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    My Family (wife and four kids), my bikes and my job.

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    1980 Dnepr MT16, 1969 BMW R60US, 1938 K500 Zundapp, 1937 K500S Zundapp
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    BMW and Zundapp owner. Bought a 1980 Dnepr MT16 locally from collector. Bike is new and 26 years old. Love it, great to run about the farm. Yesterday went through an acre of mud with 8 inches of water on top, my boys in the sidecar screamed but we did not get stuck. I'm very mechanially adept, used to own an auto restoration shop. Can build or fix anything. Right now I'm looking at making my MT16 rear into a 2 speed lockup like the Zundapp K750 it's copied from.

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  1. I love it, I want it. I have an all original MT-16 and have been thinking of converting to BMW just so I can do 65 MPH. I just need $$$.
  2. I took my Dnepr MT-16 down to the police station to ask if I had to install a seat belt for my 9 year old. They loved the bike but didn't have an answer. I did not install the belts. I didn't because my bike is taxed on toll roads as a vehicle and trailer. even though it's wheel is driven. I have argued and argued, but, the state gets to define what a vehicle's class is, and a MT-16 with full time drive is a car and trailer. So, f-'em. No seatbelts in my sidecar. They are dangerous anyway, better to be thrown out than turned over. And yes, she wears a helmet. Reality is, every cop who has seen it thinks it's cool, and that is most of the fight right there. We are all dads anyway.
  3. I am an ex-smoker, (35 years) and an ex-tobacco farmer. I still have all my tobacco tools. All the gov. has done is shift tobacco farming to outside the US (Philippines). When we farmed tobacco the MSM railed about the "tobacco subsidy". Bull+s+h+i+t!!! For every dollar I made, the US collected 16 dollars in taxes. The powers that be want to maximize taxes on tobacco and alcohol, while pretending to care for the little guy. They want to look good while they fleece us. Phillip Morris has transferred it's production to South America, they have taught the locals how to grow and cure tobacco, and cut their costs in half. That is what it is all about. That is what it has always been about. They tried this in 1906, and starved American tobacco farmers for 3 years, that was the reason the tobacco price controls were first set up. How about I raise an organic pick your own crop. You come to my farm and cut, house and strip tobacco. I'll plant and top. We are looking about $1.25 a pound. You take home your bales and do what you want. I wonder if they would put me in jail if I did this?
  4. Oh, and be sure to give your dog cheese as a surprise now and again. It will focus his mind on you wonderfully. I like to put cheese in front of my dog's nose when he is sleeping.
  5. To get a dog to come when he doesn't want to put a piece of wrapped sliced sandwich cheese in your pocket. When you are ready to put the leash back on, or go home, or get in the car, whatever he does not want to do, take the cheese out. Wait until the the leash is on, the car is entered, whatever. Then unrap it and give it to him in pieces. Never let him see you put the cheese in your pocket, if he does then he will obey only when it's there. Rewards work wonderfully, even for a stupid dog. A smart one, well, your best friend always does want you want anyway. For cats, use a squirt gun. After a while they will stop whatever it is when you go tsk-tsk with your teeth. I like cats, I just can't eat a whole one by myself.
  6. Excellent idea sgtbrown. I am going shopping tomorrow. I wonder if I can spray it through my sunroof of my car?
  7. Yep on the fair trade thing. It's just an excuse for the powerful to globally exploit the poor. Look at Nike. But sometimes the poor want to be exploited, anything for a job. I feel that if you want to sell in this country, there are minimums that we should demand of your social contract. But the goal of the Chinese Communists is to stay in power. Also, they have little or no environmental inforcement, low wages, no health protection, and because everything is "State Owned" they, not the market, get to judge what is economically efficacious. It has always been the their stated goal to be the worlds largest steel producer. It proves the worth of communism in their value system. I am a environmentalist who just doesn't buy the Global Warming argument. It will resolve itself in just a few years anyway. If this non-warming trend of the last ten years continues, Global Warming will be pushed aside by economic considerations. Actually, looking at our economy for the last 6 months, it may be pushed aside no matter what. I'm drinking a glass of Merlot. I'd pour you one but my transporter is on the fritz.
  8. Do you really believe that labor costs, healthcare costs, retirement costs, had less to do with the shift of manufacturing to China, then environmental regulations? Are you suggesting the US should operate under the same air quality regulations as China to be "competitive"? Do you believe a government can "decree" that corporations from other countries will move their manufacturing centers to their country? I know there are those who believe that all it takes is "free trade", and the playing field is automatically level, couldn't be further from the truth. Trade has to be negotiated, a country has the right to "insist" that in order for another country to "cheaply" import products into their country, that country has to "progressively" raise the standard of living of it's workers, so those workers can eventually afford the products of the importing country. The US government has abandoned it's labor force in favor of multinational corporations. Whoa Nelly!!! I never said anything like that. First; There was no "Shift" of manufacturing. Unlike the makiladoras of Mexico, set up by US companies, Chinese Steel manufacturing was ordered by the Communist Chinese Party. "Foreign devils" were never allowed a majority stake for their money. Steel IS a strategic industry, I have not heard of any Chinese steel mills started by US companies. The Communist Chinese are quite well known for ignoring environmental and safety issues. Using the cost savings by exploiting the environment and their worker's health the Chinese have replaced much of the first world's steel manufacturing. Second; I do not believe in "Free Trade". I believe in "Fair Trade". When the US Gov. does free trade, we just trade good American Jobs with environmental and worker exploitation in the second and third world. There has to be a balance. Third; The US Gov. never abandoned it's labor force. They never gave a crap about us in the first place. The US worker can make steel cleaner and cheaper than anywhere else in the world. Why? Because we work harder and more productively. This isn't an opinion but a fact based upon the worker to tons ratio, cost to tons, health to tons. I spend two hours every week in safety meetings. Either our company really cares about us, or the legal and regulatory environment encourages them to do so. Oh, and the air in our mill is cleaner than the inside of your house, that's what they tell us.
  9. The same place all the worn off rubber from our tires go. Actually labor costs have nothing to do with China's steel production. Ten years ago China produced about 100 million tons a year, so did the US. Now China produces about 450 million tons a year, the US about 120 million (or did before this downturn). China is a command economy, this growth was ordered by their Government. Most of the cost differential are subsidies and environmental costs. There are differences in Legacy Costs, but they are minor. Steel is a strategic Industry, and the Chinese have always wanted to outproduce everyone else. Look at the "Great Leap Forward", and how Mao's directives caused the rural Chinese peasants to melt down everything they could to meet their production goals. They melted down their pots and pans to make local production goals.
  10. . Richard A. Muller's Berkeley buddies from the '60s might have been surprised to hear him tell the audience at UC Santa Cruz's Music Recital Hall Wednesday evening that nuclear energy was a viable solution to America's energy needs. If they'd found an empty seat at the first ever Stanley Flatté Memorial Lecture, they might also have raised an eyebrow at some of Muller's other facts — including that the U.S. is not running out of fossil fuels and that tropical storms have not increased over the last century. The popular UC Berkeley physics professor lectured from notes developed for his "Physics for Future Presidents" class at Cal, a class designed for non-science majors. "This is a non-partisan lecture," Muller said, introducing himself to the crowd of students and lifelong learners. "I skip over the math to get to the advanced material." http://planetgore.nationalreview.com/
  11. It would appear that we took more notice of what science implied and began to act instead of going on about rights and freedom. Wow, and maybe not. 8 years ago we had a German Steel Firm visit us. I was chosen to lead them around because I speak german, (yeah ok, badly, but their english was excellent. When we went to dinner one of our hillbilly morons brought up their past; "So, how about them NAZI's, huh?". I was mortified. I tried to apologize but they stopped me; "we have idiots too". Man how embarrasing. We ended up good friends.) One of the discussions was about NOx emissions. They could not believe our emissions were regulated. They didn't even measure their NOx emissions. We not only measured ours, we ran our mill (that costs money, a lot of money) to minimize them. The Germans were astounded. We also measure and try to reduce lead, CO2, bag house dust, etc etc etc. They didn't. We compete against Mexican Steel Mills. They get subsidized electricity, like how about free electricity, that is one of our biggest costs. They don't measure or regulate their pollutants. We have to make and sell steel against these guys. Welcome to the real world of Geopolitics. I am in the trenches every day. I listen to the blowhards about the USA and how polluting it is. Bull######. I live it. You dream it. I know you think you know what you are talking about, but I am right here, every day. It's really bad out here, streel is down 60+%. I am working 32 hours a week. I used to work 48. I am not complaining, steel is a strategic industry, I'll be ok. I am a Master Maintenance Tech and will have a job when you all are in a bread line. Don't worry, I'll help you all out. I am after all a compassionate conservative. And a Denier. Kend dig selv; Mark Andreasen
  12. Visdom uden viden er nytteløs. Viden uden visdom er farligt. Ken I got lots of beer. As to the Steel mugs, these are glass mugs that my Steel Mill puts out as awards for exemplary performance. I have many. Yuk yuk. I rarely get a chance to use 'em. The deep reason I do not believe in Global Warming (Climate Change is just the latest dodge) is that I have learned to never trust fear. And when I see the trumpeting of Global Warming, and the fear mongering of it by our leaders, I know it is more dangerous to believe than to scorn. More dangerous to follow than to dodge. Besides, Dr. Lomborg's point is that solving Global Warming is horrendously expensive, and maybe unnecessary. We can use the money to do much better good now, and in ten years the evidence will point more forcefully either way. So believe or don't, just stay out of my wallet.
  13. Sorry but I'm done. You either didn't watch or missed the point of: Dr. Lomborg's whole point was that Global Warming, if true, was not what we should be spending our money on right now. The site you link to is a Lomborg denier, he picks and chooses his arguments and looks for straw men to knock down. Time will tell. Oh, just so you know, there is much evidence that within the last 100,000 years the Arctic was free of ice for a while, and yet, somehow, we have polar bears. The real thing to fear is the coming Ice Age, we are a thousand years overdue. If I can help by staving off that with my Dnepr, so I will. And he talks funny cause he is Danish, English is not his mother tongue. Mod dumhed guderne selv kæmpe forgæves. Nat.
  14. Watch this please: watch it, watch watch watch it. really, just watch it. and really, you are playing the old "I don't like what you are saying so you must be and idiot" routine. Not me, I mean the Dr. must be an idiot. And yes of course, I know he is dead. Watch the link. Watch it. really, don't answer till you watch it. Please. I've got 3 cases we have to finish here. Urp. And frosted Steel Mill mugs.
  15. Hey, straight up or ice and water? Watch this please: Ever hear of Bjorn Lomborg: Just watch it. All of it. Please. I'm gonna have a boilermaker (for real).
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