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  1. Location ? Price ? Titles ? Thierry
  2. Howdy Mr. K., Happy Birthay and greetings from Belgium ! Thierry
  3. Nice rig indeed, nice camo orange colour. Anyway, you should paint your mufflers in black ! Thierry
  4. Howdy Dave, You're wrong. We aren't a bunch of pigs. Not at all. We're obviously just healthy guys. Thierry
  5. Hi John, My father -still with us- is a Korean War Veteran. He was a member of the Belgian Batalion in Korea from december 1950 till the end of the war. He was a Bren-gun servant (I don't know the exact term). My grandparents (both grandfathers) were armed resistants during WWII. They used to tell me "It was just my duty". All those who fought against dictatorships (red or nazi regimes) deserve our respect. We shoud never forget their sacrifices for our freedom and free way of life. I've visited several time the huge military cemeteries in Neuville-en-Condroz and Henri-Chapelle. Thousands of US soldiers are buried there. They lost their lives during the Battle of the Bulge (December '44-February '45). May these brave Americans rest in peace. Thierry.
  6. Hi there, Congrats on your new bike, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoy my 03 Tourist. I wish you many happy returns ! Thierry
  7. Hi JohnBG, Happily your home is safe and the bikes haven't been endangered ! Thierry
  8. Howdy All, Very nice TV report, indeed ! Thierry
  9. --------------- When I learned to ride a sidecar some years ago, I used 2 sand bags as ballast. My first Ural was a 8.103.10 (650 cc); in April 2004 I bought my 03 Ural Tourist (750 cc) and I did no use anymore ballast when riding alone. Today, since a disabled person, I just can ride in the close vicinity. For longer trips, my buddy Patrick is at the controls and I sit in the hack as a monkey. I appreciate it too, anyway. :thumbsup!: Thierry
  10. Can't seem to find it on his site - little help/link? --------------- Hi there ! Open his site, go to shop, go to Russian bikes, go to accessories. There are several pages full of treasures... :thumbsup!: Thierry
  11. ----------------- It depends on the sort of hemp. One can make ropes and cloth with "regular" hemp, but Indian hemp (AKA marijuana or grass) is an illegal drug. If you smoke it, you get high... Some European politicians would like to legalize marijuana in some maneer. They say if this "light" drug was legalized, there would be less criminal networks and the junkies would not use heroin, cocain or crack. In Holland, marijuana can be legally purchased in so-called "coffee shops". In Belgium and France, any drug is illegal. Thierry
  12. Awful exhibit -disrespectful of a human's body ! Sure I would not visit that for an empire ! Thierry
  13. Thanks for the reply and the link, 07 Gear-Up! Thierry
  14. Hi Stickyvalve '07 models seem to have an improved gearbox which allows a better shifting -I mean a less noisy shifting. Note that silent Ural don't exist. This brave ol'flat twin is a piece of beauty and a joy for (almost) ever... Welcome in our amazing world ! :thumbsup!: Thierry
  15. Howdy All, I'm afraid I'm an ignorant European... :flameon: I don't know what a claymore is, I assume it must be some sort of anti-personnel mine ? Thierry PS: in Belgium, gas is priced at 1.345 Euro per liter. Not quite cheap... :thumbsup!:
  16. Howdy All, Other suggested engine upgrades, by the way : -Direct fuel injection -Belt driven double OHC -4 valves per cylinder -Watercooled engine. These are for sissies. I love my 03 Ural Tourist. For it is simple and "old fashioned". I'd not be interested in a modern bike. Leave the Japs and other today's bikes to those who like /want them. A real bike must smell burnt oil. :thumbsup!: Thierry
  17. Nice toy, congrats ! I too put my bike in the garage and the cars outside and happily the Missus does not disagree... Thierry
  18. Howdy All, Thank you so much ! Thierry
  19. Paint them in black ! Or JohnBG gets angry ! Thierry
  20. [quote name='JohnBG' date='May 18 2007, 11:07 AM' I assume the balance of warranty would transfer to ya. ---------------- Maybe not, if Mr. Cob was the previous owner ! Thierry
  21. No, shift levers aren't the same. On a 650 Ural, you can't remove it. Or one must dismantlle the gear box. Thierry
  22. I looked into them Cushman paintball replicas to mount on my G/U. By asking around, I learned that although they look good, they are pretty delicate. They snap in half pretty easy. They should be marketed as "plastic models" not replicas. I noticed they've updated their website, I don't know if the product has been upgraded also. Last time I looked at them was nearly 2 years ago. I opted to go with the all-metal DP28 replica from Old Timers Garage. Freakin' thing weighs a ton, but rest assured it isn't going to break when an excited kid grabs the barrel !! Do you know the website URL for the place you bought your DP28? Derek ------------- Howdy Derek, You might try this link : http://www.oldtimergarage.szn.pl/shop.html Leszek is a great guy, I've purchased some items by him, no problems. I highly recomand him (and I don't get a single cent for that !) :thumbsup!: Greetings from Belgium. Thierry CURD Ambassador to Wallonia
  23. Howdy All, why not burning any Flemish flag ? You know, this type of yellow cloth with a black lion on it ? Not even good for a floor mat ! Thierry
  24. Hi John, Can you send me a copy too ? I assume the mail cost won't kill you i! :thumbsup!: Thierry
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