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  1. Nations of rules we live in, and still we kill each other!
  2. Had a tourist and let it go for a Jeep. Now I'm retiring and the jeep is long gone and I'm getting another Ural this time a two wheel drive 06 woodland green patrol. Many thanks to Mr Crawford. My two wheel days are soon to be over. My 94 Sportster is on Craigslist. Can't remember why I let the tourist go. except I wanted a jeep for off roading. I've missed that sidecar bike since. This bike is going to be my backup and fun ride when we pair down to just one vehicle. Less insurance and more fun. :-) So you may see me lurking around on this site and others more often. Chocolatehauler
  3. Mr. Crawford I'm looking for one like this.
  4. 15000 + Km , color Black, Runs great. Extra parts tire tools ect. Sold thanks there will be some parts to sell later
  5. Looking for anyone heading south in Michigan to Crawfords. I'm leaving tomarrow morning from the tip of the Mitt. ?????
  6. I like the looks of that. If you get a jack on it set it on a scale and let us know how much weight on the ball. Great Idea.
  7. Yes except when the person behind you doesn't know you are stopping. :cry: Thanks guys
  8. except when the person behind you doesn't know you are stopping. :cry:
  9. Cut open broken switch and decided it is to light for the job. looking for a replacement on or another way to do it. Thanks
  10. has anyone found a replacement switch for the factory one. Or a different setup. thanks for you help. :help:
  11. Grandpa found New Toy at Crawford's. 04 Tourist :surprise: :lol: :D :)
  12. Goldwing is sold :cry: Looking for new toy for Grandpa. :D
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