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  1. Dnepr MT 10 with a cannibalized seat.
  2. Hello Vance, hi Russ. Havn't been here for long time. Eric, I have a pair of white ones. Used...
  3. Nice facelift. 👍 Things look different.
  4. Russ, good to know you are doing better. I wish you improve and get to 100% strength and enjoy the pain free life!
  5. 2014 and above came with rectangular socket connectors. 2017 and above I think with round... SovietSteeds has more info on it. http://www.highvoltagecoils.eu/2015/10/09/ural-ranger-gear-up-electronic-interface-for-onboard-diagnostics/ I only use a Twinmax, and now ordered a Carbtune Pro for my 2007.
  6. The Doug Bingham Memorial Sidecar Rally is being held at William S. Hart Regional Park in Newhall, Ca. Sunday October 27, 2019, 8am -3:30pm. Entry fee of $10.00 helps to cover park rental, insurance, etc. Solo bikes and spectators are free. A ride is planned for Saturday, destination TBD. For those so inclined, camping Friday and Saturday is free (no motorhomes or trailers). For more info contact Sidecarsusie 818-848-9810 or Alex W. 818-388-5662 https://www.meetup.c...ents/260676059/ Sunday, October 27, 2019 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM Group picture:
  7. I kept and used the BMW exhaust, ignition coils (attached to each frame L&R downtubes). The air filter housing and the filter were purchased from auto store. Can't remember now...but I suspect it was from the AutoZone. Let me see if I can post a picture for entertainment. I now regret selling that bike, but I was in rush for something heavier and faster:-) and 1998 Honda Valkyrie with Campion Escort sidecar replaced the Ural for another 4 years of fun. It was a tourer, which could do 70MPh all day. Gas mileage was 20-23 per gal. And I had a 5 gal. reserve tank in sidcar trunk with an electric pump that was pumping fuel on a nonstop freeway ride.
  8. Gene is great. I had purchased some parts...Ural gearbox, etc. Received everything fast. I did the BMW conversion in my garage. Bought both donor bikes (BMW R80/7 & R100RT) in good running condition to hear and test the engine. Gene (Holopaw) Langford shipped a new Ural Gearbox to Richard Winter, who helped me with gearbox (welding/grinding modification to meet BMW engine) and new BMW /2 clutch plate. That probably was 2005-2006.
  9. If it was in near proximity I would've been interested. I had a 1999 Deco in same colors and loved how it handled. But then it got a engine as an upgrade...BMW R80, then an R100...
  10. JonLilley, It's time to upgrade to 2020. I get very much satisfied when I kick start a Ural. That's the part of fun game. I had three different carbureted 650cc Urals and had no problem kickstarting them at 1st or 2nd kick, so there is no learning or technique I need to learn to kickstart a 650 or 750 pre 2013 bike. However, I couldn't kickstart 2014 EFI m70. And yes, I turned over the engine a few times before trying to give a good "momentum" spin to the gearbox from the top of that compression... no luck. Especially Retro and M70 kick lever hits the bumper-stop and won't let the gearbox spin... (tried it with warm, hot engine as well).
  11. I guess the demographics are changing. Ural owners are "becoming younger" and they do everything now on their phones on Facebook.
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