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    77BMW R100RS/Motorvation RoyalleII sidecar,soon to be turbocharged Interested in Ural Patrol or Gear Up,Dnepr 2 wheel drive,IMZ,anything East German,Russian
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    Drove across Canada on a 1974 Jawa/Velorex combo twice.Drove 76 Dnepr Cossack Montreal to Edmonton and back.14 hack setups in the past.Drove a 55/95 Royal Enfield /Sputnick setup 20,000kms then with a Cozy another 20,000kms.Drove a 54 Enfield clipper with Cozy sidecar 20,000kms.Installed Ural leading links in the original casquette of a 54 Enfield bullet rig set up.Retiring in 6 years to the Apallation mountains of Eastern Quebec (near Asbestos)hopefully with a 2 wheel drive hack setup.

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  1. You know Urals look better and better,and reliabilty issues couldn't be any worse than what's happened to me with my BMW and Motorvation outfit.The last time I spoke tothe group I was having trouble getting the energy to put my bike back together after my 4th heart attack.. I got some help and finally finished all the upgrades I had started like the 400watt charging system,the front mounted oil filter adapter,the cooling ring,the K70 bars etc. I was feeling better about life and planned my summer including a vacation to the mountains of Alberta.All was looking well and then disaster struck. With only 100 kms on the Motorvation sidecar this year the swingarm snapped off at 1 am returning from the premiere of Pirates of the Carribean.My daughter was in the sidecar at the time. We hit a minor pothole and the weld broke at the joint of the swingarm and the torsion bar.The wheel flew off breaking the hydralic brake line.It was only because I have 37 years experience driving hack units that I was able to keep it upright till I slowed enough to put her abruptly down with out losing control. This cost me my summer plans and over $1,000US in repairs.The sidecar tub was damaged,my mag wheel was bent,my fender trashed ,my lights broken,etc. All this and I quote a machinist "because I am not some amateur second-guessing the manufacturer, who, be they never so small a concern, have to watch the pennies or go broke. I was a machine designer for 45 years, my stuff may have cost more but the welds stood up. That sucker failed because the weld was bad, or was quenched out from red hot to save a little shop time or was under-designed for what it does or any combination thereof." I contacted Motorvation Engineering and was told they would warranty the parts as the sidecar was used less than two years and was installed new by a "Transport Canada"certified bike builder.They asked me to return to them, at my cost, the damaged parts for warranty replacement.I felt uneasy about this but I did so. A long eight weeks followed with lots of talk but no action.I sat by and watched my History Road Show display not happen,my Father's day bike show slip by,my vacation spent painting the outside of the house instead of being in the mountains,etc.My company truck was broken into and all my personal tools stolen because I could not park it in my garage because the dissasembled bike was in there instead. Finally after pleading publically I finally received parts I did not order,and parts that had their specifications changed rendering the use of my repaired wheel useless.Over $1000 spent for nothing.Last Saturday I ended up selling the bike unrepaired at a great loss just to get it out of my garage as I could no longer handle taking the bus to go pick up my company truck . I wasn't allowed to bring the truck home unless I could secure it in my garage. Motorvation had the audacity to charge me $613 for warraty replacement parts plus charged me $50.13 for shipping.To add insult to injury UPS just sent me a bill for $91 for shipping saying Motorvation refused to forward the proper paper work.This nightmare never seems to end. So I have no bike no car no truck.Mt daughter refuses to ride anymore. Oh how the once proud and mighty has fallen. I hope you all have faired better this summer than I have. In the seven years I had my Enfield it never got me into such a situation as this. God I miss my Enfield,at least when it broke it could be fixed cheaply in one weekend.And all this said is why I think Ural is heading the right way giving customer service where others fail and could care less. Rejean
  2. Bike was sold today.will be gone in a week. :thumbsup!:
  3. Be very wary of the rubber straps on the Cozy sidecar.I had one and the straps (Indian rubber) cracked and at 100KPH they snapped causing the body of the sidecar to slap to the bottom frame and a loss of control as it slapped around.My daughter was in the sidecar at the time and it is the principle reason we sold it. I replaced them with Original Steib straps from Germany before selling it ,to offer the buyer a safer unit. Rejean
  4. I stopped in for lunch and the post lady comes to the door with a registered letter from Bulgaria.I says What? I don't know anyone from Bulgaria And who is this Charlie guy? Turns out I did order something from Bulgaria.The world has just gotten a lot smaller. :thumbsup!: Thanks,they look great. Rejean
  5. Brute is a pretty good description.It was officially clocked at 156kph.Don't ask. You have to sell it to pay the fine or because you are walking with no licence? Both but don't tell.
  6. Brute is a pretty good description.It was officially clocked at 156kph.Don't ask.
  7. I have a very fast Restored 1977BMW R100RS with sidecar 4 sale located in Edmonton Alberta Canada For full description and link to photos e mail me at beemerwhacked @gmail.com It should be obvious how to fix the address(spam control)
  8. Hey I'd like to know too how that could be done. Rejean
  9. I will I will Mama come to papa :unsure2: guess who's lonely
  10. I live in North East Edmonton.Scary.87% of break ins here are native done,all 5 of my truck break-ins were native related.My two home invasions were native related.Drunks can be found on all corners of this area.More than half are native.Our government jails more natives than whites .Yeah Really? I wonder why. This used to be a nice Polish Roman Catholic neighborhood at one time. I have a wire fence around my property.I grow peas on the fence line to give me some vegetation and privacy.Along comes a native family,father,son,mother and they start to reach over into my yard and start picking the peas. I go outside and ask "Hmmm Sorry but what do you think your doing?" "You stole this land from us and we are taking back what is ours" She says. Hungh??? Sorry lady but I've busted my ass in this province for over thirty years to gain and legally purchase my little piece of land>I did not steal from Anyone>I have documentatrion to show my ancestors legally emigrated to Upper Canada from France in 1683.So please go F**ck yourself. Native culture of entitlement has got to end.Get a f**cking job like I did and maybe you too can get a real life.What a lesson for her son.Another soon to be welfare bum. Rejean
  11. OMG I'm going crazy because mines been down for 4 weeks since I snapped my swing arm.I couldn't imagine 7 months.My local dealer told me today that If I put a sizeable deposit on a Ural I could have one next October or next February.Just not good enough...I`ll be buying something in the next few weeks because I refuse to miss out on this summer...
  12. It times like this,that 'ol Yuri in Ohio looks kind of good Don't let me get started on my $4800 loss when he operated in this country...But everything else you said is pretty much how I feel too.And that's why I haven't transfered the money...Once burned...
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