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  1. The Tundra Run came and went and after about a month I've got all my thoughts down on a website with images (click on them for the full size). Even though when I started this I called it the "2009" run, I will not be heading up another trip to Goose Bay. I've done it, and now it's time to move onto to something else. I hope you enjoy the report: http://www.ah115.com/html/TLH500.html
  2. I'M IN!! From the looks of it I'd be surprised if there was more than myself, Berger and Palica going, oh, and my brother plans on showing up from Ottawa with his old Land Rover. Not much of a chase vehicle, we're more likely to have to support him.
  3. Looks like a good time, but sadly a bit out of the way for me. I was wondering what ever became of AquaMan, I hadn't heard that he joined a band. :thumbsup!:
  4. I'm coming in late and glad to hear he's doing well only moments after hearing about the accident. Now that we know he is going to heal can we start giving him ###### about not paying attention, how can we give grief to cars when they say they didn't see us if we aren't seeing them either. :thumbsup!: On the helmet front, I always where one (it's the law here), usually a full face helmet. At the same time, I'm not my brother's keeper, it's the riders choice, but I will relay one story. I had a friend in Florida that was riding without a helmet, they stopped at a red light and the rider (on a bike) wasn't paying attention and hit them. My friend was knocked over and hit his head on the pavement, which was enough to put him in the hospital and force his family to keep him alive as a vegitable on life support or to pull the plug. It was a freak accident, but seeing as I knew him it hit close enough to home for me to make sure my head is protected. <stepping off the soap box>
  5. Have you checked to make sure the wheel bearings are ok and properly tightened. I failed a safety inspection last month because when the mechanic jacked up the hack he could rocker the wheel slightly. I retightened the wheel bearings and all was well. I should have regreased them while I was in there, but I didn't.
  6. Yep, these ones are from Tourtank, here: http://www.tourtank.com/ Here's Craig's: http://www.tourtank.com/images/ural2.jpg They have a 7 gallon unit!!
  7. This gives me an interesting idea, can you put the passenger in the hack, then use the trunk like a rumble seat (remove the lid though) and put the dog back there, then remove the back seat on the hack and mount the fuel tank there, like I'm gonna do very soon, heres the mock up: The question remains, with the girlfriend in the hack and the dog in the boot, where does the luggage go? :thumbsup!:
  8. There may be some, but not many, that can tell you from real world experience how it's going to handle. There'll be a lot of conjecture and educated guessing based on high school physicis, but likely nothing more substantial. Do you have the ability to get some sand bags or something, get the girlfriend and dog on the bike, and position the bags where you are thinking of putting the jerry cans in order to give it a quick test run? You can strap the bags down without going through the hassle of fabricating mounting brackets and it may give you an idea of how the bike will handle with different weights in different areas. Don't forget to add weight to represent the luggage as well. Now for my high school base educated guess, with you and your girlfriend on the bike I don't think left hand turns will be a problem with regards to weight on the boot, but with your girlfriend on the back and the extra weight on the boot you may want to watch for the front wheel coming up. Regardless of what you figure out, it sounds like a great trip. I hope you take lots of pictures for the rest of us to droll over.
  9. For that reason I wouldn't put OBO or negotiable in an ad. Most people will assume it is anyway. I sold a bike about a month ago, I wanted $1000 and put it up for $1200, the guy came and looked it over, him and his buddy each took it for a spin around the block (I'm not interested in starting a debate over letting someone test ride the bike, I did, that's just me). While his buddy was out on it he asked if I'd take $800, I figured he was hoping I'd meet him halfway at $1000, so I just told him no, and that I wouldn't go below $1000, which was in essence my lowest price. He happened to have $1000 cash on him (I told him via e-mail before he came over that I wouldn't take a personal check unless he wanted to wait 2 weeks while it cleared). I really liked that bike, but the bike had been ignored since I got the Ural. I saw him riding it on Canada Day last week, it was good to see it out on the road where it belongs.
  10. All fair points under normal circumstances, but the seed of this idea is purely for practical reasons. We (Me, girlfriend and dog) are planning to ride from Tallinn, Estonia to the Kamchatka Peninsula in Far East Russia, the opposite side of the Bering Sea from Alaska. We hope to do this in 2010, probably. Hence the reason for the extra fuel. The bike, as standard is not the most economical as we know, and I have bent a few ears on here to see how this could be improved given our ambitions. The very most I've managed is 45mpg, but I have to count on closer to 30mpg on bumpy roads, fully laden which really only gives us a tank range of about 120 miles: not good in Siberia!! The jerry cans would bump that up to closer to 450 miles. On the plus side, I hope to also make some ally boxes of jerry can dimensions so these can be put in the carriers instaed of one or both jerry cans depending on how we feel. As you can image the aesthetics are not so important. Safety is, of course, but these are British Army cans, so I hope as tough as the Ural tank is... The bottom line here is, as you pointed out, can the subframe take that kind of weight, coupled with the effects of a bumpy road? I'd be more concerned about the brackets, not that this is to say the subframe isn't of concern. The stock bracket for my jerry can failed, and this is a much smaller can than yours and I suspect on much smoother roads than what you might encounter. Out of couriosty, would it be possible to mount some sort of bracket on the side for things that might be lighter, like tent/sleeping bags and the like that you may have in your hack so that you can put the heavy fuel cans in there?
  11. Looks good. As for the paint, I've determined that there is usually a lot of prep work and knowledge required for a good durable paint job, and I usually come up short in both areas.
  12. Great photos! The rig looks right at home. and great story too, thanks for sharing.
  13. I've been keeping an eye on mine. After two years and all weather I'm sure it's ready to let go any minute. Yeah, I have a repalcement hose, no, I haven't switched them yet.
  14. There is no interference between the lever arm and the foot peg. Going to install new shoes. OK, out of sheer boredom at work, and wanting to stretch my legs, I walked out to the parking lot just to confirm that the lever pulls forward. I'm not sure why I had to actually check this, again, more to get out of the office than anything. Sure enough, it should pull back, not forward. Inside the drum is an oval piece that rotates and pushes on the brake shoes. It sounds like that oval piece may be 180 degrees off. Instead of the force of the brake shoes trying to push together and forcing the oval to spin back counter clockwise, it is trying to spin clockwise. In this picture you can see a round cap on top of the oval piece between the top of the two brake shoes: When the brake is used the arm gets pulled forward and the oval rotates clockwise, then the pressure of the brake shoes (from teh springs) pushes them together as you release teh brake and the oval turns counter clockwise. If the oval isn't sitting right it may be that in order for it to go straight up and down (which is what the force of the springs on the brakes shoes makes it do) it needs to rotate clockwise, which will push the rod forward. You may need to pull the pivot piece that the rod attaches to and rotate it so that it is going straight up at the same time the oval is going straight up. I hope that makes sense. Tud
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