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  1. Guys I'l be there!!! I'm bringing a video projector, DVD player, 8ft. tripod screen. I'll also bring a laptop. If anybody has PG rated motorcycle type movies bring them. I'll set the gear up once it gets dark Saturday night. Looking forward to the event!
  2. My old 2005 Patrol had the Russian Iron logo sewed on the Tonneau. I got the patches from Charlie. It looked great on the rig. I wouldn't change a thing. Some additional designs would be cool as well. More choices. It's all good...
  3. There's a new dealer in St. Petersburg that is also a Harley Dealer. I've never been there but it might be worth a try. Holopaw Gene is your best best by far.
  4. I looked in the photo section and I saw the two completed rigs of Clint's. Nice looking rigs! I also saw the nice looking parts. Great colors! Clint, please do not assume that I would doubt if the pics are real. I can see that they are and yours.Clint I have to ask you, If I wanted to buy a rig from you (if I had the spare dough) would you provide references from past customers? Do you make solos? Is there a local customer of yours that I can go over and see one of your rigs? Is this too much to ask. If you were having contract work done, do you not ask for references? Clint, the next time you have a run on rigs, why not post about it and I'll organize a run over to your place with some other local central Florida rig owners and check them out. WHo knows, it might even lead to a sale? Good luck in the business and I wish you well. Two%: When I went over to Clint's, I had no preconceived notions of what to expect. No, I didn't expect, "A Harley Dealership" . My report on Soviet Steeds about me visiting Clint was IMHO unbiased and upbeat. So I'm going to say, "Good luck" live long and prosper. Keep us posted of when you have a production run completed and I'll do my best to come over and visit. Peace....
  5. MartyL, lol obviously nobody is giving away anything for free AND I am more than sure the moderator not only reads the thread topics but also the posts. So, no I wasn't hopeing to dodge the moderator.....lol what kind og conclusion is that. You guys are a bunch of crying school girls! My point IS anybody can make a mistake or two along the way BUT they don't need to be hung from the gallows on the net because of it. Especially if the person is trying to make a living. I like to be upfront. O.K. you fooled me. I guess I'm not getting any spark plugs. This ain't hard. Clint says he has pictures in the gallery of his rigs. Show me. One happy customer with his beautiful Russian rig built with the fine craftsmanship of CWT . Everything else is just B.S. I'm done.....
  6. Why make a misleading topic post? If you want to share your opinion, why not just be upfront? Are you trying to dodge the administrator with this topic? Sorry, not cool...I think you need to look at the whole history that has been posted on this forum and Soviet Steeds before you give your opinion. Personally, took the ride over to Clint's operation and I found him to be a gentleman. I posted a report about my trip to his place on Soviet Steeds. I was upbeat and optimistic about my meeting him. I wish him the best. I would love to see him succeed in his business. We all have to draw our own conclusions. What has me the most curious about his operation is I never saw one completed rig in any form while I was at his place. Now that maybe because of many reasons, I don't know. When I asked on this forum if he could show me one of his rigs, I got told that he respects his customers privacy and won't show their rig. Now I know not the whole world lives on these forums, but not one of his customers ever posted a pic of their rig that they bought from Clint. In all honesty, that makes me wonder..... Now if I had a business selling a product, I would be advertising my product the best way I could. I'm not telling anybody how to run their business but this is just plain odd........
  7. My prayers go out to him and his family. May God watch over him...
  8. Ken, Thank you for all you contribute and all that you have contributed. You add much to this forum... Happy New Year!!!
  9. Looks real nice. Since this is a 2012, can you tell us of any improvements for the 2012 year?
  10. Gene's big Holopaw Ural Gathering or H.U.G. will be November 12 at his dealership in Holopaw Florida. His place is right off of route 441 south of route 192. It is a great event. There's plenty to eat, camping out and lots of high Ural bandwidth.... At great place to hang out and meet fellow Ural owners. Here is the latest clip I grabbed off of the IMWA site that Gene posted: JUST AN UP DATE, IMZ WILL BE SENDING SOME DOOR PRIZES FOR THE LUCKY ONES. HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE AT H.U.G. HOPING FOR 50 BIKES THIS YEAR MAKING IT THE LARGEST NORTH AMERICAN RALLY, WE CAME CLOSE LAST YEAR. NOVEMBER 12th (SATURDAY) BAR B Q. WITH OVER NITE CAMPING FOR THE BRAVE, SUNDAY A SHORT RIDE LEAVING HERE AT NOON, DESTINATION LONE CABBAGE LOCATED ON ST.JOHNS RIVER. WE WILL HAVE LOTS TO SEE BRIAN'S DIESEL URAL & VINNY'S BMW POWERED URAL, AN OLD CJ, THE NEW ANNIVERSARY URAL IN OLIVE. QUITE A LOT TO SEE, EAT, AND TALK ABOUT, LOTS OF GOOD URAL PEOPLE TO MEET. So if you make it, be there or be square!!!
  11. Didn't I see that pig on Green Acres?
  12. You Ural Peeping Tom!!! Have fun and have a beer or two for me Tuesday night!!!
  13. Hendi engineering is sell a 2008 Retro for 10,000. That is a good deal. It has low clicks on it and it still has a warranty. Check it out http://sovietsteeds.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=18444
  14. Smillingdog, When you get your Rig from Clint PLEASE post pictures of it as I would love to see his work on a completed rig.
  15. Sorry for your loss Clint. Your friend lives on in the hearts of his family and friends....
  16. I wonder what this add is all about Ken? I found it in a back issue of the Wall Street Journal. With the economic climate the way it is, Mitch on a minimal schedule and not answering/returning many calls, and very low probability of a buyer for this type of business my feelings are Vostok is probably in trouble, as is the opinion of some folks in Ukraine. Hopefully Mitch has other ideas or plans, but after around 30 years in the motorcycle business I'd say things probably aren't so rosey from what I've seen in the past when mom n pop bike shops go up for sale, much less one selling niche market bikes. And the fotos on their website are the same as last year and the year before, some people on these forums have trashed me for less. I don't know where you get acidic from as I did not say anything disparaging about Mitch or his business, or anything so stupid of a comment uttered by you as Dnepr inspector because I called you. What are you 5 years old? I had called you for a friendly conversation and to run an idea by you that i thought would help the Dnepr community and would be best launched at the service level, and this was back in Spring of this year, if I'd known it was illegal for me to call you I would have skipped it. I have called Vostok a few times too hoping to go over this idea but they've never answered any calls I've made nor have they returned any calls, and other people on this forum have commented in the past about calls not being taken or returned. You said you were really too busy in your fields for a chat so I let you go and was planning to get with you later this year. I promise you I won't ever bother you again. Clint, Could you post some pictures of the completed rigs you have sold? Have any of the rigs you sold been sold to folks in Central Florida? If so, are these folks interested in riding with other Russian motorcycle owners in Central Fl.? Thanks...
  17. Yes!!! A very Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year. Health & happiness!!!! Peace.... MartyL
  18. As part of the 5000 Km service on my new Gear Up, it is required to clean the petcock. Well in another post I mentioned that the gray paint around the filler neck was flaking off. I pulled my gas tank today and cleaned out the grey paint around the filler. Some I guess dropped into the tank previously as when I pulled the petcock I found a bunch of crud and paint chips at the base by the reserve screen. So.....check your Petcock, especially you guys out there with new rigs. I had the same issue with my old 2005 Patrol. These bikes are prone to factory swarf and stuff that needs to be cleaned out. After this I should be fine as I was fine with my old bike when I checked it again at 10,000 Km's. On another note, I have the "Raceway" quick disconnect on the cross over fuel line under my gas tank. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GETTING THIS!!! It made my gas tank removal super easy and no fuel spill what so ever! Plus you can remove the gas tank with fuel in it because the disconnect keeps the fuel from spilling out all over as opposed to the straight stock fuel line crossover. WIth the stock crossover, once you disconnect it, fuel will spill out. You have to drain the gas tank from the petcock before disconnecting the crossover. Much, much easier with the Raceway set up. I think there around $40.00. I'll post a couple of pics of my lovely crud....Cheers!
  19. Yes.... Most U.S. Dealers will be able to help you out. Do your research and ask lots of questions. There are knowledgable people on these forums who will guide you in the right direction.... It's all good!!!! :flame-on!:
  20. Welcome!!! That's one impressive entry into the Russian Motorcycle experience. There are a couple of other forums to introduce yourself to, Sovietsteeds.com, the CURD website, ADVrider/Hacks, and the IMZ-Ural website. Enjoy!!!
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