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  1. Just buy the highest amp hour battery that will fit in the battery box.
  2. The Dnepr MT-16 drive is just a simple differential, no free wheel, no lock up, it is a full time two wheel drive. There are two sun gears, one on the differential that is located in the bike's final drive, the other is on the sidecar. The cardan shaft from the differential to the sidecar turns twice the wheel speed in reverse direction from the wheels, This is to reduce the torque through the cardan shaft and universal joints, so that they will not be damaged when the sidecar wheel slams onto the ground after flying the chair, it is a very robust system. A locker system is available for
  3. My Dnepr MT-16 has the spin on oil filter. Though registered as a 2000 model, papers I found in the trunk indicate that it was built in 1998. Ramco offered a spin-on oil filter kit for older engines, it included a new crankshaft as well as the aluminum casting with the oil filter holder. In 2007, when KMZ stopped building Dneprs, they were not manufacturing any new parts, everything was assembled from parts in inventory, they even bought back an order of about fifty new motorcycles that they had sold to a company in Romania. They had offered those Romanian bikes to RAMCO, but Lloyd Lounsb
  4. I've been checking the site out every day since it went down, I'm, glad it's back.
  5. I'm retired and live out in the boondocks, so I don't go anywhere anyway. I just renewed the tags on the Dnepr, I may take it for a ride today just to mix things up.
  6. RAMCO installed an E-Start kit, I didn't get one. It was a Factory kit.
  7. RAMCO had both spin on oil filter models and non-spin on oil filter models. They all came from the Dnepr factory in Kiev. I chose one with the factory supplied spin on oil filter. There was a Dnepr factory made kit to retrofit the spin on oil filter available, it included a new crankshaft, but many were manufactured at the factory in Kiev with the spin on oil filter already installed. I visited the Dnepr factory in 2003, the bikes coming off the line all had the spin on oil filters.
  8. My MT-16 has that same factory spin on oil filter, it was built in 1998. I bought it new.
  9. Slime is water soluble, wash it out with soap and water.
  10. Dneprs never had catalytic converters, The factory closed in 2007. the 10/36 was made between 1976 and 1980. I bought my MT-16 new in 2004 form RAMCO in Seattle as a 2000 model, it had no catalytic converters.
  11. You could increase the lean out of the bike to compensate for the pulling to the right.
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