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    M-63 solo, MT-10-36 outfit
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    Owned the solo since 1981 when I got it as a basketcase with a BMW basketcase. Had the outfit since 1988. The solo like most M-63s in Australia had a blown engine when I got it - early bikes all had sidecar gearing. It came with a replacement Dnepr engine as Ural stuff wasn't available in the early '80's.

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  1. Yes, you spent a few hours in the Museum as part of the travelling twelve, or the "twelve disciples" as Irbitchani referred to you. Wacko! How many engines did you pull apart and examine? None! I had the pleasure of spending almost a year in Irbit over several years attempting a deal with an Irbit company. It failed miserably as the company was too far gone. Unlike the myth that IMWA sells, Irbit had several major companies. We eventually found a Chinese company to deal with, but it was Irbit citizens that allowed that and we paid them very generously for their help. Without them, we would have been severely ripped off. I spoke little Russian when I first went to Irbit, and I still speak bad Russian, but my involvement with Cossacks meant that I was the best my company had. Your dinners at "Staraya Melnitsa" are well known, and the attempts of some of your party to seduce married women are also well known. Irbit is a small town, and mis-behaviour by foreigners quickly spreads. It's not only Americans that don't know the difference between Austrians and Australians. I was once abused for my behaviour because it was thought that I was "nemetski" (German), when the situation was explained, apologies were forthcoming, and an invitation to dinner.
  2. A few simple URLs to educate the ignorant Vance Blosser. http://victorylibrary.com/mopar/rod-tech-c.htm https://www.rodauthority.com/tech-stories/engine/stroker-engines-long-short-connecting-rod-length/ http://www.corvettefaq.com/c3/The%20PANIC%20Tech%20Paper%20No_%201%20Connecting%20Rod%20vs_%20Stroke%20Analysis.htm https://www.sae.org/publications/technical-papers/content/2006-32-0098/ https://www.sae.org/publications/technical-papers/content/2006-32-0098/
  3. Yamaha used tubes (and sometimes chambers) between carbs on both 2 and 4 strokes. If it didn't work, I doubt that they would have spent extra money for no gain. Here is an article about Yamaha boost bottles used on singles - http://dragonfly75.com/motorbike/YEIS.html and another on twins https://www.academia.edu/8742712/YAMAHA_ENERGY_INDUCTION_SYSTEM
  4. I suppose it depends on how big you feet are? I'm a UK size 8 or 9, Euro size 42 and have no problems, but it often comes down to personal preferences. A lot also depends on your riding boots. Mine are based on leather horse riding boots and are not bulky. In fact they look like a black dress shoe under dress trousers. I don't like the K-68 on K-650, MT-9 or even MT-10-36 as they were designed for the MT-11/16 with bigger inlet valves. There are also different models for Urals and Dneprs, but many FSU sellers have no understanding of this, I even known people who have bought K-68 carbs and received 2-stroke K-68. Which model carbs do you have K-68T or K-68U (Cyrillic letter Y)?
  5. Well, since there is absolutely no relationship between the Dnepr and Ural engines apart from both being HO twins, I believe that your ignorance is showing. The Ural was based on the BMW R71 with OHV design based on the BMW R51. The Dnepr was based on the Zündapp KS750, a completely different engine. The Ural has a roller bearing crank and the Dnepr a one piece crankshaft with slipper bearings. The Ural crank comes out the rear of the crankcase and the Dnepr the front. I could go on about the differences but it would take too long. As the late dneprlover bemoaned, Ural owners love to give comments and advice on Dneprs, and it is invariably wrong.
  6. Read http://www.russianir...ger&st=0Â Â The item you list seems to be one of the genuine KBMTS items and not one of the backyard knock-offs described in the thread I listed. Do note the point about it pushing the carbs back. On the MT-9 you need to shorten the intake tubes to take this into account. I suspect that the system would cause problems with CVK Urals, but as so often, Ural owners feel a need to comment in Dnepr threads with misinformation. As to Alex Juldikov, he was a competitor to Viktor Zavyalov, so I'm not surprised that he would refer to anything designed by Viktor Zavyalov as junk. Also read this detailed review and installation manual - http://cvkustoms.com/PDF/19Superchargers.pdf
  7. Sometimes the 20mm difference in length requires a longer intermediate driveshaft. You are aware that the new gearbox has no reverse?
  8. I completely disagree with Vance. If properly retuned after fitting the balance pipe, there is an increase in low down and mid-range power and a reduction in fuel consumption. The system was designed by former IMZ engineer Viktor Zavyalov and if one of the genuine KBMTS systems (and not one of the crude knock-offs) works very well. If fitted to a MT-9 you will probably need an extra long piece of hose as the system was designed for horizontal studs, not the vertical studs fitted to the MT-9. From memory we used transmission hose when fitting it to a friend's MT-9.
  9. Contact one of the Ural dealers and get the clutch pushrod from a Ural 650/early 750, they're the same. Did you get the longer driveshaft piece to go with the shorter gearbox?
  10. No Vance, you and Russ need to stop offering ignorant advice about things you know nothing about. Being helpful about a bike you know nothing about leads to very expensive mistakes. People like you drove Dneprlover from this site with ignorant advice. With over 75 years of IMZ bikes you idiots offer advice based on recent models. Russ was clearly unable to tell the differences between a MT-16, a MT-10-36 and a modern Ural and yet he still offered advice! That's the BIG problem. You're ignoramous and yet you advise like experts. Give advice about what you know - and Dneprs and older IMZ bikes are not in your limited field of expertise.
  11. No, it took an ignorant read to get there. First comment was about an MT-16 and pistons. Second comment was about an MT-10-36. You have no knowledge about either bike and yet felt knowledgeable enough to make comments. Sorry to be rude, but you know absolutely nothing about Dneprs so STFU! The worst thing to happen to a Dnepr owner is to come across a know-all Ural owner. Especially a US owner where bikes are very different (historically) from the ROW.
  12. It's amazing how many people don't read the questions before offering advice. The OP was asking about fittings from the carb to the oil bath air filter, not carb mounts aka (incorrectly) as compliance fittings. An eBay search for"Dnepr air intake" will find you fittings for MT-11/16, Whether they are the same as MT-10-36 I'm not sure. I've never had a later model Dnepr and am not close to my MT-10-36 to compare the photos.
  13. It's a Dnepr, it's highly likely to have K-65/68 carbs bolted to the head. Compliance fittings as CSMI named the carb adaptors are a Ural thing.
  14. I contacted a COC member that I knew, that it was indeed the case. He stated that information assured him that Dneprlover was a person deceased, but for various reasons the family did not want it widely known. Not his place or mine to go any further.
  15. You're right, it's not the same but it does the same job. The late, great Dneprlover advised me about it, it works, (at least when sourced from a good supplier), does the Easthighway 6x22 work? I haven't used it so I don't know. We all live in interesting times. I've used the AXK0619 and it worked, will the Easthighway option work or the original or any similar type work? Can't tell you, you're on your own.
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