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  1. Thanks Vance, i think a full investigation will have to happen. I'm gettin my aule 709D ready for test so been preoccupied with it. :)
  2. Cheers Vance, will get on it soon. Would it be the clutch if it's only happening in third gear? Am going to investgate and will let yas know.
  3. Very poor wording on my part ..it is staying in gear and slipping whilst in third. Before when i made the adjustments on my older unit, it was that one that would fall out of gear altogether, i was kinda hoping this was a symtom of the same problem, though i think it's wishful thinkin haha
  4. I remember one of my older Urals would drop out of third gear into neutral and this was adjusted out with the adjusting screws on the back of the box ...but this is just slipping and slipping quite badly now, was thinking teeth as well but was just hoping for an easier fix
  5. Only gettin out on the bike now and realised it's only third gear that's slipping. Do you think this could be an adjustment thing or will i have to dive into it more? Also, if adjustment on the gearbox ..would anyone be able to talk me through the steps. I have memories of doing this before and almost demented myself ..this was in the 90s haha
  6. Thanks Vance, was hoping it was something simple, like the rubber doughnut ..the slippage was only for a fraction of a second but what you say makes sense, even with very few miles on the clock
  7. Mornin from a cold and wet County Kerry I was coming home on my 2015 when, on acceleration, the drive slipped. It felt like it was from the shaft and am going to investigate properly this evening. It happened twice and drove fine otherwise, only if i tried to speed up too quickly. Have any of you good folk encountered this?
  8. The battery could be on it's way out ..it's over six years old now
  9. Oh that's fantastic news mucker ..happy days 🙂
  10. Hi, has anyone in UK tried these tyres from Brockley Tyres? https://www.blockleytyre.com/product/400-x-19
  11. Has anyone else had the the sidecar split where the searchlight is attached? ..not the end of the world but annoying
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