ..it was usually duff wiring to blame and vigorous fiddling about with the wiring usually found the culprit hahaha
  6. Make sure there's there's the full voltage at the ignition ..some of them won't fire if lower than 12 ...good luck
  7. I had nothing to discus or any mechanical questions to ask about ... But i missed it being here lolol
  8. My old M66 (from what now seems a hundred years ago) never had it's kickstart work ..i always parked near where i could get someone to push me hahaha ..i enjoyed the attention :)
  9. Hi, is it working well? i just use my foot on the hand shift :)
  10. Can anyone talk me out of fillin the sidecar with water? Us Irish aren't used to this heat haha
  11. Good luck ..ack that's a shame but plan b sounds good :)
  12. The reason i asked that was sometimes, if the petrol isn't flowing freely, it can do exactly what you describe ..the float bowls will fill but not fast enough to keep it going ...i had it before and it was just crap in the tank causing it. Good luck with it :)
  13. Does the petrol run free when you take the feed tube off at carb side?
  14. there are wee black boxes out there that send micro voltages to the points ..i put one on the Dnepr an didn't look at the points after :)
  15. Here Jim, did ya try turnin down the volume knob? :)
  16. Hi der :) ...aye the rocker box filler thing is a great idea, if you can find something that'll not break up ...was thinkin of some kind of homemade fairin? plus the oil additive thing i mentioned before
  17. Just a wee tip ..they don't like sittin over 60mph for too long ..i know they can do it alright but you will be looking at long term problems
  18. Yip, well out of their own price range i think
  19. Did that last month Terry ...but as we know, plugs, even new, are able to be duff ..so will do as you suggest :)
  20. hahaha my thoughts on EFI too ...i enjoyed playin with carbs haha (didn't really)
  21. EFI model ...aye "Farts n Pops" from exhaust ...am gonna investigate properly, i haven't for the simple reason i didn't have to ...i don't even know what type ignition timing is on this model as it's simply not been a problem lol
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