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  1. It won't be long until all of Europe is facing South East 5 times a day to pray to Allah. :thumbsup!: ------------------------------ We Belgians are facing Islamist militants who want the Cha'riah to become a new law system. Due to poverty, unemployement, these islamic ideas seduce an increaing number of people. It's a threath, a real danger for our democratic system. Beware of the ayatollahs ! Thierry
  2. Oops, I made a mistake. So, ten years a go, I lived in Charleroi, a Belgium town. My car has been stolen several times by youngsters who just wanted a ride. I had to pay for the damages (garage door, steering lock and so on). The police could find the stolen car every time and I had to pay for towing it. Not a single thief has been arrested. So I decided to move and I live now int e country, in a small rural village. It is a real paradise : I can leave the keys on the dashboard and go sleeping. The following morning, the car will still be there. Thierry
  3. I hate thieves. A decade ago, I lived in Charleroi, a Belgian town; my car ha
  4. :D Try and try again, you'll feel comfortable with flying the chair.
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