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    purgatory or hell i don't know
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    guns,motorcycles,machinest for 35 years,retired heavy equiptment operator.helping others who seek the truth.

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    1999 Tourist sold nov.2006 too many problems had enough of the bs..dec.2006 purchased a 1965 Harley w/vintage side car.nice driver.
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    had a ural never again.i knew they were unreliable when i bought it .but things went from bad to worse.think carefully before you buy.don't trust some of the people in this forum they give out false information.they like to hear only the good things.they think they know it all. they are the yuppies the little rich people of the world that think they know everything and have to make fun of other people.

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  1. Like another poster suggested the anti fog spray does work.also on my full face helmet there are vents which can be opened or closed..if your helmet doesn't have these vents you might want to look into getting another one.some people wear scarfs around their neck which does not allow free air to flow under the chin this can also cause fogging.
  2. Leave the dent it adds character especially to camo painted bikes..
  3. You need to learn ALOT in life ! :thumbsup!:
  4. I thank all buyers who wrote these pleasant and kind words about me and who are satisfied with my service. I appreciate all my buyers especially Max Vayzburg. This business wouldn’t be not so successful without him. He treated me well in spring of 2006 when i purchased items..but i would be concerned now about the negative posts here..he has some explaining to do to these dissatisified people..
  5. That's right BAN IT NOW !!!!!!!!!!
  6. A BIG NO..If you want nothing but problems in your life then buy one..constant fiddling and break downs iwth Urals..get a Yamaha or Honda If you want reliability..also get a 4 wheel vehicle incase of inclement weather for your main vehicle.
  7. You are correct it was a Glock 40 with a Russian AK in his Ural Hack.. when he pulled up the gamblers listened..
  8. GOD BLESS >JOHN..HAVE A NICE NIGHT...Your friend james
  9. A Rokon is an awesomely reliable OFF ROAD machine.very easy to work on if needed..however there is no suspension..the tires have low air pressure like an atv to absorb some shock..the seat has 2 spings to absorb the rest..so if a person has spinal problems it is a rough ride..a side car is available as an option but is set up for cargo use only. www.rokon.com Jesus rode one to the temple where people were gambling...
  10. GMBM: best of luck to you whatever you decide...remember the world's largest M.C.rally in Sturgis South Dakota..officially it starts the first full weekend of august...but a week or 2 before has lots of action..a safe 07 to you...james
  11. i am not whinning about anything..if you read my posts i clearly stated a truth....the link that neil gave about the trip was a great story.if you want to tell lies then go ahead..BUT if i see it i will post otherwise....why don't you call that person up call him a liar and whine to him...i posted in your writings as a point...so that you and certain others will completely read a post and understand it...instead of attacking people for posting their experiences....as far as posting all the problems..do we need to hear another story about defective coils,ignition switches ect.? i don't think so...if you are so against me..put up some money with neil so our Aussie friends can stay in a motel while their rig is getting fixed....read the posts well you may get something out of it...james
  12. neil3wheeler this is BS too right ?????? too bad he posted right ????
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