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  1. I can personally vouch for this rig. I saw it "before" and "after"-solid rig down to its core. :thumbsup!:
  2. I just heard from Richard Winter (Bural) that Dennis Yates passed away yesterday. Dennis was a long time Denpr owner and a friend to many here. RIP Dennis you will be missed. John
  3. Those things have gotten better men than me in trouble!!
  4. Oh, and congrats on number two. I'm going to have to have a talk to you about how that happens.......
  5. Well folks-it is time to plan for the 10th Anniversay CRAP! For those who don't know, this is a rally where we get together to commune, talk rigs, eat well, play games, and maybe drink a bit. . It will be held at Ole Gilliam Mill located in Sanford, NC from 6 May to 8 May (first full weekend in May). Historically those that ride in just need to bring themselves and those that live closer (or trailer in) bring things needed for the group. So list things you can bring or let us know things that you will need so we can ensure when you get there and fall off your rig-you can fall into a fart sack next to a plate of food and a beer!! Also remember that just about everything made to eat has some sort of meat in it-we love our meat......so if you require special dietary needs-bring it yourself or let us know and we'll try to have something else available.....I'm sure we can dig up some tofu, nuts, or other silly nonsense!! So let us know who is coming and what you guys can bring (or need). Look forward to seeing you guys!!
  6. Bigger the better-you folks will thank me later.....
  7. :laugh: You ain't even joking!!!!
  8. Yeah, don't let Q try and pass off the one from last year.....
  9. A couple of things that we will need this year is an extremely large pair of "joke" underware and a very large set of overalls.........past that, my lips are sealed!
  10. We have a winner!! New Year is almost here and May will be right around the corner!!!
  11. I feel this rumbling in my stomach.....kinda like something is going to happen-what could it be??
  12. Great Pics!! I'm trying to get more of the rally and will get them up as soon as possible. It really was fun and am already starting some initial planning for CRAP X.
  13. That thing is absoutely beautiful. You really did a great job. Your attention to detail showed from front to rear on that thing..... :thumbsup!: It was great to see it in person. Now if I could get my engine back together I would give you a run for your money-er, on second thought you will never be allowed to park next to me......ANYWHERE!!
  14. It was great to see everyone!! We had some rain, some great food, a man on fire, and crowned a King.......Can't wait for next year!!
  15. He is on vacation right now and should be around in another week or so.....I'm sure he can help you out. He has pulled my a$$ out of the fire more than once!!
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