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    25 bikes so far - 49 states on one of the BMW's including a 10,192 miles trip Connecticut to Alaska (home via Florida - I never could read a map).

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  1. I have a Green camo Gear Up - located in Middlebury. QBall is between me and Winsted. Rumor is Mr Cobb might be stopping by Canton Cycles later this year. Hopefully we'll all meet up there. I thoguth you might enjoy seeing this picture of Bill (from Canton Cycles) latest toy.
  2. If you're ever in the area of the shop, it's worth a trip by to see the showroom/retail-store. They have most of the special-build-bikes there and they are impressive up close even though I could never see myself riding one down the road.
  3. While working the booth Friday, I was actually asked it the "Russian Officer" was one of the company executives.
  4. I saw a couple Retro's for sale at the local dealer Saturday when I stopped by. 2000 Retro $5k 2004 Retro $7k Just spreading the word in case anyone is interested. www.cantoncycles.com bill@cantoncycles.com
  5. "After the Battle" - great magazine, I have a complete collection.
  6. I drove in the Memorial Day parade locally. They were looking for "antique convertibles" to carry veterans. I figured the Gear-Up sorta qualified, so I volunteered. No overheating problems, but I did keep popping it into neutral. Rode thru one part in reverse cause the reviewing stand was on the left side of the road and I figured they were there to see/honor the veteran sitting on the right side, not me.
  7. My first car was a 63 Corvair converitble with the turobocharger. $300. First car for a teenage boy was a supercharged convertible. Ran great, just kept shooting oil out the dipstick. So you had to keep adding oil. Lent it to my girlfriend for a week, she never added oil and blew the engine. So I picked up a 56 Chevy tank from a family friend for $50. It was mint. A couple months later, I got hit by a drunk driver, and spent 6 months in Intensive Care. If I was driving the frameless Corvair, they would still be seperating us from the wreckage. So no matter what Ralph Nader said, I figure the Corvair saved my life. 8-)
  8. Hey Mud Pie, Where did you get a replica DP-28 for $369 ? I'm still looking.
  9. I heard of a guy real-seriously considering a Ural but his left foot is basically out-of-comission so a suicide-shift on the tank would be the answer. I've heard of multiple people that have the reverse shift mounted on the tank, but not about the regular left-side shift. Can anyone help out here ?
  10. I agree with those that want to stick him in Gen-Pop. There's alot of guys in a prisons general population that have young children back at home with no man to protect them. They just love to introduce child molestors to what molestation and rape is all about. Let the punishment suit the crime.
  11. Lets face it, they aren't speed demons. And UDF should get you of of most things anyone, if you are stopped. So who's gotten a speeding ticket on Ural ?
  12. Mar 24 is "Ural Saturday" at Canton Cycles in Winsted,CT. I'm not sure what is involved but stop by and say Hi - they're good folks there.
  13. As I was renewing my gift subscriptions, I figured I would spread the word. Send Readers Digest $10, and they will send a 1-year subscription to "our overseas troops and hometown heroes". I've been sending a couple since 9/11. The following is from their letter that came with the renewal gift voucher. Salute our Hometown Heroes by continuing your gifts from home. Over the past year, some of our bravest men and women have been personally touched by your gifts of kindness and generosity. Now you can show your continued support for these heroes by renewing the Reader's Digest gift subscriptions that you gave last year to these brave men and women. Your gift subscriptions of Reader's Digest bring the best of America to these courageous Americans, You have lifted their spirits with a gift that brings the best news, humor, and inspiration to our American Heroes serving overseas and here at home. You can continue to show your support for these brave men and women for just $10 for each gift subscription. Your gift recipients will receive Reader's Digest each month whereever they are - fighting overseas or protecting us here at home. A special gift card, personalized in your name, will announce your gift subscription. Each issue will be specially wrapped with a personalized note to announce your thoughfull gift. I thank you in advance for renewing your gifts. Your generosity is a fitting tribute to the men and women who have placed their lives on the line so we can all live free. Send $10 to Gift to Heroes Reader's Digest Subscriptions P O Box 8288 Red Oak IA 51591-1288
  14. The Pirelli's don't look like the tread is as flat as the Dunlops. I would assume that since our Urals don't lean, that we would want a flater more-tread-surface-on-the-road tire. Yes, no, don't make much difference ?
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