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  1. Theres a pure Hillbilly American Bluegrass song about a 1952 Vincent Black Lightning. The song is about a guy who rides a Vincent and his girl friend. The guy robs a bank uses the Vincent for a get away ride. gets shot and on his death bed gives the Vincent to his girlfriend to ride. You can find it on youtube just search Del McCoury 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
  2. I think you have a 12V coil there.The box says 12B I think for 12 volts. So I would wonder your EI is also set up for 12V? Or does it work on 6V. My M63 came with 301 carbs. What kind of new carbs are you putting on? In the states you can buy a plate with GM350 points that if they give out on you. You then could buy 350 points in any small town that has a automotive store. Can you post a picture of your bike? I love eye candy! Cheers
  3. You have to be a real moto head to get this but this really made my day pulling my OHV 650 heads with no HM3 or IMZ marks from an unmolested rig that has seen little use. First two photos show a 1969 M63 head. Third photo shows a later head with markings.
  4. Tooks some photos that show IMZ M72 identification marks, like FD oil fill location, gear box shifter, knee pads on tank. Your bike has some cut outs in the casting under the alternator that my motor does not have. I'm sure some others that know more will write in.
  5. Chris, I have a IMZ M72M 1959 bike. My bike has the manufature date stamped on the left hand side of the motor by the valve end cover. Your bike looks like it been converted to 12 volts? KMZ heads, gas tank, Maybe chineese fender rack, later model tail ights.KMZ FD ? Your your rear fender brace does not look the same than what I have. Let me know if you wants some photos to compare.
  6. My Ramco MT16 charging light comes on at low RPM's and is always off at higher RPM's. I put on a GM electronic flasher so the turn lights flash good and changed the fuses for the modern blade type.
  7. I own one. I have photos of it under Ural ST in the members gallery.
  8. On that idea we just had two lambs butchered and just picked them up from the butcher. While we were waiting we saw a couple posters on the wall one for some HD event with typical leather clad girls for Harley guys and then a poster for a Barbecue service.The guy had a old 70's hearse and pullin a trailer with a coffin. The coffin had been changed into a barbecue. This set up might give your UDF a real run for your money. So a ural with the tub removed to transport coffins to the grave might be a hot way to go and one last ride to your final restin place. Does anybody want to franchise this?
  9. Hi Gene, Sorry I can't help but would like to ask you a question about your new 12 volt generator from Piotr. I'm thinking about putting one on my M63. Does the generator bolt on and fit with no problems and what do you think about the quality of the generator from Piotr? How many Amps does that unit have? Could you post a picture of the generator on the motor? Does it look close to a OEM part? Good luck with your questions and thanks.
  10. Here Are the pictures of a M63 battery tray and the top. The center stand is M72. I see your battery tray is missing a tab for the battery strap and a tab to help hold the battery in place.
  11. I think your battery tray looks ok? I will post a picture of my M63 tray for you in a day or so. The M72 rack you have to cut a couple inches off the legs and drill a new mounting hole to bolt onto the frame back wher the fender bumper mounts.
  12. That's cool but what happened to the first guy? Or is it the same guy.
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