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  1. I had a IMZ M72, very similar. The crank was bad, but not cracked. What happens is the lobes or the con rods slip on the radial axis, so the pisto s bind up- the crank does not spin freely. I think mine was damaged by the previous owner. The bike was left outside for years and the piston rings had rusted to the cylinder walls. He had been standing on the kick lever trying to break it free and twisted the conrods into a different axis.
  2. Are the floats plastic or brass? The benzene in today's ######ty gas can impregnate the plastic floats and they swell up or even allow fuel inside. Maybe switch for new floats and needle, too, just to be thorough.
  3. Rebuit my transmission, got it back in, everything buttoned up except this stupid spring. Is there some trick to stretching it onto the post? It's been chucked across the shop more than once now, along with lots of cussing!
  4. Does anyone have a simple, legible, English language diagram they can share? The ones I've found online are either in Russian or they don't print off well. Thanks!
  5. Bump. RP, I did get a 7AH. I need to know the key positions now. Can anyone tell me what are the positions for Lights, Ignition, etc? Close to installing the ignition and don't know which position is ON. Also, I am hooking a Dnepr sidecar frame to this 98 Ural 1WD bike. I have a brake backing plate. Should there be a thrust washer between plate and swingarm, on the axle? There's a slight bevel on the axle Or is there one inside, between the wheel guts and the plate? Hard to see from the parts diagrams I've found online.
  6. How thick a wall should the sleeve have? I have a lathe, so I could keep things balanced, hopefully.
  7. What grade steel, and how long a sleeve? Did you drill holes and plug weld it as well as welding the ends? I was thinking of boring out a piston wrist pin for the sleeve. Too short?
  8. Incidently, also looking for a shock and a sidecar fender, for Dnepr sidecar frame. Cosmetics not important. Going for the farm truck look, lol.
  9. Rewiring my 97 650. Planning on using a C5 ignition. I have been looking at the Blue Seas fuse blocks. Id like to put a car battery on the car. It doesnt have a tub. It will be a flatbed cargo car, with a toolbox mounted aft, for the electrics and storage. Anyone done this scheme? Any advantage to deep cycle vs typical car battery? I have the 424 alternator.
  10. Has anyone done it? I have a Dnepr gearbox that I would like to use, Can I cut the shaft, sleeve it, and weld it safely?
  11. Anyone sell a kit of replacement stainless nut/bolts for this bike?
  12. I had a Dnepr/IMZ flathead.54-56, I guess. I rebuilt the whole rig. Simple to work on, and generally better quality metallurgy and parts than my 90s 650 Ural. The top speed with a sidecar is maybe 65, and I wouldn't take it on the slab. Great fun on backroads.
  13. Anyone got these items taking up space? Condition not critical. For a cargo car build.
  14. I will try. Grinding flats on punches now. I can barely feel the lip with my finger, though. For sidecar use, am i better off with ball bearings? Better grip with the damper? Thanks for that response , Russ. I hadn't even thought of that...
  15. Any tips to get these out? There doesn't seem to be enough lip to get purchase with a punch. Carefully cut them out with a dremel? I want to install tapers.
  16. Thanks Terry, I was confused too, because I thought the wheels were too modern, but it's hard to say what upgrades might have been made. Would you do a trade for front ends?
  17. Thanks for the response, Mike! I don't have the bike in my possession yet. Can't investigate too much. Do you know if I put telescopic forks on, would it be suitable as a solo bike? Don't they still reduce the trail?
  18. Just acquired a rough 78 Ural 650. M66 or M67? Looking for parts. Tank first, plus everything else later, lol.
  19. Hi fellas, I sold my 56 M72 a couple years ago when I had an impending period of unemployment. Turns out I was only unemployed for a weekend, but the bike was already gone! A friend just bought a 1978 Ural 650 with sidecar. He intends to mount the car on an R90. I'm going to help him, and in return, I get the bike. Not sure what model it is- the undercarriage oil filter says M67, but all the pics I've seen show telescopic forks on the M66 and M67 bikes.. This bike has leading links. Any ideas what this ol, babuska is?
  20. Thanks for checking. Found one from Gene at Holopaw.
  21. Looking to acquire a Dnepr or Ural 18" wheel that will fit a 20mm spindle. My sidecar wheel is splitting along the rim. Please PM if you can help brutha out.
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