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  1. Yeah, I had thought about hanging a sidecar off the Goldwing, but I really liked the idea of on-demand two-wheel-drive, and I love the looks of the Urals. I'm a tinkerer, but visions of grenading engines on the Dneprs haunt my dreams almost as much the thought of a monthly payment on a new Ural. And the GL1000 engine LOOKS similar to the Dnepr engine... ah well, I dunno what I'll do. Charles.
  2. I've heard tell of how the Denprs sold on eBay are garbage. But they're dirt cheap, and I have several Honda GL1000 Goldwing parts bikes and three good engines in my garage (I'm restoring a GL1000 at the moment). I was thinking that installing a GL1000 engine in the Denpr frame would be a really great idea. I'd have to weld on my own mounting tabs, and I'd have to have a custom driveshaft made, but I'd end up with a bike that looks like a Ural, but has an ultra-reliable 70 horsepower Honda engine instead. And if all goes well, I'd be able to keep the two-wheel-drive capabilities. Or I could just pony up the cash and buy a new Ural Gear Up. But well, what's the fun in that? Thoughts? Charles.
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