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  1. One of the best things about our hobby... Puppy rides with me..... SB#3
  2. There are many out there...We have 13 here. You have to be patient. Greatest hobby in the world.... SB#3
  3. Sweet. At first blush, the casting quality is much poorer than my Dnepr's . I would offer the quality/fit/finish overall seems to be less than my early KMZ engines and tranny's. I will have to see how it holds up to pulling a MT-11 rig around. The electric starter holds some glamour to me as I age... My goal was/is to have a backup powerplant for when I can't get KMZ bits anymore. Right now I have stock of OEM pistons, heads and ring sets to last me and some friends for a few years. Again, the jury is out for a year or so till I can bang it around ... I really doubt a Chinese copy of a KMZ reverse engineered BMW will give the service that my KMZ power plants have. The KMZ engines have treated me well... If they just had a reliable E-start.... For those folks that have texted with questions; my little fleet is doing fine; only have one URAL now, the rest are KMZ. I am looking to add a PATROL or GEAR UP in a year or so. I feel that I will need electric start machines in a few years to keep this hobby going into my golden years. The oppressive heat here in the South is playing heck on boiling the crap gas out of the K-65s and Pekars on the Nippers. Its just to hot to putt around at low speed and expect the engine to cool properly...Reliable, hot re-starts take several kicks to roll them over after putting around. Hope everyone is doing well.. Can't wait until winter... Stay Safe, SB#3
  4. Great to see you guys posting! Still here, still playing with Nippers... Still fighting to get parts.... Stay Safe, SB#3
  5. Gents, I was just gifted for fathers day, a CJ OHV engine and transmission. I have not seen much info anywhere on these OHV models.. Anyone have any idea where to look or have any of the Nipper faithful tried to insert one of these gems into a MT-11 or MT-16. Might be a fun winter project to get another bike rolling from the parts stash. Is there a service manual for this jewel available online? Sorry for the banter... Stay Safe, SB#3
  6. Thanks Russ... Stay Safe my friend..
  7. Gents, Getting cooler here and that means time to break out the Nippers..... Hope all is going well for you. SB#3
  8. Thanks so much... I started to have a panic attack.... SB#3
  9. Russ, Beautiful locomotive.... Mine are much smaller...... Life is good my friend...
  10. all is well here in the sticks... I pray for an end to this... Stay Safe, SB#3
  11. Hey gents, we are all getting old.... I thought it was just me!! Glad you are out enjoying your bike! SB#3
  12. Gents, I have turned in the 2013 Retro and the 1994 Tourist to Ural NE. If you are looking for good clean Russian Iron, they are from my fleet here and should make their next owners very happy. I have service journals on each if they go to someone here... I miss them already.. SB#3
  13. 40 degrees in Pride.. Wet, damp and nasty... Bone chilling actually.. Have fun gents... Urals/Nippers love this weather. SB#3
  14. Have a safe and peaceful day while we enjoy the greatest hobby in the world. May God continue to bless each of you... SB#3
  15. Agree totally... Nippers roll over easy. 1 or 2 kicks and they light. The Ural is difficult.... SB#3
  16. I meant to say Ural Tourist... The patrol is e-start... Good grief... SB#3
  17. Thanks, I look forward to seeing you... The Ural Patrol is giving me fits. The chicom carbs have died. I got some new k65ts that will make it al better. Yes I have the meds, but I keep tearing things trying to kick.... SB#3
  18. A recent health issue may force my selling of all my kick starts Russian Iron. I can't kick anymore.. I do have several "modern" Urals that have e-start. That will keep me in the game. I have no idea how to do this if I have to go this route. But the thought is killing me. I thought of trading several in on a e-start Gear Up or Patrol.. We shall see.... Just pondering.. Have a safe day.. SB#3
  19. Did you check the quality of the spark?? Good blue, snappy spark when fired? I would go with RP, you have a combustion problem- too much fuel or incomplete burn... SB#3
  20. Nice project.. Watching closely.. SB#3
  21. And safe travels.. If you are home, get the rig out for a spin.. We just got back from a visit to our "old mens club". Swaping lies and solving the worlds problems.... Stay Safe, SB#3
  22. I am very thankful for this group of gents that share and enjoy Russian bikes. Have a safe day!! SB#3
  23. We have bought LOTS of things from them for the fleet here.. They are quick, fair and good folks to deal with.. ZERO issues.... SB#3
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