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  1. We have opened also gallery. You can find it here: https://russianironfinland.kuvat.fi/
  2. Hi to everyone, We have been working hard and now it’s true. We have created chapter to Finland. This chapter started in 2017 january. We have also websites, https://russianironfinland.fi And forum https://russianironfinland.fi/forum Welcome!
  3. Odotellaas lisää suomalaisia tänne ;)
  4. I think i have to give warning to everyone who is rebuilding gearbox. There are lot of chinese stuff, and those are really soft iron. Here is example of one part what shoud test before installation: In that picture part number 272. If you got chinese version you can try to scratch that and you will see good marks in there. If you got real old NOS part, you can't scratch it. It's best to try with file (not sure is that right word). Those chines part takes maybe 300 km and that's it. Rebuild again... not funny. So if old part is ok, DONT change that.
  5. Well, let's see how many pistons is in my next project... two or four... Or maybe zero
  6. Dont sell everything :) You will need some bike, i hope that new one is allso russian made...
  7. Hi! I think that is from CJ. I order that brakekit from ural-zentrale. I have only this picture more: There you can see idea of that kit. It´s simple but works very well. Only one thing to weld, allmost bolt-on kit.
  8. Today i assembled my M72 project... Here is some new pictures: Now it needs electrics, and some other small things and then it´s ready. Maybe later there will be sidecar with same style
  9. Heh yeah... You can buy those long pipes but those mufflers i´m gonna use with new pipes. It is actually pretty nice color, its metal color but in those pictures wont show that.
  10. Argh... Sorry my mistake. Didn´t read good... DEEP sump. Yes, i give normal sump capacitys. Yes with deep sump it takes somewhere 2.5-2.8L... Sorry
  11. I went and bought one more bike... This time i find M72 1961. It´s not orginal, and that´s why i gonna rebuild that. Idea of this project is that i use parts what i got in my garage, i try to spend less money :) Let´s see what i find: Eeh, not my taste :) Then i sit down and take one good smoke... Ideas start come. Here i have made some changes... After i got finaly version, i have made some promises. I will paint that with something radically. Well :) Color world of this bike is...... purple / black. So freehand painted, without any tape: Here´s the idea. Painted frame: Tank: And story goes on... More is coming... Should i clean my garage?? :D
  12. It´s about 2 Liter. Put 1.9L first and then check dip stick. There are little differences of capacities.(1.9-2.2L)
  13. I heard something... Little birds sings that someone got licenceplate to Voyage...
  14. Nice dog too! That´s true!
  15. Who told that you have to listen those words? :) It´s great video, not great song. Why it´s great video? Because there is nice bike. Nothing else matters. But you are right about those words, They sing that riding with HD and picture shows KMZ. Well, this is Finland... Here Lada is allmost same as Mercedes :D Well... yesterday i put some brake power to my Dnepr. I think that now it will stop, not anymore those ABS brakes :)
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