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  1. Clicking the "topics I participated in" or "topics I started" etc don't seem to work either...for me anyway..
  2. Did this feature get removed? It was working just before the post deletion issue. Now when I click on "View New Content," nothing is there.
  3. Decided to try and sell this again. It is still in great shape. It doesn't fit my new tank. It is designed specifically for a Gear-Up, Tourist, Patrol tank. The retro, wolf and Northern Cruisers etc have different tanks.$40CAN/US, plus shipping.
  4. Ditto what Marko said. Found an interesting quote elsewhere, and it speaks to the servi-cars....
  5. Personally, I am not of fan of pulling the bike in such a manner. Perhaps short distances, as John mentioned, but not for the long haul. While I cannot produce any specific reasons, I just feel there is to much stress on the bikes components, even with the shaft removed, to be run that way, and I am not going to risk my bike. I have a simple trailer that has worked very well for me when I needed to tow the bike.
  6. I have to disagree with you there. I bought a set of Hagon or Sachs, I forget which, shocks off of eBay 18 months ago and they are SOOO much better than the Russian ones....and less squeaky! Truely great, well, maybe not, but the ride on and offroad did imporve. A new set from IMWA is not cheap either......$950 a set.
  7. I guess people here have never priced out quality shocks online. Research a mono-shock for a KLR and you will see that they are readonable. Sent from my Apple product....
  8. berger


    You may also consider dilling your carb slides and needle shimming too, but ket some miles on the bike first.
  9. Might be easier for people to help if you included your bike model/year in your sig line.
  10. I also found the tractor part....search on Belrus Tractor parts.....in the US too. Not 100% certain they fit, but look like they would. http://www.partsforbelarus.com/belarus-505/electrical-parts/lens-amber-fp2093716210-p-2210.html
  11. You gotta go where they are used...check out F2 Motorcyles. I would Email them, as I could not find the light on their site.http://www.f2motorcy...sianspares.html You may also want to ask on the Brit forum....http://www.russianbike.co.uk/index.php
  12. Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone has an M72 style rear solo they want to part with?
  13. This tub looks great....worth the $700! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sidecar-Steib-Stoye-BMW-Ural-/261118220321?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3ccbdbd821&vxp=mtr
  14. The only drawback to winter riding here isn't the cold, it is the salt. Tell your friend that he will want to protect the bike in some fashion.
  15. For your bike, I have read online any where from 15 to 18 flbs. You also might want to work up to that, and then check after a couple hundred clicks.
  16. You can get them on eBay relatively cheap, just the shipping hurts.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-BRAND-air-filter-for-motorcycle-Dnepr-/280076554649?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4135dd1199&vxp=mtr
  17. Guys, he has Dnepr MT11, a Ural airbox does not fit on his bike.
  18. Do you have any photos? Chris If it is a 750, then I am almost certain that things like a starter off a "newer" bike will fit. As an example of backward compatibility, I know first hand that 2011 heads will fit a 2002 750.
  19. Chang tank with modified side covers..,, Sent from my iPhone
  20. Yes, but you are still thinking that we all belong to every forum. I always consider that guy who only belongs to that ONE forum, and a search would help him out. If people are posting on these forums to improve post counts and to seek attention, then there are greater issues at hand.
  21. I love traveling on the Ural...and great pics! As for the carb fittings...I always keep a spare set!
  22. As already mentioned, it is simply because each forum has the same....and different members, and if one searches on the same issue on only one forum they will find the answer. The same question could be asked....why do some post the same question on multiple forums??? Sent from my iPhone
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