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  1. WD40 in all your switches, it'll work fine ! Thierry
  2. Well, I can't imagine how ehaust gasses might come back in the hack. If there was a leak on your right pipe, I'm assuming you'd hear it. You shouldn't worry about that, I think. Thierry
  3. That's obviously too cheap. If I needed a bench seat, I'd be ready to pay $150 ! :thumbsup!: Thierry
  4. Howdy there, Are there still many WWII veterans in the US ? Thierry
  5. ------------------------- Howdy Bogdan, What are precisely your needs in terms of bikes ? Looks strange to buy a sidecar-designed bike and ride without the hack, I'd say. You might prefer a real ancient bike such as BSA, Norton, Jawa, CZ. Ural's are rather reliable now, issues usually jut need easy fixes but you also may hole a piston, which is a serious problem. Why not a Ural Tourist or Gear-Up ? Thierry
  6. ------------- :thumbsup!: :thumbsup!: Thierry
  7. Howdy Mike, Congrats of your new bile, nice color ! Ride free, make it dirty, I wish you many happy returns (If you were a jet pilot, I'd say many happy landings !) :flame-on!: Thierry
  8. Hi Dave ! Don't you wear any helmet ? :unsure2: Thierry
  9. Howdy John, Glad to read you're now ! :unsure2: Thierry
  10. Howdy All, On my Ural Tourist 2003, the front drum brake is quite noisy, as well as cold or hot, when the weather is dry or under the rain. The shoes are OK, I can't see anything wrong. Any idea ? Thierry
  11. send e mail to emissary@imz-ural.com the first order got me brochures, cards, and decal. the second order only got me the brochures and cards. Too cheap to send me another decal I guess. :mad: ---------------- They don't even ship worldwide, we poor Europeans can't get any of them ! :mad: Thierry
  12. -------------- Howdy Wolverine, When I changed the pusher tire, I replaced it with a AVON MkII 4.00X19, maybe a bit pricey but excellent tire, with a square profile. It's OK as well on paved as on gravel roads. Thierry
  13. ------------- Howdy Dub, Let me say that Dnepr is "the mother of all motorbikes!" Thierry
  14. Howdy Ken (Or Santa in vacation ) Thank you for this post and pics, it's an interesting reading ! As to me, I've been interested in engines at the age of 14 when I completely dismantle and re-assemble the engine and gearbox of my first Honda moped, a 4-stroke 72 cc engine. This happened about 33 years ago... Thierry
  15. Happy Birthday, Ol'man ! :thumbsup!: Thierry
  16. Howdy Trooper Joe, You might considere purchasing 4 Avon MKII tires, I assume they last far longer than the stock Uralshina's; a bit pricey perhaps, but usually easily available ! By the way, I love your sigpic, you look like a WWII British paratrooper with a Sten submachine gun. :thumbsup!: This reminds me the famous movie "A bridge too far" and the Market Garden operation. Greetings, Thierry
  17. Howdy PKW181, Glad to read that ! Take care of you, don't make any excess ! :flameon: Thierry
  18. :flameon: Hi DB, You should certainly ask for the replacement of these items, they must be covered by the warranty I guess. As for the tire pump, I use an air compressor which is more appropriate, faster than the exhausting manual air pump ! Thierry
  19. Howdy ! Congrats on your (nearly new) Ural sidecar rig, it looks a Ural Tourist (if only 1WD). :thumbsup!: You might find -if memory serves- an owner's manual on the IMWA website. You may refer to the '03 models. I wish you many happy rides ! :thumbsup!: Thierry
  20. Howdy ! Are these street legal ? Thierry :unsure2:
  21. Howdy Ken, A good friend of mine has the clutch lever mounted on the tank shifter of his old Hog, it works well, he still rides even thou his legs don't work all that well Thierry, this is something that is pretty easy to setup, I am sure that you could get one of "Raceways" tank shifter kits and modify it to incorporate the clutch lever. ------------- Howdy All, This is a good idea, let me think... Thierry
  22. I used to fly a ultralight plane -first solo flight after 17 hours training- and ride my motorbikes. A neurological illness stole my legs, I can hardly walk now, hence the side-car. I'm disabled now, I've just bought an electric wheelchair. Happily my buddy Patrick is my "official Ural Pilot". Life is still good ! Thierry
  23. Howdy Carl, Where are you from ? Where do you live ? Welcome on board ! Thierry
  24. Howdy Huey, Funny game, thank you! Thierry
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