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  1. Sailor sat out in the hack for a while today as I worked on some E-track accessories and placement of them on the trailer to anchor the hack down when in travel. Ignore the ratchet straps shown in the photos, as they won't be in that placement when the Ural is actually ready to travel up on the trailer. Sailor isn't Murph, but he is just starting with his learning curve as a hack pup. Murph would be proud of him, I suspect.
  2. Day 2 of training in the hack.
  3. Thanks. Yup, I had thought of just keeping our two and not getting a 3rd one again. They become a big expense in vet bills, shots and boarding situations. We have to plan out everything in advance with three, but it just never seemed complete to only have two in our home. Besides, I was looking specifically for a Bichon when I found Sailor listed at that crappy rescue site. Hope, our mini-schnauzer, can't stand even being up in the sidecar, let alone being in the hack if the engine got cranked up on it. Dusty was Murph's riding partner and would live in the hack if she could. I am not so sure on Sailor, as he has to have some adjustment time in it before I'll know if he will do well or not. I have put him up in it a time or two, but he would climb out if he had his choice. Of course, he was not tethered or harnessed at the time, so maybe he will do better when he is. I am hoping he can indeed become a great hack pooch like the others I have had, but regardless, I'll love him just the same. Murph and Dusty were quite the pair and always added to the UDF that the Ural got. We have had to put down some family dogs over the years. Each time my heart is broken when that happens. Most were due to old age or cancer, but Murph developed a liver disease that took us by complete surprise and it was not just a hole in my heart when he was gone. Depression really hit me hard for quite some time, so getting another dog, even though he was not quite what we expected, has really been helpful and I certainly look forward to the adventures with him. If these photos I just took download with this, you can see Sailor sitting in the hack with Dusty. 1st step in getting him used to the hack, I suppose. The strap on the trailer is just there to ensure that heavy-assed back end does not swing down accidentally. I am going to replace it with some ramps and hook them on with some angle iron. That thing is really, really heavy and the safety hinge pins on it stick out too much when it is opened up to make me like the thing. I have to strap the rig down before going anywhere with it on the trailer, but I'll take care of that issue later.
  4. Yea, it is a good start, but he still has to work on his potty training a bit. I may offer up this almost guaranteed 100% original Picasso painting of Sailor in training on Ebay so I can pay for the carpet cleaner bill, soon. Well, maybe not 100%, but closer to maybe - 50%, huh? Oh, well, Ebay buyers aren't all that worried over truth in advertising, are they? :-)
  5. Gosh, I wish there was a specific category on this site that dealt only with hack pups and rememberances of them. They really mean so very much in this sport and many are more memorable than any human hack monkey could ever be. Any rate, when I lot Murph this past Christmas, it came right at a year after I had lost my Mom and my best friend. Immediately afterwards, I also lost my oldest sister and a favorite aunt. All were part of life, but what hit me the hardest was Murph passing and how bad his last days were with his unexpected illness and the decision that we had to put him down to end his suffering. Not a very fond Christmas present or rememberance at all. In fact it was a huge body blow that resulted in a bit of depression that left me caring not one whit about working on or riding my Ural Dog Taxi. The thing gathered dust out in the garage for over a year. I could hardly look at it when I passed by it, as it was just too difficult to not remember Murph and his antics galore in being my hack bud. I didn't really give much thought as to ever replacing Murph with another dog, as there is just no replacing him in the least. However, maybe a month or so back, I started looking for a Bichon, as Murph was. Too expensive for a pure breed and I doubted we would ever luck into another full bred Bichon, as we had Murph. I found a dog rescue that had a photo of a similar dog and decided I'd go see him and see if he would be a pup to bring home and learn to love. Being a rescue dog was a plus, as all of our dogs have been rescue dogs, in reality. We drove about an hour or so away to see this pooch that was shown on the Rescue Dog web site. Once we got there, something seemed very wrong. No one would answer the front door and it sounded like dozens of dogs were caged inside the home. Finally the lady's daughter showed up and let us into the garage where there were multiple cages and the place stunk to high heaven. Not a good sign and I almost left without seeing the dog at all. (Lucky I didn't though). Any rate, they brought out Drizzle (their name for him) and we hit it off immediately. He had the worse hair cut I have ever seen on a dog. They had stripped him down to nothing and he was a skeleton of bones. He has a long smile that can warm your heart in an instance though. I could not bring myself to leave that dog in such a place. I have every belief that the people operating it are essentially running a puppy mill and probably stealing dogs or getting them from the pound to sell as if they were really rescuing them for the purpose of doing anything positive for the animal. Nothing the lady had originally told us was accurate. I do not feel Sailor is a pure bred Bichon, but that matters not a whit to me, as I don't plan on doing any breeding with any dogs in my lifetime. We paid a hefty chunk of change to gain Sailor as our family dog and he sure was not what I was expecting nor what he was advertised as, but, again, I just could not leave a dog in that condition and in that hell hole of a place. Unfortunately, we may have to make a major move in the near future, so getting the Dog Taxi up and running may still be on temporary hold until we get settled, but Sailor has already gotten up into it and seems to be fairly comfortable in being up in the hack He will never really replace Murph, but he will be his own dog in learning to be a hack bud. I look forward to many adventures with him if it all works out. There is a sadness when I look at the old pictures of my past riding buds, Baby, Bosco and Murph, who have each passed on. I envy God for having so many great riding partners up in the sky and I appreciate the fact that he lent them all to me for their time on earth. I am certainly hoping that Sailor will become another truly great hack pooch and our memories will be grand in any future adventures we share. We have already put some meat on the bones of Sailor and his disposition and smile is heartwarming to say the least. He keeps Dusty and Hope on their toes with all his abundance of high energy. He reminds me so very much of Murph in that sense. I have posted some photos of Sailor on this site and I'll probably post more as the adventures actually begin in the Dog Taxi. I know others have lost their hack pups over the years and I certainly could relate to the sorrow when Baby and Bosco died. However, once Murph passed away it hit me like a ton of bricks and I absolutely felt his passing was an even worse blow than any of the friends and relatives I had lost effected me this past year or so. Murph was in total lock step with me from the moment my feet touched the floor from my bed each morning, until I went to sleep at night.... and even then, he slept between my legs at night. It is difficult to explain just how a dog can pull your heart strings in such a manner, but with Murph, it really happened and I was blessed with knowing him for so many, yet so few, years. I started out in playing about with RC airplanes and eventually got into diy projects as the pickle boat/pontoon boat I am building. This all got me out of a funky depression and back to feeling a purpose for a bit. Hopefully I can now get back to finishing off my Dog Taxi and getting Sailor trained as a hack pooch. He seems lovable enough and smart enough to do well with the Dog Taxi and as soon as we get settled, I plan on getting that beast up and running once again. Believe it or not, the old Ural still has some of Murph, Baby and Bosco's dog hairs down in the seat bottom, so I guess there will always be a part of them riding with me. Best hack pooches in the world and hopefully Sailor will be the same. Life is good!
  6. Huey

    Sailor 3

    Sailor in the Dog Taxi for the first time. I need to harness him in and start getting him prepared for riding in the hack. He can't replace Murph, but he will establish his own personality and characteristics, which will also be unique. I truly miss Murph, the best hack pooch ever, but Sailor will learn the ropes quickly once we get this beast back on the road.
  7. Huey

    Sailor 2

    Sailor in my DIY pontoon boat I am constructing. When I lost Murph, everything Ural related or Dog Taxi related was put on hold. In reality, I started getting out of a depression by first building some RC Super Cub and Bixler airplanes. The Dog Taxi sort of got put on hold for the better part of a year or longer. We are expecting a near future move, so even the Pickle Boat (pontoon boat) is on hold at the moment, but this photo shows Sailor looking pretty interested in riding in his barrel, which is similar to the hack.
  8. Huey

    Sailor 1

    This is Sailor, my new dog. He can never replace Murphy, but he has his own unique personality and charm. This is a diy pontoon boat, barrel boat or pickle boat that I am currently in the process of putting together. Sailor is ready to go launch the thing, but we have a lot to do, first. He has not made his first ride in the Dog Taxi, yet, as it too has a lot of work to be done in completing it. When Murph passed away, I really had no desire to even look at the Dog Taxi or think of getting it running. I didn't play with working on it or even acknowledge the thing as I walked by it out in my garage. Losing Murph was just a huge blow at the time and the Dog Taxi got a mound of dust on it as it sat out in the garage wasting away. I guess it was a major bout of depression, as my Mom, my best friend, my oldest sister and my dog, Murph, all died within the last year, so getting back into working on the Dog Taxi took some doing. Well, we recently got Sailor, a Bichon mix rescue dog, and I am hoping to get back on the Dog Taxi and actually get it up and running again. Problem is, we are probably going to plan a move in the near future, so I don't want the bike to be in pieces as we get involved in any move. I just purchased a trailer for the bike and got it up and loaded recently. We may well be headed to the Georgetown, Tx. area in the future. Pretty place, for sure and down by Austin where my oldest daughter lives. I am not sure how much training Sailor will need to become a bona fide hack pooch, but I am hoping he takes right to it. Now, if I can just get him potty trained, all will be right with the world. :-)
  9. If it is an original Klaxon horn, your going to be out of luck without doing what Russ stated. If it is simply a copy-cat ahooga horn from stores as PepBoys or such, it will hook up without any problems, just as is. I have run mine since 2006 with no issues at all. I pulled it off recently though as I plan on adding something different for a bit.
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