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  1. Just stopped back in here today and saw your post.I'm glad you made it here.I hope some of the other people find their way here to.I hope you have adjusted to retirement well.


  2. Becky I got your message but I don't know how to find it here.Oh well someday I might figure these infernal machines out but then again probably not. We didn't get hardly anything at my house because we are 30 miles inland from the coast.Some wind some rain but nothing that I would call a hurricane.Then again I have been thru quite a few real good hurricanes so maybe that's why this one wasn't a show stopper.The lights flickered but didn't go out so just to make me slightly miserable the cable went out.I was 2 nights of movie DVD's . My daughter on the other hand is right on the CT coast and she had flood waters come within maybe 100 feet of her condo and she lost phone cable and power for 4 days. So according to your message I guess we both dodged the bullet with the storm.I'll try on get on RI more I miss everyone from the shut down mother board.It was real good to hear from you .Tell Vance I said Hi. CATFISH
  3. Yrs ago I worked at a factory that made fans all kinds of fans and air handling units.They had a 4 story press there.It was a Farquar I don't know the strength of this press but they had pictures of it pounding out Sherman tank hatch covers during World War II.I think that they were about 1 inch thick.When I worked there it stamped out pedistal fan bases one shot about 3 foot diameter 5/8 inch thick .It would cut the circle out of a square sheet and dome it all in one blow.The machine was 4 stories high and it only ran once a week for maybe 4 or 5 hours.It made enough fan bases for the week in that time. CATFISH
  4. John when you do switch to reserve if it works you probably only have maybe 8 miles or so.A lot of times the reserve port fills up with crap because of being the low point and also lack of use and reserve does not work hardly at all. CATFISH
  5. Sb maybe you and Charlie are still age wise possible adversaries to an outlaw club most of the rest of us are almost older than dirt and too far on the down hill side to even come up on their radar screen. Attitude is the key issue.Patch or no patch you have the wrong attitude in the presence of some outlaws and you're gonna get your butt kicked. Years ago I personally knew most of the guys in most of the local outlaw clubs and attended a lot of their yearly functions though I never did prospect for any clubs just because I wasn't gonna commit to that life style .Most of the guys I knew are dead, long dead so I guess it isn't the best life style for longevity.According to friends reports there is another one very close to death and I'll go to his funeral because he was a good friend long before he got involved with biker clubs and ended up being president of a rather large one by my local standards. I don't know if I'll ride the Ural or the HD or the truck but either way I'm going to a funeral not a bike meet and I will not wear Russian Iron because that ain't the place for it.Just remember attitude is the main thing and you'll never go wrong. CATFISH
  6. At Harbor Freight they are about $10.00 now.Maybe 5 years ago they were $39.00. Now they are in a throw away category.Who cares if they only last a year or so get another one. They are motor driven horns so a seperate button and fuse wired to the battery is a good idea.I don't know how long the original switch and wiring will take the electrical load placed on them if you wired the new horn to where the old one was. I mounted mine under the side car also. CATFISH
  7. The hard part is you want the sidecar.Even if the bike is totally lunched the sidecar is usually worth close to or over a grand . CATFISH
  8. Scott and Ken got it right.Most guys who ride Russian either are sometimes a curiousity to a 1%er but most times are not even worth noticing.Most of us are not even close to looking like a threat to any other bike club.I mean over 50 over feed and riding an unheard of Russian bike don't even think you are in a class to make a blip on their radar screen. If you like the patch wear it but the only way you'll get in trouble is if in your mind you are a hard core biker now and the patch proves it. CATFISH
  9. SB they can do wonders with hearts.My wife had 2 mechanical valves put in2 years ago and she has never felt better.Her doctor said hearts are easy they are only big muscles and they can be improved with proper treatment and exercise just like any other muscle. Those heart beat regulators now are real high tech.Some how you hold an electronic device over your heart and dial your doctors phone number. He can monitor how your heart is beating and change the settings on the beat regulator over the phone. The main thing is you got treatment before you caused some bad damage .They'll straighten you out and get you working properly in a few days. Keep smiling brother it's just a bump in the road not the end of the road. CATFISH
  10. I don't know exactly how Dubs bike is wired but it could either be a wire from the ignition switch to the kill switch and then from the kill switch to the coil or it could be a wire from the points wire side of the coil to the kill switch and then a wire from the kill switch to a frame ground but it cannot be a wire from the ignition switch to the kill switch and then to frame ground or the wiring to and from the kill switch and maybe the ignition switch will burn out. You cannot ground the ignition switch wire out with the kill switch the wiring and ignition switch will burn. You can interupt the power to the coil through the kill switch to kill the bike or you can ground the points side wire on the coil to kill the motor but you cannot ground the power wire to the coil with the kill switch .This creates a dead short or earth ground as you fellas across the pond call it and the wiring will burn. CATFISH
  11. It would help to answer your questions if we knew what year your Patrol was.Things do change from year to year.Little fuse makes a small fuse box with a clear cover and new style ATC plastic push in fuses that works just great a lot of guys have used them for many model years..Pep boys for one sells them.Most of the fuses are 10 amps or under .There are wiring diagrams available on the internet that show the wiring fuses and fuse numbers I'm sure other people on this forum either have the website address or have copies of the wiring diagrams on their computers.The older Russian flashers are held in with metal tabs or a metal strap, They can be changed to an American electronic flasher or an American old type thermal flasher.You can hold it in with a few tye wraps. CATFISH
  12. Catfish

    HT leads

    SB I think the new urals have the Ducatti ignition which has a coil with the H T wires epoxied into the coil and as such they are part of the coil and not changable.But then again I have not heard anything about these type of coils going bad.I don't know if the plug wires are long enough so that they could be swapped right to left.If they are that could eliminate the wires and coil being the problem. CATFISH
  13. The ring connectors on the ends of the wires are dirty not making good contact and the nut that secures them is loose.Clean the ends of the wires shine them up with sand paper also sandpaper the nuts Then put the wires back on the stud and tighten the nut.You should also check and see if the first nut that holds the stud in place is tight.Tighten that nut while the wires are off the stud. CATFISH
  14. Congrats Charlie ,Of all the things I've done in life having kids was both the best and the worst depending on what happened that day but I still remember the feeling when the nurse handed my daughter to me in the delivery room. She was the first and it was a real special feeling that never happened again and one I'll never forget.Best wishes to you and the wife CATFISH
  15. I like the HD Police solo with the air bladder.Yes it is big and maybe does look out of place on a Ural but you can really mess with the height and ride bounce by varying the air pressure in the air bladder.Also you can position it forward backward and set the front height when you go about modifing the steel mounts when you mount it to the Ural frame.They are not expensive on e bay by any means. Really a bragain for what you get for the money.There really isn't much of a market for them so they sell cheap. CATFISH
  16. When you see the melted bear fat that the Russians used for oil you will agree that any good oil will be far better.Ya the stuff the Russians used even smells like bear fat or worse. CATFISH
  17. I agree with Kermi too much in the winter is unpredictable.The weather could change overnight and you could be riding into a 2 day blizzard.Also a breakdown in the winter could really hurt you cannot just roll out a sleeping bag and sleep under a picnic bench for the night.It sounds like a great adventure it could turn into a battle for survival. CATFISH
  18. I think you are refering to a spacer plate that bolts under each carb. and has a hose nipple coming out the side.Yes on ebay they call them turbo chargers.It is just a balance tube.The hose goes from one intake to the other intake and balances the pressures so if your carbs are not syncronized it will make the motor run better.Providing the hose diameter is big enough it will balance the system and the motor will idle better but there is no turbo boost or horse power boost to speak of.Just like the cross over pipe on some exhaust sytems which balances and helps scavenge the cylinders.It makes the bike run a little better but it doesn't really add much horse power. CATFISH
  19. In 1941 Rosevelt moved Thanksgiving to the third thursday in November to increase the shopping season but after a lot of people moaned in 1941 he moved it back to the fourth thursday in November.Like they say follow the money and you'll see why things happen. CATFISH
  20. Sometimes confusion sets in when taking massive pain meds and sometimes it's just normal confusion which has been noticed by many and accepted for years.:>)Keep popping the pills and heal up quick. CATFISH
  21. SB is right.I read years ago on the IMZ chat board that even though the emulsion tubes had the proper number on them they were cut down by the importer to meet emissions testing.They said that the real uncut tubes would make the mixture a little richer in low to mid range.Also I have Mikunis and i shimed the needles with a couple of tiny washers and that helped with the low to mid range bogging out.I don't have the patience that SB has in messing with jetting and such on carbs.I'd have to order jets and try them then maybe order more jets and try them. I just got some brass washers and started sliding them under the needle clips. CATFISH
  22. I know I'm not the only memeber of the over the hill bunch here.But I remember back in the late 60's early 70's there waws a short lived painting rage where the painter took a lace table cloth and laid it over the car hood and roof and sprayed a contrasting color over it.It left a nice lace pattern on the vehicle.I thought that was girly. As far as Ice Queens mention of girly attributes that are appreciated by guys well she's right there are some put none of them are sprayed on:>) CATFISH
  23. Ow come on SB they come a long way from the AMF days.If you're gonna drive one of those 3 wheelers you gotta sound like a race car.WHo would want to hear a 4 cylinder rice burner??Besides you gotta think of resale value,availability of parts and last but not least acceptance by the rest of the motorcycle community :thumbsup!: CATFISH
  24. COB's still cruising across America so he will not be able to either send or write you concerning modified clutch disks but as far as I know a few dealers like Crawfords and I think Wagners are carrying them in stock for next day shipment. CATFISH
  25. As soon as the Old Lady recovers from her fit of laughing, she'll take some. :thumbsup!: GAVNO I guess you'd better watch how you sit because I for one think you have to have a pretty big set to wear a kilt.Good luck with it I like the look but lack the nerve. CATFISH
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