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    Terry Crawford Crawford Sales Co. became a Ural Service Center in 2000. As of January 2004 we are now an Authorized Full Service Ural Dealer. I have enjoyed Cushman and Vespa scooters, motorcycles and street rods most of my life. Give us a call if I can help you in anyway.

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  1. We now have CV carburetors available for Ural bikes from 2002 thru 2013 at a reasonable price and as soon has we receive our throttle cables they will fit the 650 bikes back to the 1980 bikes. We have the carb flanges you need either for the 54mm or the 57mm on the spread of the mounting holes. We buy new carbs and machine and alter them to the specs. required for our Ural bikes. Every part is inspected for size and quality. They can be set up with your choice of jets or we can work out what you need. More information is located on our web site listed below. Price per pair complete as shown - $350.00 If you have any questions email or give us a call.
  2. That one jet down in the bottom of the empty hole next to the other two jets has been missed by a lot of people. Putting the needle guide in backwards is another one.
  3. For Sale 2014 Ural 2WD sidecar chassis complete minus the tub. Brake rotor, caliper, and master cylinder are all there. The drive shaft can be removed and it can be used on bikes other than Ural. The rear of the tub can be lowered by moving the rubber mounts to the top of the frame if the 2WD is not going to be used. Price - 1200.00 Email or give us a call.
  4. Old style lower metal mud guards as shown and sold as is. Price - $45.00 plus shipping. Email or give me a call
  5. Keep it simple. Change the spark plugs and check the gap before installing.
  6. I usually set the date for the second weekend in September which use to be the date for the National Ural Rally Day. Yes - We will be doing it again this year. Thank you for asking.
  7. Use both arms when steering. Push and pull at the same time on the handle bars. It sounds like your left shoulder is not as strong as your right. It does take some time to get use to it.
  8. This is a simple not fancy cap that will work for you Gas Cap Non-locking vented cap that ratchets like the stock cap but turns harder to make sure the cap seals. No chrome for the ones that like the look. Fits all later models. Made in the USA. Price: $15.95
  9. Jon Go to my web site at crawfordsales.info or the link below. It should answer a lot of your questions.
  10. Here are the pictures shown on our web site. IMZ 10 in. Logo Wall Clock Exclusively from Crawford Sales Custom molded using 3D printer technology. Print time is about 14 hours. This is not for everyone but it is very unique and would make a great gift. The two clock colors shown here are both available. Battery included Instructions included. Price: $99.95 S-H – $14.00 to all 50 states.
  11. I have 650 new old stock handle bars as shown. They are 25mm diameter. Price - 20.00 each plus shipping. Any style Email; or give me a call.
  12. New Spin On Oil Filter – 2014 to 2018 It has taken over a year but the HIFLO Oil Filter for the newer bikes is now available. My band saw did not like cutting this filter in half so the cut away picture does not show the pressure relief valve or the anti-drain back valve that is inside every filter. This filter has been manufactured to the Ural factory specifications. Price - 9.40 each 4 Pack - 29.95 We have them in stock. Email or give us a call.
  13. These are the Russian made timing gears. I have a large quantity of 750 and 650 gears in stock. I have all of the 8 different sizes from 00 to 55 for the 750 engine and most of the 650 which have the same numbers. To order a set I will need the number on your engine case. The number location is shown in the pictures below. The Russian gears are not the same quality of the $200.00 Herzog gears. Money and how you are going to use your bike usually determines your budget. The Russian gears might be the way to go for some owners. The Russian two gear timing set - $53.00. This price includes shipping in the USA 50 states. Email or give us a call.
  14. I am guessing it is a 1994 to 1998 Tourist kick start only imported into the USA. It has 28 mm Mikuni carbs. I have telescopic forks that will fit and I would be interested in buying the leading link set up if it is for sale. The backing plate will also have to be changed if you change the forks. The triple tree is the same and can be reused. I hope this information helps you.
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