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  1. Dnepr MT 10 with a cannibalized seat.
  2. Hello Vance, hi Russ. Havn't been here for long time. Eric, I have a pair of white ones. Used...
  3. Nice facelift. 👍 Things look different.
  4. Russ, good to know you are doing better. I wish you improve and get to 100% strength and enjoy the pain free life!
  5. 2014 and above came with rectangular socket connectors. 2017 and above I think with round... SovietSteeds has more info on it. http://www.highvoltagecoils.eu/2015/10/09/ural-ranger-gear-up-electronic-interface-for-onboard-diagnostics/ I only use a Twinmax, and now ordered a Carbtune Pro for my 2007.
  6. The Doug Bingham Memorial Sidecar Rally is being held at William S. Hart Regional Park in Newhall, Ca. Sunday October 27, 2019, 8am -3:30pm. Entry fee of $10.00 helps to cover park rental, insurance, etc. Solo bikes and spectators are free. A ride is planned for Saturday, destination TBD. For those so inclined, camping Friday and Saturday is free (no motorhomes or trailers). For more info contact Sidecarsusie 818-848-9810 or Alex W. 818-388-5662 https://www.meetup.c...ents/260676059/ Sunday, October 27, 2019 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM Group picture:
  7. I kept and used the BMW exhaust, ignition coils (attached to each frame L&R downtubes). The air filter housing and the filter were purchased from auto store. Can't remember now...but I suspect it was from the AutoZone. Let me see if I can post a picture for entertainment. I now regret selling that bike, but I was in rush for something heavier and faster:-) and 1998 Honda Valkyrie with Campion Escort sidecar replaced the Ural for another 4 years of fun. It was a tourer, which could do 70MPh all day. Gas mileage was 20-23 per gal. And I had a 5 gal. reserve tank in sidcar trunk with an electric pump that was pumping fuel on a nonstop freeway ride.
  8. Gene is great. I had purchased some parts...Ural gearbox, etc. Received everything fast. I did the BMW conversion in my garage. Bought both donor bikes (BMW R80/7 & R100RT) in good running condition to hear and test the engine. Gene (Holopaw) Langford shipped a new Ural Gearbox to Richard Winter, who helped me with gearbox (welding/grinding modification to meet BMW engine) and new BMW /2 clutch plate. That probably was 2005-2006.
  9. If it was in near proximity I would've been interested. I had a 1999 Deco in same colors and loved how it handled. But then it got a engine as an upgrade...BMW R80, then an R100...
  10. JonLilley, It's time to upgrade to 2020. I get very much satisfied when I kick start a Ural. That's the part of fun game. I had three different carbureted 650cc Urals and had no problem kickstarting them at 1st or 2nd kick, so there is no learning or technique I need to learn to kickstart a 650 or 750 pre 2013 bike. However, I couldn't kickstart 2014 EFI m70. And yes, I turned over the engine a few times before trying to give a good "momentum" spin to the gearbox from the top of that compression... no luck. Especially Retro and M70 kick lever hits the bumper-stop and won't let the gearbox spin... (tried it with warm, hot engine as well).
  11. I guess the demographics are changing. Ural owners are "becoming younger" and they do everything now on their phones on Facebook.
  12. Marco, Compression test would've been the first thing I would do on a "new" to me Ural. I would then clean the gas tank, clean or swap the petcock, fuel lines, then do throttle cables adjustments, carb cleaning, synchronization, etc. I would've also run fuel lines to carbs without filters, and try testing the bike without air filter at least to make sure filters are not restricted. If you used the kill switch and coasted at highest speed in 4th gear...what color were your plugs? I know you are looking to purchase a new coil. Do you have good spark on both sides? There are diagnostic spark testers you can use before buying new coil, wires, ignition: https://www.amazon.com/Wei-Xi-Fool-Proof-Diagnostic-Automotive/dp/B0793MMHYR/ref=asc_df_B0793MMHYR/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=242087006306&hvpos=1o11&hvnetw=g&hvrand=9888610638722351779&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=t&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9031188&hvtargid=aud-801738734305:pla-451732415479&psc=1 P.S. Would've check/tide down all four rockers before doing valve adjustments. Head torque:
  13. If it's a Retro or M70 model you might not be able to kickstart at all due to kickstarter lever clearance and not enough momentum to spin gearbox/engine. All other models should kickstart.
  14. Looks like OLD Voskhod. Production of this model started in 1959. 1960-1962 about 350 000 bikes were made. I think there is no battery by design. The Generator starts the bike by kickstart. Here is a link in Russian: http://moto-kovrov.ru http://moto-kovrov.ru/novosti/kovrovets-175a/ English? https://b-cozz.com/kovrovet-voskhod/
  15. It will be more helpful to find a Russian web board site and ask there since here are not meny IZH bikes around or people wo do conversions I guess. Try: http://wap.izh49.borda.ru/?1-2-0-00000005-000-10001-0
  16. Vance, I am glad to hear bikes getting mechanically better.
  17. 2014 olive drab green m70 with sidecar, the first generation EFI bike that I've done a trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to register it there and came back the very same day, putting 600 miles on that bike was like a long hours test drive experience for me. On some uphills the speed would drop to 55. So I would keep riding behind 18 wheelers. Otherwise, my constant speed was 65-70-75 mph. Gas consumption was less than 20 miles per gal. I had to find an exit with gas station at every 150-160 km. I felt that 65 MPH was the maximum speed for pleasant and safe sounding engine. My top speed was about 80 MPH on stretched downhills, however at that speed the engine was not happy at all. It was begging me to drop the RPM's and slow down. Before starting that trip I wasn't confident at all. I was suspicious....I was prepared to get stranded somewhere far away from LA or Vegas but fortunately and troublefree crossed the finish line. Why is this forum so slow (passive)?
  18. I had an opportunity to ride 2014 Retro M70 from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and back 600 miles in about 11.5 hours. Left home at 4:10 am, with stops and gas up every 100 miles or so got to Vegas at 10:10 am. I ran out gas at 167km without low gas yellow light indication. I had three 1 gal. Plastic jerry cans of gas in a box in sidecar. Started return trip from Vegas at 2:10 pm and got back to LA at 7:10 pm. with stops for gas up. Ther were more downhills coming back home, so the speeds were more excessive (over 70 mph constantly). Lost about half a quart of engine oil from the right valve cover spraying my boot, chaps and all surroundings in between the bike and sidecar. Later placed a rubber washer under that valve cover nut. 600 miles in one day. This was my first ride after I sold my last bike - 1998 Honda Valkyrie with Champion Escort sidecar more than 8 years ago. Urals are getting better, but they are still Urals.
  19. I don't have Ural and have not been reading this forum for last 12 years, after Ural webboard was gone. Nice to see familiar faces here like Russ, Vance, Becky.... With your EFI bikes you are now maintenance free. Wait until self driven Electric Urals (like Teslas) show up in the near future, we will then become the sidecar monkeys:-)
  20. My suggestion, if you are interested to hear it, would be nice to have that motorcycle image in a pentagon, like former USSR state quality mark - Знак Качесва. https://cdn.thingiverse.com/renders/19/5c/91/07/35/75361f9aed3e91e94072c0b69695cd7d_preview_featured.jpg
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