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  1. I sold my Patrol and have some parts I picked up over time. I am open to offers and the buyer pays for shipping on any items. I can send pics for any of the items. First come first served. If interested email me at creaser@earthlink.net Here is what I have left. 1) How to ride a sidecar manual(new) $25 15)Ring and Pinion (not sure if this is the same gear set that is in the Patrol) $45 19) one COMPLETE right head for an 06. Has a crack in the pushrod tube gally but does not affect operation $150
  2. I'm asking 9,000 but am open to offers. Current battery will not hold a charge and will need tires in the future but no problems otther than that. Had the heads replaced under warranty due to cracking. The ONLY reason I am putting it up for sale is I am having pure hell with my back and it just isn't getting ridden. If you would like to know more, want some closer pics or make me an offer you can reach me at creaser@earthlink.net A deal just fell through due to financing. I would really like to sell it.
  3. 2006 Ural Patrol and sidecar with only 7,000 Kilometers on it. This model has a selectable rear end for 2WD when needed which means it engages the sidecar wheel and it becomes a drive wheel. Built like a tank and a real blast to ride. Has been well maintained and is a great off road rig for hunting or just riding around the mountains which is what I used it for. Includes hand and foot shifter, after market exhaust and stock exhaust pipes, Lower leg guards, sprung solo seat and factory bench seat,3 extra gas cans,2 30 cal ammo cans for storage,spotlights on the sidecar and a tool box. May also consider trading for 4X4 Toyota or Nissan pickup and would prefer an extra cab. No lowballers and no free rides. More pics on request
  4. I almost always check the following before I leave the garage: 1.Air pressure in the tires 2. Spokes on the rear wheel (I use a long drift punch and if the are tight they will ring when tapped on and "thunk" if they are loose). 3. Brake lights The last time offroad I lost the fill plug to the transmission, used a rag to plug it off (after putting more oil in it) to get me home. Dick
  5. Very cool! Where did you find that and are they for sale? The grandkids would love it, one of the first things they ask when they come dow is can they sit on grandpa's bike. Dick
  6. When I got the Gear Up in 06 the exhaust pipes bolted to the head. Now the replacement heads use no bolts, have a recessed area that appears to have something wedged around the circumference of the pipe to hold it in place. How are these removed if it becomes necessary? Ed Unless something has changed I would also say you have the wrong heads. Mine is an 06 and I had both heads replaced and the new ones have bolt on exhaust the same as the old ones. I did catch (before the head was put on) that the mechanic put a head gasket on backwards and covered up the oil return. Dick
  7. Actually on my late '06 model I had the good Austrian fuel lines and not the infamous Rooskie "self-dissoving" ones. Actually looking at those lines and filters will drive ya buggy and take your attention offa more important things like where you are going or that little old lady getting ready to pull out or turn left in front of ya. I don't think there is any correlation between air bubbles/pockets in the filters and performance. I've run the big VW filters on my 650 and there were many times one side would be full and the other 1/4 full and she ran fine and then a few miles later the fullness on them would be reversed. I will say with the '06 filter set up (the 90 degree ones with the elbow at the outlet) that you have to have at least some gas in them as the outlet is in the center of the filter before it makes the 90 degree turn. I was having a problem with that. I guess I had a little uphill section of the tubing where it goes over the transmission and under the air box. The word is from those in the know (and I haven't removed my petcock on the Raven yet to see for myself) that they use a mesh screen on the petcock that is the same or finer than the mesh in the red 90 degree filters. If that is the case, then they are about as useless as t-ts on a bull. There might be some validity to that as with over 4500km on the rig, I pulled the filters and checked and there was not one speck of crud in the filters I was using. I think they ditched the red 90 degree filters on the '07 models. I might be mistaken. Somebody with an '07 will chime in and let me know. I pulled the petcock on my 06 Patrol and there is indeed a fine mesh filter on it. Found some minor crud around the bottom of the mesh. Dick
  8. Chris, Sent you a PM Dick
  9. I just sent you a PM Dick
  10. Thanks bear, I don't plan on running the same tire on and off road. I just picked up some extra wheels and will make a mount to put them inside the sidecar and then when I get out to where I want to play offroad I will change them out. This all sounds good in theory but I will have to see how it works out in real life. Dick
  11. Bear, Did you ever get these tires and try them out? If so what did you think of them? Thanks Dick
  12. I have a set of new chrome heat shields that came with the upswept pipes I just installed that I have no intention of using. I was told these are 650 pipes so if you have a need for them make me an offer. Dick
  13. If you have an 07 it is my understanding they are no longer put on or needed. Dick
  14. I have an 06 Patrol that I have mounted a Harley police solo seat on and am very happy with it. Getting ready to mount on on a friends GU. Dick
  15. Answer to question in two parts. a. Those aren't baffles, those are the catalytic converters. b. yes. the exhausts will flow more freely. Hmmmmm! I would not have suspected catalytic converters on non California models. Maybe and extra horse or 2? As long as the airfilter is not changed there should be no need for rejetting correct? Dick
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