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  1. Can you give me some details? How many kms on it? Who did service? thanks E
  2. Boo hooo, sold. My wife cried when I told her it was sold.
  3. WOW Stray dog!! Very cool to see Ural rentals!!. I wish I would have known prior to my buying a rig to try one out!! Good luck on the adventure.
  4. bumpski-- offers? Willing to assist with delivery to SW?
  5. Here are pics as per request. More close-ups can be sent via email if you wish. This also shows the National Cycle Plexi 2 windshield. It is easily removable. Thanks E
  6. Sorry Uraldog, I am not planning on seperating any of the stuff right now. I am not giving up on Urals, my wife won't have it. I am having to make decisions about transportation and traveling is all. It really is a pleasure to drive since getting the rig back.
  7. 2006 Ural Patrol 2WD Own an essentially new Ural at a used bike purchase price!! Forest Green with solo tractor seat 26,000 km original mileage <500 km on new engine 750 cc motor- complete factory rebuild under warranty (Nov 2007) with new alternator, new clutch, new transmission with German Herzog gear upgrades, new cylinder heads and header pipes. K&N air filter with re-jetting. All wheel bearing were replaced with Timkin tapered roller bearings except for most recent new tire. Rich Maund gel tractor seat cover and leather tool roll. Trunk lock and chrome Triumph mirrors. Also includes new spare rear rim and spare Mikuni carb intakes, spare Tonneau cover, lap robe, & stock bench seat. There are additional Halogen lights on the sidecar. Condition: The rig was ridden during a full Wisconsin winter and the finish shows some wear and minimal corrosion. The factory maintenance schedule was strictly adhered to with all fluid changes completed every 3000 km. Mechanically the bike is in good shape and runs well, especially after re-build due to a bad crank. Asking $8500.00 – currently located in Tucson, AZ May be willing to negotiate shipping/delivery
  8. You dudes are so smart. I pulled the LEDS and put incandescent lights back in and it works fine. Now I have to replace my headlight as the bright was out and the speedo lights were out. I have a new alternator and I hope that it has not introduced some new gremlins, various electrical anomylies.
  9. Grrr, I just got new 1156 Britelites from Kevin Blume. I put them in all the turn signals, now they will turn on but not flash> Did I blow the relay or is this a regular problem with the LEDs?
  10. Now that you say that I do recall that they had little if any descriptive info on the websites. I will gladly give you my general measures if you promise not to laugh!! My inseam is 33"; my waist size is 34" (always tough to find pants when you are wider then you are tall, but I guess I have to thank my mothers side of the family for that); my chest size is 44"; and my height is 5'8" tall. I bought myself a large and it was generously cut. I bought my Dad an extra large and then inherited his suit after mine became all filled with fish guts from a little incident I had when I drove the Ural through the ice into a fish kill. The extra large still worked but I had a diaper butt as it was pretty large. I liked it a little big so I could put more gear under if I needed to. Hope that helps. E
  11. I got my lap robe from Holopaw Gene. I will check into Langlits (unless Rich is goging to make one up!! hint, hint). The one from Gene is good, but I would like a little insulation from me and a cut out so it goes around me a bit better and doesn't flap all around. Ditto on the hard mounts, they suck and I had much problems with bad rubbers. No problems since Mikuni intake rubbers. Kermi, you must be one of the bazillion exceptions..... PS, in addition to my most excellent lap robe, the best (and cheapest) suit I found for the buck was the Israeli Hermonit suit. It isn't perfectly waterproof, but man it was so warm and really was nice for getting in and out of. I traded in my Aerostitch Roadcrafter suit thinking that would be a good way for warmth....it sucked and froze my nuggies off. The Hermonit was awesome!! http://www.israelmilitary.com/padded-cover...monit-p-24.html http://www.israeli-forces.com/cgi-local/pr...ct=show_product http://www.zahal.org/gear/p2.htm I rode my Ural all winter in Wisconsin last year as my only ride and I was required to ride between 50-100 miles per day.
  12. My wife bought me a sidecar rig....I knew I married a good one..always better choice 2nd time around....I digress She would not give the check to the dealer until I was signed up for the STEP course, which is through Evergreen (MSF doesn't do sidecar or trike course.) Being a MSF instructor, what amazed me was how different the neccessary skills are between 2wheelers and 3 wheelers. Take the class it will help you save your life or being big hurted!! I will admit I had a hard time remembering to put my feet down when I got back on the 2 wheeler....
  13. Hehehe, I will try the rock idea. I never heard that one. Pete and Ken, I will definitely try the route to Globe. It will be winter here (which is very weird since there is no snow and it is the desert) by the time the Ural gets here. I talked to Mark at Ural NW yesterday and he said that he has the parts and he intends to start the rebuild so it will be done by the end of the weekend, knowing how much work I need on my patience, it will likely be Dec before it gets here? The other ride sounds very nice too. My wife and I were almost going to ccept a positionin Show Low and it sounded sweet, but then we learned about the whole winter thing and mountain snow. I wouldn't have minded at all, but my wife really needed sun. Vestgote, I have considered shipping my Ural to Hawaii next, but I am not sure that is where you are talking about. hehe
  14. I am praticing patience. My Ural is in Bellingham, WA at Ural NW having the engine rebuilt. I am in Tucson, AZ patiently :thumbsup!: waiting for it to arrive by truck, sometime between now and the end of the month. I am starting to gather routes and plan for my first break-in trip for the new motor. Got any preferences?
  15. I will be bringing my tent, thermarest, and lots and lots of bug spray!!
  16. Check to see if you have a 2 piece interrupter. May need to be replaced with 1 piece interrupter? This went on my 06, and it was a weird gremlin. Not sure if it is the same on the 05 model. Try the serach engine on this website for more info on interrupter ignition rotor. Bill Glaser on his website shows a nice way to fix it. E
  17. Cool, I will plan on being ready...just as soon as I get my rig back....new engine soon. E
  18. Wow!! I really like that new paint scheme . It will not help with being seen in the WI winters though!! Makes for a bit more danger I am sure.
  19. Wow, I am a born again Christian. This is sickening that any church could degrade and disrespect our soldiers by supporting such an apalling sign in public. This is not any witness I wish to represent me. This is a similar response I get when I see the abortion protesters carrying signs of aborted fetuses. I think that abortion is clearly wrong, but this gross behavior repulses me. What do you think Jesus would say about being represented to the world like this? Matthew 24: "Take heed not to be deceived, many will come in my name saying "I am the Christ.""
  20. Dropped off my Patrol to Ural NW in Bellingham WA today for investigation and total going over. Ominous clunk...= new transmission. Thanks to the Ural warranty. E
  21. Hey guys, I have a new "clunk" I have never heard before in my Ural. I am trying to calm myself and hope that there is some small, easy answer. First thing in the morning when the motor is cold, when I am beginning to shift from 2nd gear into 3rd gear, there will be a clunk. I can feel a temporary loss of power that is equal with the clunk and then it runs just fine. It is not always consistent and it is not always reproduceable. When the engine heats up and/or I keep the engine revs up while I shift between 2-3rd I cannot reproduce it. It is definitley worse when the engine is cold and/or when the engine is slightly lugged down like on an incline. I can feel it down near my left foot, I am guessing this is transmission related. I was planning on taking it in to the dealer for a thorough going over in the next month, but can anyone give me an idea if this is a loose something or other that can be easily fixed or should I be taking it in sooner? Thanks Guys, E 2006 Ural Patrol is make and model.
  22. Dear Gavno, Thanks for being a PGR. As a Wisconsinite (currently traveling) I am glad you are supporting our people. I think apathy is a pretty good description, and I am afraid that there is worse. I had an amazing experience at the Seattle-Tacoma airport 3 weeks ago. I went up to a soldier here in uniform and thanked him for his service. He told me he really appreciated it and proceeded to tell me how he just came back from Iraq after 15 months, he is in a Stryker brigade. He just came back and signed up for 4 more years because he believes in what he is doing. Those guys (and girls) die for us, and I am thankful you are out showing your gratitude. He shared with me how his friend was recently beaten here in Washington state and called a baby killer by anti-war activists. I knew that I was in the left coast, but I was shocked and I cried about it, hard. Apathy is a shame and I pray that people will get fired up and their hearts will soften for our people regardless of what they think about Iraq, but this behavior he described is just plain evil. Rest in peace to SPC Rachel L. Hugo and may the Lord bless and comfort her friends and family. Corpsman/medics are all about saving others regardless of the risk to themselves..... Sorry for a downer? Sir, I am saddened and maddened daily by what I see. To try and pretend to be all happy and positive when there are abhorrent things happening is called denial. Let her out buddy, you earned it. :thumbsup!:
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