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    Doische (Belgium)
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    I am interested in History, mechanics, litterature.

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    '03 Ural Tourist. I love all Russian bikes.
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    I am a Belgian, I live in Wallonia (the French-speaking part of Belgium). I'm married. We have no kids.

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  1. These are looking good : http://www.ebay.de/itm/2-Ural-650-Zylinder-m-Kolben-Ringen-komplett-cylinder-/200729982565?pt=Motorrad_Kraftradteile&hash=item2ebc707665
  2. Gene sent me a couple parts I needed... and I live in Belgium (Europe). He is THE man...
  3. I've seen Urals and Dneprs equipped with a 2CV Citroen engine or even a Panhard engine. Panhard was a famous French car brand. Both engines are air cooled flat twins. Thierry aka Terry
  4. If these tyres are Heidenaus, I do recommend them. :thumbsup!: Thierry
  5. Howdy Bob, say Hi to Mr. Cob for me please ! Enjoy the meeting, I wish I was there to meet you all in person too ! :unsure2: Thierry aka Terry
  6. Howdy ! I've spent a fortnight in Invergarry (Scotland) in 1979. I had the pleasure to visit London several times 15+ years ago. Does that count ?
  7. Hi Kliff, I'm still interested in a GA license plate... for my collection. Thierry aka Terry
  8. Hi Chris, Did you drain your carb bowls ?
  9. That sucks ! Hopefully Rick will recover quickly.
  10. Hi Vali, That's fine, I'm looking forward to getting it. Once again, many thanks ! Friendly yours, Thierry
  11. Hi Vali, Thanks in anticipation, that's very kind of you ! Friendly yours, Thierry
  12. Hi Vali, I like the B 4001 license plate ! Thierry
  13. Hi, I was not aware of such a huge variety in the Romanian license plates... They all look nice !
  14. Hi, I have a romanian plate somewhere in my house. Actually, I have two of them. I can even buy a new one for one of my bikes and send it to you. :unsure2: Hope you don´´t want the old style too, that ones are harder to find Vali Hi Vali, Sending you a PM. :thumbsup!:
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