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    somewhere south of Ottawa, Ontario
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    bikes of all kinds, current stable, 06 Honda ST1300 (Basic Black), 06 Ural Gear Up (function over style) and 06 2wd Rokon trail bike.

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  1. 2006 is a great vintage! I have hardly ridden my other bikes since buying my 06 Gear Up (dealer demo bike). Did a 2 hour tour today, at one point had a police cruiser pull me over, only wanted to ask about the bike (my 100 pound Bouvier in the sidecar probably got his attention), had a great chat, one of several today, almost everytime I take it out. Yes, a bit of tinkering and user education along the way, but so many miles of smiles that I cannot imagine not owning a Ural as long as I can throw a leg over. I am in the Great White North but there are definitely Ural foilheads near you.
  2. Do we need to re-register? I can't log on. Yes, you can use the same registration name and info, but you need to submit it to the new site. I just did that myself.
  3. I thoroughly spray my 06 Gear Up with Fluid Film twice a year, wipe off the excess in the passenger part of the tub. Seems to do the trick, no rust to be seen.
  4. +1 on recommendation for Gene, truly a nice guy who has a great reputation in the Ural community (bought a hitch and wiring from him) and a pleasure to do business with. As for the reliability of a Ural, let me say this: I am not very mechanically inclined. In 2006, to celebrate my last child's graduation, I purchase a new Honda ST1300 and a demo Gear Up. The Honda gets less and less miles on it each year and has had zero problems (as one would expect). The Ural has grown on me and also allowed me to learn some basic mechanical skills, changing oils, bearing and valve adjustments, etc. It is my main bike other than really long tours and even that is something I am going to start doing on the Ural. Minor investment in simple tools like a torque wrench and I have never had the bike back to a dealer. Worst problem so far was poor running in the wet weather, learned how to drain carb bowls and replace the air filter, problem fixed, back to riding.
  5. A long lead (think very, very long) and a good book and/or trainer will likely solve the problems. Food rewards are also useful, but having long distance control seems to get the point across in a way that sticks after the lead comes off.
  6. +1 on the DelawareDave kit, I installed one last year, looks good and no extra bits to ratlle around. Requires a big hole, remember to measure 5 times, take a deep breath, maybe a strong drink and then drill once (hopefully). I managed to do it and I am not exactly handy once duct tape is no longer a solution.
  7. Wim wears a harness anchored to bolt through the floor along with Doggles. I prefer him being in the sidecar to current and past human female monkeys, he complains less and doesn't demand to stop for bathroom breaks so often.......... Mr. Watson and Mr. Brooklyn.
  8. I use a Zumo 550 for GPS, mp3 and also (with the attachment) satellite radio. Goes back and forth between my truck, the Ural and the touring bike. It is run through a Starcom1 with helmet speakers for bike use. Works well. Expensive though.
  9. Another happy customer. I am "hamfisted" when it comes to stuff like this, but was able to drill the hole and mount a tidy installation on my 2006 Ural Gear Up, it is a great kit! If I can follow the instructions and make it work, then anyone can.
  10. Helmets definitely required for participation in this thread......... It really is a personal choice issue that people have strong opinions on. I wear one, but I am okay with those that don't. Up here, we recently had a case where a gentleman with a turban went to the Supreme Court for the right not to wear a helmet (it would interfere with his turban), he lost. Would have been okay with me if he had won.
  11. http://www.racewayservices.com/raceway/ural.shtml Ken Beach at OVC also carries them. Raceway. I put on on my Gear Up, can't really say it is an essential, but I like it, the foot shifter is still functional, I just don't use it. Forward gears and a seperate reverse/neutral finder lever, although I think some adapt it to operate the 2wd.
  12. Raceway. I put on on my Gear Up, can't really say it is an essential, but I like it, the foot shifter is still functional, I just don't use it. Forward gears and a seperate reverse/neutral finder lever, although I think some adapt it to operate the 2wd.
  13. Hello David, As a potential recruit to The Foil, welcome. I am only an apprentice (bought my 2006 Gear Up 2 years ago) so I cannot offer the depth of experience that other members will, but be assured Urals and their owners are great! My very expensive and equally new Honda touring bike sits neglected most of the time, the Ural is a wonderful mistress. To my knowledge (limited and subject to correction), the solo Wolf is available still as a special order and those who own them truly love them. For myself (and my dog, and my grandson), the sidecar is what makes the perfection of this machine. If you go that route, the choices between models are fairly simple, do you want/need part time 2wd? If that is not a need, then do you want the Retro with its authentic looks? The leading link front end is the other big difference. After that, it is a question of paint and trim. Good luck in your future career and your quest for a Russian rig, Ural or Dnper.
  14. quote] Probably Gummiente ... he runs the CURD (Canadian Ural/Dneper Riders) group www.curd-riders.ca/ He lives in the gananoque area and scoots to and fro to work runnung up many clicks. It wasn't Mike, I had already chatted with him on the CURD site about this; is living north of Toronto now and this bike was definitely not his Douk. He suggested it might have been the new Ural dealer in Kingston, he has a rig in that camo pattern.
  15. Hi All, Was doing my weekly 401 commute from Toronto to Smiths Falls Friday afternoon in the company car when I noticed a familiar shiloutte (sp?) in the rearview, sure looked like a Ural and it was gaining on me! This was between Belleville and Napanee going east. I slowed a bit in the right lane and sure enough, a desert camo Gear Up with a female passenger sailed by. Impressive, it looked like he was cruising with passenger at over 115 km, maybe 120 and not just for short burts. There were two solo bikes accompanying them. Lost sight in the traffic as they sailed away but about two hours later, while I was enjoying a cold beverage on the front lawn with my son, what looked like the same bike went by on Roger Stevens Drive headed to east to Ottawa. Perhaps they had stopped for supper somewhere along the way and I got ahead of them again. Anyone on the list? If so,have you done some mods, 'cause your bike seems to have a good top end speed?
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