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  1. These are looking good : http://www.ebay.de/itm/2-Ural-650-Zylinder-m-Kolben-Ringen-komplett-cylinder-/200729982565?pt=Motorrad_Kraftradteile&hash=item2ebc707665
  2. Gene sent me a couple parts I needed... and I live in Belgium (Europe). He is THE man...
  3. I've seen Urals and Dneprs equipped with a 2CV Citroen engine or even a Panhard engine. Panhard was a famous French car brand. Both engines are air cooled flat twins. Thierry aka Terry
  4. If these tyres are Heidenaus, I do recommend them. :thumbsup!: Thierry
  5. Howdy Bob, say Hi to Mr. Cob for me please ! Enjoy the meeting, I wish I was there to meet you all in person too ! :unsure2: Thierry aka Terry
  6. Howdy ! I've spent a fortnight in Invergarry (Scotland) in 1979. I had the pleasure to visit London several times 15+ years ago. Does that count ?
  7. Hi Kliff, I'm still interested in a GA license plate... for my collection. Thierry aka Terry
  8. Hi Chris, Did you drain your carb bowls ?
  9. That sucks ! Hopefully Rick will recover quickly.
  10. Hi Vali, That's fine, I'm looking forward to getting it. Once again, many thanks ! Friendly yours, Thierry
  11. Hi Vali, Thanks in anticipation, that's very kind of you ! Friendly yours, Thierry
  12. Hi Vali, I like the B 4001 license plate ! Thierry
  13. Hi, I was not aware of such a huge variety in the Romanian license plates... They all look nice !
  14. Hi, I have a romanian plate somewhere in my house. Actually, I have two of them. I can even buy a new one for one of my bikes and send it to you. :unsure2: Hope you don´´t want the old style too, that ones are harder to find Vali Hi Vali, Sending you a PM. :thumbsup!:
  15. Hi, I'd just like to have a used motocycle licence plate from Romania or Russia, whatever you may have laying around in the garage... Sending you a PM. :thumbsup!:
  16. Howdy Alecu, I'd be interested in this Solo Classic licence plate -if you don't need it anymore. :thumbsup!: Thierry aka Terry
  17. Sure your Dad will miss his rig ! I'd be interested in the licence plate, if it is not needed anymore... For my collection. Thierry aka Terry
  18. Very nice, well done job ! :thumbsup!: Thierry aka Terry
  19. Howdy Clay, Seems to be a developing trend for us in Europe to gain control over this board, at least to lower the vodka price ! Welcome from Wallonia (Belgium) Thierry
  20. Welcome from another European. At least you're on the right side of the pond, even if your hack attaches on the wrong side of the bike -a bike riden on the wrong side of the road, BTW ! (Just kidding ! ) Thierry (Wallonia, Belgium)
  21. It seems weird to me. You're interested in a hack rig and want to ride a solo bike. Do not remove the sidecar and ride the bike. It may be dangerous. Thierry
  22. You'd better ask a real specialist of this most important question: Mr. Cob. He's a wise guy and he'll friendly give you some tips to make your rig shine like the sun ! :thumbsup!: :thumbsup!: Thierry
  23. Howdy Steph, You might ask Leszeck in Poland (Oldtimer garage) Thierry
  24. Howdy there, Is the young lady included in the deal ? :thumbsup!: Thierry aka Terry
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