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  1. Come on out, or stay at home and watch You Tube, your choice...
  2. For those who have not seen what we are talking about, this was seen at a CostCo near Redmond, Wa and on the road. Note the license plate... looks like direct drive to a 1WD final drive, gears, we don't need no stinking gears with an electric motor... Poor ilya was denying it existed to the very end...other improvements are coming to the gas engines too, but that is old news and continuous these days... It should be noted that some folks apparently knew about this and not one of them spilled the beans, but someone riding it to CostCo (that is the current circulating story) was either brilliant marketing or an huge mistake. Either way, sign me up.
  3. My herd of the discontinued... They are going to have the Gear Up and the cT going forward as existing models and the plethora of rumors about Electric bikes (not so much a rumor now since someone took the prototype to the local CostCo a week or so ago and pics are all over Facebook and ADV), engine mods (They are a comin') and even a new engine (we ain't gonna like it) if the boxer can't meet Euro5 regs... Who knows if there is even a customer base left for the Retro, about 40 a year is all they ever sold/built! It was never really given a chance! Oh well, still the nicest looking and handling of the bunch and I have 2, so good for now (and 1 of the weirdest handling things they ever built).
  4. Well, you know my feelings on this model. If one does not market something, it will not sell. Riding my Retro (not the newish M70) to the Pirates Rally in Florida this weekend. Primarily a BMW rally. With 96K showing, they don't call it a Urinal any more and actually talk about buying one...not after this year, pity.
  5. and here is what I did for National Ural Rally Day...
  6. Site has been done due to Irma. It's back. Please enter your results! The site is open and ready for you!
  7. Site down due to Irma. Will be back up as soon as Ga Power and Cox Communications are.
  8. Result page is open at the same URL you used for registration...what, you didn't register? https://www.imz-ural.com/national-rally-day Just click the registration button to get to the links. You have to register to have points recorded. It will let you enter them, just won't record them if not registered, check first if unsure. You can still register. When you enter points, you may notice your IP address staring at you. That is recorded and time stamped so we can see if any results have been tampered with by others.
  9. National Ural Rally Day is Saturday! So far we have 118 folks registered from 4 continents (as they are counted now). You know, there are 3.2 million Urals out there, we can do better than that! If you plan on participating Saturday, you are going to need a rally placard to put your rally id on so you can register your score and win stuff from Ural. While you are out riding Saturday, please keep the folks along the Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina coasts and the Caribbean in your thoughts. A lot of folks are recovering and possibly more are preparing for the worst. If you are in South and Central Georgia, avoid the interstates even more than normal, some start going North only at 8:00 AM Saturday.
  10. So far we have 86 folks registered from 5 countries (ok, one person thinks Guam is a country, who am I to argue?). 1st registrant was from Australia. It's open to everyone, everywhere. Nothing in the rally that can't be completed any where in the world, except may be the go by a dealer part (hard even for me). Awards will be made, pictures will be shared, will be a good time.
  11. Registration is open! https://www.imz-ural.com/national-rally-day
  12. Information about registration will be in the upcoming Irbit Informer! Look for it. After the Informer comes out, will post the links everywhere for the few who foolishly do not get the Informer delivered to their in box... Everybody has to register to have results recorded and recognition.It's easy. Only takes a few clicks and very little typing. If you are new to the National Ural Rally Day, just a little more typing but very easy. Download and print the Rally and Bonus pack after registering. Can make changes to your registration info as well, please verify your email address. That is the only way we can contact you to let you know you won something! After the rally, come back to the same link to enter your results! Remember to upload your pictures and videos to your favorite place for those things. A place is provided in the results page to tell folks where to look! Results will be verified, steps have been taken to prevent tampering. And yes, in the name of fairness, the exact same post is being made everywhere...
  13. Folks the servers and I are in Macon, Ga. That witch Irma is heading our way. Our utilities are almost all above ground, so I will lose power at some point Monday. That means the site will be down. As soon as power and internet are restored, it will be back up. Thank you all who participated! 2017 National Ural Rally Day is coming. Registration will open in just a few weeks. If you've participated that last few years, it will take about 10 seconds. More to follow...this is called a teaser...
  14. Just got back home from bringing the M70 to Gene for some repairs and mods. I am tired but had to post this after talking to a few people who called about the rally whilst I was trying to drive! Folks think the campground is full up! WRONG! Talked to the campground, they have plenty of sites, both RV and Tent and a cabin available! So if you've heard otherwise and that clouded your decision to come, please reconsider, lots of space is available! Come on down to North Georgia. You think a "normal" Ural rally is diverse? If you haven't been to the Howdy Summer/GROPE, you have not seen diversity in a sidecar rally yet! About half the club own Urals and about half of those left secretly lust for one...we have cops, we have hippies, we have military, we have peacnics, we have drinkers, partiers and tea totalers, we have musicians, we have the tone deaf, we have folks who cook and folks who eat, we even have folks who still admit that they are Republicans and Democrats. I am cooking something Saturday night (and may be Friday if I don't get to beaten up riding) and there will be vegetarian options as well... This is the 23rd year in a row we've hosted a rally - there have been Urals at every single one (I've only had one 6 years, my treasurer since 1997)...so we decided to create a Ural named rally 'cause Urals are special! At least 2 officers of the club have been Ural owners since 1999...not many sidecar clubs will admit that, we will...nothing would make me happier than to have Urals out number the "normal" sidecars! Really it would... Was planning on riding my HD this year (it's been 5 years since the last time she went), but if I can get 10 folks here commit to coming (have 4 Urals committed already so that means 6 more) I'll ride Myrtle or my low mileage Retro up, if Myrtle, possibly towing Sid's old trailer...Challenge has been made. If you have already have a site and are coming, now it the time to let folks here know, 'cause we have no idea who is coming! We don't charge, so there is no registration, just come and have fun.
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