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  1. All, Thanks so much for the replies.. And yes, Curts kit bike pages have been a great help to me with assembly.. Them dang wires again... But I can see me some pictures at Curts pages... Just match the colors and go... Hopefully.... Otherwise, have a great evening gentlemen. SafetyBob SB3
  2. Foiled Friends, Kit bike is going together nicely. Now have rolling chassis with bearings, brakes, wiring harness and other bits done correctly. Have sorted engine internals and placed engine and trans in frame. It looks like a motorcycle now! As an aside, the engine and bike were in very good shape.. Not new mind you, but a good start for a projet as all the parts were there and made a good base to build on. Someone without a selection of tools, lathe, and a small mill would have a harder time. Not impossiabe, just more difficult as he would have to wait on parts, bolts spacers and the like instead of just fashioning them. SOOO close... Much to do yet... Set the ever illusive timing and point gap, double check head torque and then reset valve clearance. Will be busy with a work assignment so not much shed time for a few weeks. Again.. I have been checking in and reading your posts. Much fun and enjoyment here. I have decided to replace points, coil and condenser with proper bits after reading the post archives... I can spin a wrench or make metal chips with some ease... It's those dog gone electrons that scare the stuffing out of me....Any suggestions whom to buy the electrical bits from? I would like to keep the original look if I can and keep the point type set up... (I can trouble shoot that on the side of the road.) Otherwise, you have been a big help and have been a constant companion in my workshop in Louisiana.... Stay Safe, Safety Bob SB3 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  3. Mr. Weaver, That is great. I have pretty much given up on bike magazines since getting deeper into the Russian Iron world. I have really just lost interest in the latest offering by the modern manufacturers. I am off to pick up the Horse mag though... A DNEPR in a magazine!!!! How cool is that!!! As an aside Sir, your book is WONDERFUL! I have enjoyed it immensely and it has been my constant companion since I got it.. Stay Safe, Shiny Side Out- Safety Bob Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  4. Finely foiled friends.. I know I am a newbie but.... On another board I see folks gripe, complain and generally get their insides in a knot over problems with their Russian bike purchase... It is everyones fault but their own when the bike does not return flawless service. Seems folks here are more polite and I would guess better read and more intelligent. You don't see continual posts about "He sold me a Ukrainian bike and now I'm mad that it acts like a Ukrainian bike"....These are not plug and play items. If you don't want to wrench, fettle and rebuild- buy a Jap bike. Good grief, I have a fleet of Jap bikes that are flawless. And all quite boring.. This Dnepr machine is a ongoing project. And its just what I wanted. Ok, I feel better now... SB3
  5. Gents, Anyone know where I can source some tank badges for the Dnepr and maybe some logo stuff to fly the company flag at some bike events. Shiny Side Out, SB3
  6. Gents, Spent the weekend pleasantly puttering away in the shop on the Dnepr kit bike. All is going well. Sorted the wiring and now have the front wheel bearings and brakes sorted. So she is up on one leg. Hope to have the rear wheel bearing cleaned, inspected and repacked as time allows this week. Then well sort the rear brakes, axle and hopefully have her on both legs by the weekend... I believe that I will build the MT-16 side car rig when this one is done. I am hopelessly addicted. #1 Son has designs on the solo and a gentleman that I eat breakfast with on the weekends has asked me to build him one (MT-16) when I finish this one... He is addicted to old Ford T-Birds and loves early iron. I brought him some pics of the Dnepr kit from the shop and he fell in love. (I understand) Miss Lu just gave us that all knowing look and then set about ignoring us "boys" and our playthings. Life is good! Have a Safe Week Gentlemen, ----Shiny Side Out---- SB3
  7. Gents, Can one of you clue me in to where the fuse block should be mounted on my MT 11 kit? It is tucked up under the headlite with little room to move. I can find a place to land it and bolt it down other than the two bolts directly below the headlight. Thanks, SB3
  8. Ken, Thanks for the warm welcome.. I went in the shop when I got home and just played with the Dnepr.... Started to dry fit some things together.. While pulling the engine apart on Monday, I found some of the castings were warped and did not fit flush with the parent casting. Put the castings (cam/crank and coil cover) in the mill to deck them flat.. Decked castings and found they fit much better to block.. They looked pretty cruddy so I just had to try to polish them while I was playing with them as well.. Came out pretty good.. Well about as good as a sand cast component can look.. The more I find I have to do to it- THE MORE I LOVE IT!!! I did take some pics today of the bike in the shop...I'll have to figure out how to post or send them to one of you that is more technically astute. Also during playtime I found the front axle was pitted and scored, just had to turn a few thou off of it in the lathe. It and I are much happier now.. I have to act all mature and business like at work all day long- the stress is a killer... You could not wipe the smile off my face with a belt sander in the shop!!! This whole thing is better than a free pass to Coney Island.. Stay Safe Gents, and Good Nite! SB3
  9. Pictures??? I have to wait till my daughter comes home.. I can barely run this laptop.. She has the digital camera.. Yes, the stars will align, the fish will spawn and the pictures will come.... Stay Safe, Formerly Safety Bob, SB2, now newly knighted SB3..
  10. Does anyone know where I can purchase the Dnepr tool roll with tools??? I don't have one and would like to get one to go with the bike. Thanks, Bob
  11. Thanks Ken... Great group of guys here... Can't wait to get home and check in.... Stay Safe, B
  12. Well she came in... Well packed and resting inside a wooden crate... The excitement on the way home was killing me... Everytime I looked in the rearview mirror- there was that crate......I feel like a 5 year old at Christmas... Got home, unpacked her and spread the parts out in the shop... Everything is in much better shape than I expected. Paint work is good, rubber is all new, trans and engine appear to be a mix of old, new and pre-loved. All in all, I am very satisfied. Started at the front of the engine (looked like a good place to start) and removed timing cover and cam /crank covers.. Castings are a bit rough. Sat back with a glass of tea to just take it all in. Lots of "play value" in this kit.. Should keep me busy in the shop for quite sometime. Got to ask the finance officer, Miss Lu for more part and gasket funds......She has been all for this kit bike concept - she knows her husband would rather fettle away time in the shop than do almost anything else. Seems I have been consumed by this whole kit bike concept and thinking of little else. Everyone I meet hears about the Russian bike soon after the "Hi, how ya doin" I'm having a blast folks; build your own bike- I should have done this 20 years ago! Stay Safe Gents, Bob
  13. ForwardAir rang me at work and told me that my 600 pounds of Russian debris had arrived at their terminal and would I please come and remove it... YIPPPIEEEEEEEEEEEE! I could think of little else while at work... We ran into problems at work and I had to stay late last night.. The terminal closes at 4 pm... Soooo, I guess I have to wait till Monday.... At least she is here. Stay Safe, Bob
  14. So Ya Bought a Kit Bike? The resounding melody brings forth cringes from the faithful foiled following like fingernails down a chalkboard to some... But getting a box that contains some parts that will produce something that may resemble a motorcycle.... Gee Gawd--- I've died and gone to heaven... We love broken things around here... Builds character; both in the owner and the machine. Lathe and mill are ready to do what God intended- fashion missing bike bits as we've done hundreds of times before on brand x machines. I've laid in a supply of adult beverages in the fridge and Miss Lu knows that for at least the next six months, I'll be in the shop with swarf, bike bits and cutting oil flailing about. Waiting patiently (ok I'm going nuts!) for my kit in Baton Rouge.'a I'll keep y'all posted on my progress! Stay Safe, And Have a Great Holiday! Bob
  15. Several of you have sent email asking me about other bikes, the shop, etc that we play with at home... I have 8 other motorcycles or atv's... Most are polished to perfection, don't leak, start right up, but have no soul... The Russian bikes though, NEED ME... The rest of the fleet could be gassed and set off to either coast without pause. They really are boring..The Russians are right up my ally. They have become a passion. We're gearheads. Most of our shop work centers around fashioning parts, brackets and other doo-dads that I need for bikes or restoration projects. We'd really rather build it than buy it. Again, you are a great bunch.. My thanks go out to each and every one of you.. (Especially Curt P.) I've read the site for long time but just tried this posting nonsense... Stay Safe, Bob
  16. Lets see, right click add something or click Help... I'm clickin more than a 37 Ford climbing a 5 mile grade. This computer stuff is all very confusing.... Baton Rouge, Louisiana --- out in the woods.... Stay Safe, Bob
  17. Fellow Finely Foiled Friends, My mother raised a gentleman.. I know far better than to raise issues with the type, quality, brand, smell or country of origin of the mystery juice that resides in, leaks from and even sometimes pumps about in my crankcases.. Now if 'ya wann talk about TOOLS - there is much to banter about. Years ago, I used to frequent the Ural Forum... I could not wait to get home and read the musings of Chuck, Sheldon and Flicka...Simular characters frequent here as well it seems... I'm having a blast!!! Kindest Regards, Bob
  18. BR= Baton Rouge, Louisiana.. And yes, truly addicted to this Russian bike world... Stay Safe, Bob
  19. I have read your board with great interest. I have a Ural currently and I am ordering a kit Dnepr. I have a small machine shop at home and putter on motorcycles and old autos... This Russian bike addiction is the most fun I have ever had. I have learned much here.. I just wanted to say thank you! Stay Safe, Bob
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